Rockstar Found A Novel Way To Mix Max Payne's Bullet Time With Online Multiplayer

One of the main challenges in creating a compelling online experience for Max Payne 3 was figuring out a way to keep the series' signature time-slowing mechanic in the mix. How does line-of sight Bullet Time sound? It actually sounds like ridiculous amounts of fun. When you activate Bullet Time, one of several special "Burst" powers in Max Payne 3's online multiplayer, only players in your field of vision are slowed. What does that mean? It means you better damn well make sure no one is behind you when you activate it.

Imagine running across a map seeking opponents, only to stumble upon a slow-motion ballet of blood, bullets, and shirtless men in jeans. This is going to be glorious.


    Hmmm, seems like it would be hard to pull off (in terms of balancing how it works in mulitplayer). Although it is rockstar, they can do just about anything :)

    Kinda reminds me of how they put that bullet mode in RDR (not sure what it's called), I can remember getting on a role and pretty much having an unlimited supply of '5 BULLETS IN 1 SECOND, SPRAY YOU IN THE FACE PWNED!'.

    that looks soooo damn awesome...

      Also - you'd think they would use the bullet time mode from F.E.A.R's multiplayer - that worked rather well

    So everyone in that field of vision slows down - then someone stumbles on the slow mo bloodbath and kills all of them while the bullets are still in the air simply by ensuring they remain out of player one's line of sight.
    Hmmm. Sounds messy to me - but I'd love to be proven wrong.

    So it's basically "The Specialists" mod for Half-Life? Last decade called, they want their gameplay back.

      but this will not have hand to hand fighting (kicks and punches) or Katana! so not the same, its less then "The Specialists" mod.

      see i was about to remind folks about mod, me and 8 mates playing that at lans back in the day, the movement and bullet time in that game was extremly well crafted, no one ever complained that it was annoying or tedious, it was just awesome.

      Keep in mind instead of LOS they should use an AOE type system.

        AOE type would allow snipers to take advantage of the system more so then LOS

      Hey, no problems with MP3 taking inspiration from The Specialists (especially when one could argue Specialists took alot of inspiration from MP1).

      The Specialists was amazing fun, I'm glad to see elements of it re-appear in a modern title.

    Can't watch the video, but wouldn't it make more sense to be slowed down if the person that activated it was in your vision.
    Your actions slow down, while theirs stays the same
    More like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle than Schrodinger's cat.

    Why has no-one brought up that it's fairly similar to True Crime: Streets of LA?

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