Rumour: Reboot Could Make Soul Reaver Rise From The Grave

Rumour: Reboot Could Make Soul Reaver Rise From The Grave

For a while there it certainly seemed like consoles and PCs were rife with video game vampires and vampire slayers, didn’t it? And the Legacy of Kain series in particular stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Released on PS1/PC, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain won praise for its deep, sophisticated storyline, which introduced the vicious titular vampire and his quest for vengeance against the people who killed him. Two Soul Reaver games followed, starring a wraith called Raziel who wanted to kill Kain for siring him and then killing him. Of course. It was all very angsty, bloody and fondly remembered.

Those memories may be getting a modern-day resurrection, according to VG247. Citing “anorexic” sources, the website’s reporting that dev studio Crystal Dynamics is working on an all-new iteration of its nocturnal action property. It’s not clear if this will be a reboot like Tomb Raider‘s getting with a new version of those Kain or Raziel characters or something entirely different. The report loosely speculates on that a reveal might happen this year. [VG24/7, via Game Informer]


    • Soul Reaver is already on the PSN as a PSOne Classic.

      I’d be more keen to see a High Definition remake, not just a re-master. Follow the same story but update all the models, environments, fighting mechanics and controls to bring them up to current generation standards.

      Leave the FMV and voice acting as kick-ass as it was originally… well, maybe re-render the FMV’s 😉

  • This could be interesting if it’s like the first Soul Reaver.

    I didn’t really enjoy any of the other Legacy of Kain games.

  • I’ve been a huge fan of Legacy of Kain since the first game. I love that world. I’m very interested on any more developments on this.

    • Soooo you’re saying we should get a Halloween version of Uncharted that revolves around Soul Reaver like with Red Dead Redemptions zombie game?

    • Last I heard, Simon Templeman (VA for Kain, for those unfamiliar) also said he was done with the series even if they wanted to make another one. Furthermore, Tony Jay (VA for Elder God) has since passed away.

      In addition to lacking Amy Hennig, I’m not convinced that the game would be the same without them. To me, Simon Templeman IS Kain, and even if you got someone who sounded vaguely similar it would still irk me.

      I’m concerned that if they tried to make another it would end up like Blood Omen 2, barely recognisable as a Legacy of Kain game.

  • I honestly don’t mind if it’s a reboot, a remake or a new game. I love the legacy of kain series and wouldn’t mind being able to play through it again.

  • Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up. Please don’t fuck it up.

    • This. Plus, considering the final ending we were left with, how in the heck are they going to do another Soul Reaver? I won’t spoil things, but I think it would be very, very difficult.

      • Probably wouldn’t be a Soul Reaver as much as a continuation of the Legacy of Kain series, much like Defiance wasn’t labelled Soul Reaver as such.
        i for one would be happy with a Halo Anniversary approach to this, and would loooove to see updated graphics but same core gameplay for the Soul Reaver series… Blood Omen, would be interesting, don’t know how they’re going to get around that

        • A prequel, or a game that fits in between some of the other games, may be a possibility. There’s big gaps in the timeline they can potentially fill in. 1000 years between Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, for a start (I do realise SR2 and Defiance touched on this period a little, but not a lot).

          Hell, I think a game based on the time period after Kain resurrects his 6 lieutenants would be awesome. We haven’t seen that explored at all in the series. We’ll actually get to see Nosgoth degenerate into what we see it as in Soul Reaver, and potentially get to play as Raziel in his vampire form, interacting with his brothers and Kain before Raziel grew wings and triggered the events that kicked off Soul Reaver. I think that has real potential.

          • that would actually be amazing now that you mention it, there’s so much room for exploration, as you said yourself 1000 years is a long time,
            hell even exploring the time era after Raziel is thrown into the Abyss and his “resurrection” would be awesome, and would allow for new characters to be explored…
            i for one was always interested in Turel and his fate, as much as they did touch on it in Defiance, again there’s a lot of potential

          • Well they did more than touch on Turel’s story in Defiance, they flat out explained exactly what happened and why he wasn’t around when Raziel killed his other brothers in Soul Reaver. In fact they worked it pretty cleverly into the backstory of Blood Omen because if you go back and play that they do mention Hash’ak’gik a couple of times throughout the game (and when does Raziel finally run into Turel? During Blood Omen’s time period).

            So even though Turel was originally supposed to appear in Soul Reaver (Turel plus the whole area he resided in was cut from the game, an area about the size of the silenced cathedral) they worked him into the overarching story in a very clever way that made it look like they had intended it from the start.

          • this is true (it’s been a loooong time since i finished my last playthrough of defiance)
            but still leaves a lot of other ground to cover

          • I am in awe of both Michael and Pixel. I never thought about all that time inbetween. My mind swims with possibilities.

            I’d love to see what happened when Kain and all his Leituenants began to realise that the world was becoming corrupted. Or even Raziel with his wings, before his ressurection. Either would be amazing.

    • I think there needs to be some sort of universal version of this sentiment in icon form. Something instantly recognizable, because you KNOW we’ve all had this thought before about various games/movies.

    • *Pokes Incontrovertible*
      i think he fainted
      not because he’s dead, but i’ve always wanted to do this

      *mmmmmmmmmmm phampf*

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