Remember This?

Man, I can't believe you guys got yesterday's Remember This. Congratulations Bob! I guess I'll have to crank this thing up another notch... BAM!


    Undaunted, unbowed, I press forward, reminding myself that this is not a sprint; it is a marathon.

    The Dig.

      It's not a lake, it's an ocean.

        It's not a light meal, it's a hot dog eating contest.

    ohh that game

    Looks like a conveyer as you'd draw it on an old speccy. Which conveyer currently eludes me.

    is it “joe siegler taking a sh!t on the gaming community”?

    Pokeballs on a shelf simulator?
    Was a classic on the old Mac2 I had as a kid. Two colours - Green and black!

    Tron: Solar Sailor on the Intellivision?


    Megamania on Atari 2600!

    I LOVED this game! :D

    Jumpman on C64?

    Jet set Willy or manic miner

      Manic Miner it seems to be...


        Dead hard game that. A classic from bedroom coder Matt Smith from memory

    I want to say Chuckie Egg, but it's not quite right. Bah...

    Jet Set Willy?

    Street Fighter X Space Invaders Super Turbo Plus Champion Arcade Edition

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