Report: Overworked Foxconn Workers Complaining About Forced Unpaid Leave

Remember when people would complain about those horrible working conditions at Foxconn plants? How employees worked too much? Now, people — well, Foxconn workers — are complaining about something else: too little work.

According to China Business News (via TechInAsia), Foxconn workers on the iPad line are suddenly finding themselves twiddling their thumbs with loads of time off. And for workers, more time off means lower salaries. One worker told China Business News that he already had 10 unpaid days off in March.

新iPad销量平平:富士康工人放假 黄牛亏本 [Sina via TechInAsia]

(Top photo: Kin Cheung | AP)


    Give them better conditions they said.
    Less hours will be better they said.

      As usual, really, since nothing was ever put in context in the whole hub bub. Yes, compared to US workers they work really long hours for really little pay, in dreary dorms and strict policies.

      Compared to any other similar job in China, though, they make a significantly higher wage, with free lodging and food, decent health benefits, and job security. The majority of workers tried hard to get a job there and are pretty darn glad to have it in a country where getting a job as menial labor is a step up, and Foxconn typically has waiting lists to get hired.

      It was the same with the other third world worker controversies, you can't just compare things to te first world and say 'Look, they pay 25 cents for these workers who would get $5 in the us!'. Horrible as it is, it's still nicer than the 15 cents they would make potato farming.

    i call BS on this.

    Of course CBN will report it this way.

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