Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? Leave your answer in the comments!


    Blade Runner

      Looks to be right

      Yep, Blade Runner. Awesome game.

      RIP Westwood :(

        One of the world greatest, consumed by the worlds greediest

      Weugh. I was going to zoom in even further but the image became so distorted I thought it would be super unfair. That'll teach me!

      Congratulations, mazer. :)

        Seems though, that this fairness actually increased the time, typically (I don't check EVERY day) I either see 1 minute or hours apart, so 4 mins isn't too bad!

        It would have been strangely fitting had you zoomed it in to the distortion point and someone picked it anyway.

      I remember wanting badly to play that game but my computer couldn't run it. :(

      Westwood classic, 1st thing that came to mind, its a shame i wasnt looking at 1204 :P

    I was going to say The Dig, but apparently, it's not my thing anymore, so I'm gonna have to go with balls.

      That's not your thing either, oh snap! :D

        Haha I laughed.

    Blade Runner!

    Best game ever!

    DAMNIT just saw someone else got it.

    Argh - I knew this one too. Loved this game. Multiple play throughs gave you multiple paths with multiple endings.

    Tex Murphy!!

      My first thought, too. Maybe if it was a screenshot instead of a cover...
      Although I seem to remember a trenchcoat on some of the covers.

      My first thought too, now I know it isn't, a little part of me died inside

    I'd love to remember what Tuesday was dammit!

    lol the first thing I thought of was Rick Astley

      Hmm.. not exactly video game related...
      You know the rules, and so do I~~

    reminded me of the jacket Gabriel Knight fapped about in.

    I thought it looked like the corner of Tex Murphy's trench coat...But Bladerunner it is.

      Same here. what was Tuesday answer!!!!!!!


    Was never able to finish this damn game. Still angry.

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