Remember This?

Today is the day I give in and get a little bit of help! Today's Remember This is a suggestion for Chuloopa. So if someone gets it in the first comment, it's his fault!


    duke nukem 1

      yay im not to blame :D

    "So if someone gets it in the first comment, it’s his fault!"

    Actually, no Mark. You 'chose' to use the suggestion. Thus the consequence of anyone getting it right quickly falls directly on you.

      Are you always this humourless, or did you have a spoonfull less milo this morning than usual?

        Unfortunately, humour is subjective. If it were uniform, this world would be boring.

    I'm pretty sure that's not Space Marine, therefore I call shenanigans on blaming it all on Loops. :P

    Ghost House on the Master System

      Looks like a winner:

        I actually have that game still lying around somewhere. Was one of my favourite ones growing up :-)

      I loved that game. Didn't the light globe in the screenshot have something to do with the vampire mini-boss?

        Edit: Yeah, you used it to slow time when trying to kill Dracula!

          I loved the song that played, when the Vampire was unleasehed !!
          Such a cool track !!

          (the beginning portion here)

    Wow this one lasted 13 minutes and with so much detail included too. Mark I think you need to provide more of the screenshot thereby reducing the maniacal need of the Kotaku community to prove they know more about old games than you.

      no one knows more than mark about old games.. ive heard stories that hes over a hundred years old, trvelling out nightly to feast on the blood of the unsuspecting..

    I'm still waiting for the day a full screenshot from a game is posted, and no one can guess it.

      I'm going to take on this challenge.

        I do not mean to be rude, Mark, but hasn't that happened a few times already?

        Back when Remember this actually did show the whole screenshot?

        At least, I recall this trend used to use full screenshots.

      Without resorting to dodgy reverse image dohicky-ma-bob (that's the technical term).

    Sorta looks like Billy the Kid on MS Dos

    I was hoping mark may have used a little less of the screen shot, as this one was a little easy. I mainly wanted it up here because it was a seriously brilliant game.
    I did suggest another game just to troll you guys, so hopefully that will be next hahaha

    Dammit why wasn't I here when this was posted, I recognised it as Ghost House instantly!

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