Remember This?

You know what, you asked for this. You asked for it. I regret nothing.


U mad?


    Ooh I know this one, it's the video game "real life"!

      I think this is just Fantasy.

      Final, or Star Online, your choice.

        So basically what you two asking is this the real life or is this just fantasy?

          im pretty sure he is
          "Caught in a landslide
          No escape from reality"

            Open your eyes,
            Look up to the skies and see...
            Yeah, it's a screenshot from Bohemian Rhapsody.

              Mark's just a poor boy, he needs no sympathy...

    Beyond Good & Evil

    No More Heroes

    At least this rules out minecraft...

    Poor Mark. If someone gets this, I think his brain may break.

      Something like that has happened before.

        I remember that! I think this takes it to a whole new level though...

    The Dig II: Shane's Revenge

      Yeah, it's gotta be a sequel to the DIG. They finally broke through to China in this screenshot.

    Ocarina of Time? One of the Great Fairy fountains?



    Battlefield 1942

    Gran turisimo Monaco street circuti over the 2/3 corner with the sun in your face

    The Witness :p

      I think you could be right.

    Oh Mark.

    Photoshop. Specifically, the gradient tool.

      Ohhh yeah awesome game! Did you get up to the level with the clone stamps? I love that sci-fi stuff! I haven't finished it yet, so dont spoil the ending for me!

        The selection arrow did it!

          i used to be a designer like you, then i took a selection arrow to the knee

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