See How Handheld Sales Stack Up...

This handy little infographic made by Venturebeat was a real eye opener for me, personally. Mainly because I assumed that the PS Vita had made much less of a sales impact than the PSP, when the reality is that it was quite close. In fact, I had a lot of assumptions questioned through this neat sales chart.

The above only shows some of the story (you can check out the full thing here) but what I found surprising was just how close first week sales were between all of the major handheld releases — which probably says that a majority of early adopters will buy new kit no matter what.

Also — another interesting fact is just how little early sales of a product represent the final lifetime sales of a device. The DS more than any other device shows that, but may be the exception, as a result of the fact that it sold more than almost any other console ever released in the history of mankind!

Regardless, it's a cool little visual tool.

Who won? First-week sales of PS Vita vs. PSP vs. 3DS vs. DS (infographic) [Venture Beat]

Thanks to Statista for use over the above graph. You can find their homepage here.


    Interesting to see how low the PSP was in Japan.

      Because Monster Hunter wasn't released at launch of PSP =D

      Actually it's not.

      At the Japanese PSP launch there were only about 200k handheld's available for sale in the first week. the number their suggests 170k were sold(though i seem to remember they said they were sold out by day 2) but it could also be that because dead pixel's were prevalent in that first batch that a chunk of those units were removed from total sales when they were returned to the store.

        The number there* suggests 170k were sold.

        Stupid typo.

        Which is 85% of launch stock

          Which is 15% short of sold out. Which it apparently was.

            It was still reffered to as sold out.

            there are always units in remote shops that don't sell there stock for whatever reason. Pre-orders that no one picks up(If they have to hold it for a week while you get the cash together(Which is likely considering it launched 10 days after the DS) that's no longer a launch week sale.

            Even the DS launch over there was referred to as a sell out. They shipped 500,000 on launch and sold 470,000. (Convieniently the same 30,000 seem to be missing :P )

            Essentially sure they sold a lower number but it was physically impossible for them to sell much more.(Nintendo had the same issue

    First week sales dont matter much, what does matter is that the 3DS has sold almost 15 million in less than a year.

    Sold "more than nearly"... I do believe the DS a couple of years ago took the crown for most consoles/handhelds sold ever. Id hate to wonder how far ahead it is now..

    Weren't there significant differences in when the systems came out for each region relative to each other region? Eg the PSP was released much later in Europe, I remember Sony destroying Lik-sang over PSP grey-market exports into the UK.

      Yeah, we didn't get the PSP until about 9 months after Japan. At least with the Vita that delay was alot shorter and we launched with US this time.

      Hopefully by next time (PS4 included) it will be a true worldwide launch!

        That big gap would explain the big difference in first-week sales for PSP in Europe though. 9 months of extra game releases.

    Is it safe to say, based on the bottom graph in that link, that the PSP is the most successful non-Nintendo handheld console, or am I comparing aadvarks with Model T Fords or something? I just don't know anymore.

      ^ Chazz bait.

    It's fine, it's not like Australia wanted to be represented anyway...

      we are though... as part of Europe :P

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