Remember This?

True fact — I've really stepped up the difficulty in Remember This recently. Another true fact — you guys have levelled up in screenshot deduction skillz. I've created a monster...


    Rainbow 6 vegas.. I dunno :/

    Diggity Dig Dig Digga Digga Dig Diggity Dig Dig Dig

    The Third.

      Pretty sure it was the expansion pack for the second one: Trenchity Trench-Trench Trenchoo

    Grim Fandango. No idea why I think that. Just throwing it out there.

    One of the 64 Castlevania games.

      Heh, funny thing is, you can read that as "one of the Nintendo 64 Castlevania games", or "one of the sixty four different Castlevania games" :P


    My first through is Radiata Stories but I can't find a pic to match.

    The angle of the tiles.....

    gotta be a square RPG. FF8?

    I'm thinking PC game, around 2000-2002 vintage. Maybe on the quake 3 engine? Is it MOH: Allied Assault?

      Actually it could be Severance: blade of darkness.

    im feeling the original spyro inside one of the hallways/caves but im not sure

    Mortyr? (Absolute shot in the dark)

    Max Payne...


    I think it's max Payne

    Final Fantasy X
    or Tales of Symphonia.. something tells me it's a Gamecube game..

    Nobody has gone the obvious route

    I am thinking Monster Rancher, or a Monster Rancher sequel.

    I'm so sure I've seen that particular paving pattern before. I have no idea right now, but I'm going to guess Shadow Hearts for now.

    Counter-Strike 1.6 cs_italy?

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