Retailer Shoots Down GTA Vita Rumours

Earlier this week, we reported a rumour that retailer had accidentally leaked the existence of a Grand Theft Auto for Vita and three other games. In a statement to Eurogamer today, confirmed that this report was false. [Eurogamer]


    tits or gtfo

    Translation: Jason Schrier got trolled by 4chan. Desperately trying to avoid admitting that fact.

    It would be funny if the V in GTAV was for Vita instead of five though. I think the internet would implode with all the hate.

      That's what i said when it was announced. For all we know GTAV is just the San andreas stories for vita, but doubtful that will happen :P

    Worst "journalist" on the worst "journalist" site.

    ^Huh? This site is a blog, compiled and retyped from whatever articles they find elsewhere, nothing more.

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