Report: Zynga Wants To Buy The Draw Something People

TechCrunch reports today that FarmVille creator Zynga wants a piece of OMGPOP's chart-topping Draw Something iOS game. Zynga will not comment on the rumour of an acquisition of OMGPOP.


    Can't create your own game? Buy it!
    Can't buy it? Shamelessly copy it!

    If Zynga buy OMGPOP I'm deleting my DrawSomething game.

      I've already deleted the game after a 2min sitting, bored the hell out of me!

      I'm sticking to PC/Console gaming.

    why say ios app.. why not say mobile app? damn shi#y apple fanboy journos

    Please this doesn't happen

      Because (as far as I am aware) it is only on iOS?

        Totally meant to be a reply to Reznor, sorry

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