Remember This?

I'm a broken man. Maybe I can get some traction with this bad boy. Can you remember this?


    Breath of Fire 2.

    Secret of Mana

    The Dig.

    Or Secret of Mana.

    One of those.

      I'll stick with The Dig today because my other guess was sniped by Snackx. On the plus side, I managed to snipe Jake with The Dig!


        I'll get you next time, Shane.... Next time.

    The Dig.

    jill of the jungle?

    Secret of Mana was my first thought

    Golden sun on gba?

      actually looks like harvest moon friends of mineral town

    Team buddies

    Phantasy Star 2


      not the same image but

        Nice one.

          man i loved that game back in the day

            I can't understand how anyone liked this overrated game. Not back then nor retrospectively. I know a lot of people who loved it when they had a snes, but it bored the crap out of me. Everyone's a furry is the only explanation I can come up with...

              "Overrated"? I don't think I've ever heard the Bubsy series referred to as anything but a cheap platformer riding on Sonic's coattails (although I *do* have pleasant memories of the game as a kid, mainly based on all the awful puns. Maybe you just had better taste than the rest of us back then?)

              I think it has a lot to do with A*Mazing, at least in Australia.

      I was questioning in my head whether they were bullets or flowers... but it looks like you got it.

      Damn! I knew those flowers were familiar...

      Grats Xbone, this is probably a closer, if not correct, image:

        I still remember the sound those pianos made as they plinked towards you down the hill :).
        Modern games need more Yarn-based boss fights.
        Good game!


    Toejam & Earl?

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