Sadly, Mass Effect 3 On PS3 Has Some Problems

While it's unfortunate to still have to be writing this in 2012, when most games have their multiplatform houses in order, it seems that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 3 has a lot of trouble sticking to its assigned 30 frames-per-second.

As a video on Eurogamer shows, while both game suffer from slowdown when things start exploding, the PS3 version frequently drops quite a bit lower, and will also drag for longer in outdoor sections, often hovering around the 20 fps mark.

It's disappointing that one of the year's biggest games, in a year most other multiplatform games will be largely identical on both consoles, quite literally lags so far behind on PS3.

Mass Effect 3: PS3 frame-rate issues persist in final game [Eurogamer]


    Racist article. I quit, Kotaku.

      umm, how exactly?

        Its racist against the PS3 compared to the glorious PC master race.

    That is why they need to create the game on PS3 and port down to Xbox. Vanquish did that it was flawless on both console. Devs wil never learn

      No, games need to be made/released on PC first, then ported to console. The way it should be ;).

        No, games should have their *engines* developered for each hardware system *separately*.

        The only saving grace is Mass Effects selling point is the emersion and story. So even with these technical issues, I am sure this game is still going to beat the pants off other games.

          Even then, Mass Effect 3 has failed in those areas considerably.

        All games are made on PC, ever see a dev with his keyboard and compiler on a PS3.
        The 360 and PC are similar in architecture that they both use DirectX but the PS3 does need extra work to take advantage of the Cell processor.

          Console dev kits are not PC's. They *include* a PC among other things. Most notably a dev console.

          I do not mean to be rude, Lanlord, but the Xbox 360 uses a tri-core PowerPC processor. It does not have have an x86_64 architecture.

          The original XBox did but Microsoft dropped that when they had the 360 made.

    Why is it that most EA published games these days always have these issues. I wont be getting ME3 for a while now.

    this is bull shit, because of that dumb week xbox 360 we have to suffer on ps3, this fucking sucks

      You realise the PS3 has half the Ram of an Xbox 360 right? Not that I'm an Xbox lover because, I actually own all 3 consoles and a far superior PC, but your comment is stupid an uneducated. Oh and I think you meant WEAK not week.

        "actually own all 3 consoles"
        Oh cool, an opinion from both sides
        "and a far superior PC"
        *Sigh*, everyone's a fucking elitist.

          To be fair, he's being elitist for a reason. PC is king for this franchise. I'll get a steady 60fps on my PC when your consoles will struggle to stay at half that while it renders at half the resolution.

          If I said 100 dollars was superior to 50 dollars would you call me a fucking elitist aswell?

          Its superior hardware in every way.

      Not that you deserve a polite answer, Rowan...
      but, you'll find the cause is more likely the PS3's unconventional hardware setup.

      Dumb week....

      I didn't know a measurement of time could have a speech disability.

        The whole "cell" processor thing that makes it a bitch to develop for? Sounds bout right. Sure in the right hands it can make some stunning looking games but its crippled a lot of ports.

      Must be Retard Friday or something.

    This was pretty evident if you played the PS3 demo. The framrate is horrible. But it's not exclusive to PS3. The framerate dips on 360 as well. PC is the only platform to get consistent framerates. This has been the same since ME1. Current consoles can't handle this franchise very well imo.

      Kind of ironic because Mass Effect originally started out as a XBox 360 exclusive. My box even still says that.

      But I find a problem with your statement. The franchise is fine - regardless of console. The idea is still good, the characters are still believable and overall this trilogy deftly beats the pants off others.

      This is a technical issue - Bioware should stop acting like a lemming with every other studio and start developing engines tuned for each hardware platform. This business of using the same engine but with slight modifications for all three platforms is a joke and is number two in my list of frustrations with games.

      My first? DRM on the PC.

    you own a far superior pc and can't figure that the PS3 has FASTER RAM than the 360??? so less is not an excuse SMH

    There is no excuse for this on any console...

      Faster ram doesn't make up the difference, you still need to swap the texture/mesh/environment information out of active memory with information from the HDD and the Disc which is the biggest bottle neck in this scenario, a larger over all pool means you don't have to do this as often and when you do have to do it the lower speed of the 360's memory is still immensely faster than the IO your getting of a drive.

    oh hey guys, whats doin, I'm just chillin' you know, playing my PC

    yep. Never buy a ps3 game on release wait a few months before the "not make it suck patch" comes out.

    I got this game on PS3 yesterday & yes the framerate is terrible! In the first hour it never got above 20fps & was extremely chuggy the entire time even in the most simplest of scenes (2 people walking down an almost empty corridor). Its running a 'bit' smoother now though as I progress but obviously the 360 version is miles ahead

    I used to be a commander shepard then I took a prothean beacon in the knee..

    Did Bioware even test the game on PS3??
    what a slack arse effort, what happened to games that were polished and didnt need the internet to fix them???

      You are thinking of the 1980s mate - when the permanent nature of cartridges made testing a must.

    After all the shit it's been through I doubt I'd buy a PS3 at this stage, even with all its exclusives.

    Seems that games will suck on it unless they're built for the platform.

    Im about 18 hours in, I saw the same framerate issues on the ps3 version of ME2. But to be quite honest, I don't care. Same reason I don't care about Skyrim's lag and glitches on ps3. Coz the game's just too damn good

      They still should get their act together and fix it for you, You paid for it after all.

    Seems to be a common theme with the PS3...... You'd think Sony would get involved here and not allow games like this to be released on their console. It makes the PS3 look bad, sure if 1 game f's up, you can blame the developer for being crappy, but when you start seeing it more often people start wondering if it isn't a problem with the PS3 itself.

    Its not just a PS3 thing. I think what were all upset about here is the fact that publishers, and yes developers alike release FD up software because they CAN.

    Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, yet there are no standards on what they release. Just like any other company they should be forced to recall substandard and lackluster products.

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