Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! As usual, we welcome your suggestions for future Remember This games. WHOOOOOSH!


    Hmm. Is this an in-game screenshot or a title splash screen?


      lol this reminds me of the Ubisoft logo title screen but slightly different and brown.

    Kirby's Epic Yarn

    Any chance of yesterdays answer?????

    I *know* that from somewhere but no idea. Arg! I await an update :(

      .....actually despite playing locoroco that doesn't bring back any memories of that game at all. I guess as per usual I was full of it earlier :p

    The PSN locorocco game?

      i agree but loco roco on psp

      I agree...

      I'd not, then someone borrowed heavily from someone

        this one might be the actual image...

          Not exactly a retro game.

            I don't believe they're specifically meant to be

              They were tagged as retro. Seemingly no longer.

                only tracey seems to bring up non retro games....sorry tracey

      Yep! Loco Roco (but on PSP):

    As a long shot, it makes me think of either the Book of Secrets menu in The Longest Journey or Faith's pictures in Dreamfall.

      Oh, yeah. TLJ had that kid drawing on the main menu. Good point. Been so long since I've played, though. So who knows. :D

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