Rumour: Polyphony Digital Spotted Taking Photos Of Mount Panorama For New Gran Turismo

Just this week, this loveable pair was spotted doing leg and truck-powered laps of Bathurst's Mount Panorama. I'm sure there exists a hundred different reasons why two guys in brightly-coloured vests would be taking snaps of what's arguably Australia's most recognised race track, but audio from an intrepid soul's phone camera strongly points to the raceway featuring in the next instalment in Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo series.

For your own investigative purposes, here's the clip in question. I'd suggest skipping to just before the one-minute mark, unless you enjoy profuse, motion sickness-induced vomiting.

I had trouble making out what the Polyphony guy says, but going by this thread on the GTPlanet forums, where news of the two first appeared, many posters are convinced he says "GT6". Feel free to crank up the volume and put your ears to work.

It's hardly concrete evidence and it'd be nice to hear what Sony has to say (if anything at all), but I'm struggling to come up with alternative reasons for their presence (GT5 DLC is a possibility). We'll stick it in the rumour folder for now, until we hear more.

Gt5 bathurst leaked? [GTPlanet]

Image: Froudeybrand.

Video: FastLaneBathurst.


    So it will be out in 2020 right?

    Interesting, hopefully while they're around they could maybe do Phillip Island and the Adelaide street circuit? Please?

      +1 for the Adelaide street circuit.

      I'd rather see phillip island than bathurst, maybe they think its only a motorcycle track

    Fucking sold.

      I'd love to see Phillip Island. Spent a day down there with an SS (2010 model with the 6 litre V8). It's a brilliant track.

    B.S. This track should be on iRacing, not locked in to a deal with Sony.

      I doubt it's locked into anything, considering EA also use it in SHIFT 2, and there's an early version of it in Project C.A.R.S.

      Among others.

      I believe it is also available in a DLC pack for Grid.

      I agree, total BS. Why should the most accurate and detailed Racing Sim ever! be barred from the world's best track just because of some licensing deal with a bunch of kids and wanna-be-kids playing on a console.

      The amount of surveying, detail and accuracy the iRacing guys put into the most "boring" oval race track would put these console game developers to shame.

    I wish it was in Forza 4.

    It'll be GT6 for sure, supposedly takes em 2 years to complete a track from the drawing board.

      Yeah I don't think this is for 5 either. It takes too long to make a normal track let alone one tat is this long. GT6 on PS4 during "launch window" with The Mountain... you heard it here.

    Hearing news regarding the release of any Gran Turismo content is like waiting for a new Blizzard game to arrive.

      Aww thats not nice, For GT they are just really slow at releasing content, they don't delay it on purpose.

    well considering how long it takes to make GT games theyre probably making GT6 for the PS4

    Kotaku's late to the party again.

    GT6 with Bathurst and a proper stable of Aussie V8s. Bring it on!

    Aw how i wish it was for GT5 DLC... Couldn't believe it wasn't in GT5 already or any of the DLC so far.. But as people say, prob way too much work to get it in any future DLC so will likely be in GT6.. Just hope I can still grip a controller and make out images on a TV in about 25 years when GT6 is released.

    far out , probably terrorists , "yeah yeah gt6" sif they would reveal that .

    Don't you people watch the tv ads or listen to the radio !? Be Alert Not Alarmed [email protected]

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