Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this Remember This lasts longer than one minute.



    Loved that game.

      Huzzah! Someone else who remembers Tenchu. I think this one is either 3 or Fatal Shadows.

      Slight amendment - Tenchu Z (2007)?

      Still, I believe it to be a Tenchu game, just from the positioning of the walkway (hand over edge, wait for patrol to finish, jump up, throw rice ball, cut throat of hungry guard before he eats it, repeat)

      "What are these Bizenya?" I'll never forget that game...

        "Looks like you chose the wrong party to crash!"
        "I crash parties all the time. It's what I do."
        I laughed so hard when I first heard them take the piss out of their own game.

      Damn, glad I'm not the only one to remember the sneaky stealth stabby fun that was Tenchu

    Skies of Arcardia, if its following on the Sega article this morning.

    If not I was going to say Batman Arkham Asylum but I think I'd be wrong.

    I think Thief 2

    The Dig : Vinyl Collectors Edition

    Any game ever with a black pixel

    Heretic 2

    project zero
    project zero 2

    (called fatal frame in the US)

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater

      Its not the level with the bus stop in the square???number 2 maybe???

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