Remember This? [Update #2]

Can you guess this game from one screenshot? Probably. I don't want to get my hopes up that I can outsmart you guys, because YOU ALWAYS BEAT ME!

Alright, we're down to the second image!

Oh man, this is so sweet. I've had to go to image number three!



    it looks like some sort of NES game, and definately a castle,but i doubt its mario. I guessing Ghouls & Ghosts ( Ghosts & Goblins or what ever you want to call it) or Ninja Gaiden

    Super Mario Brothers ROM hack where everything is shaped to look like the underground bricks?

    Lode Runner?

    Wrecking Crew?

    Maniac Mansion, maybe? The infamous dungeon? Been years since I played it...

    The Goonies on NES

    Dig dug! I'll photoshop the evidence if I have to!

    Le Sigh?

    Skyrim with the HD Texture pack?

    Black Cauldron?

    Masters of the universe

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