Shepard, Go The [email protected]#k To Sleep!

I love Garrus, he's such a man's man. In fact, if I had to choose one member of my crew on the Normandy to talk me to sleep, it would be Garrus. Which makes him the perfect choice for this awesome reworking of Adam Mansbach's poem Go The Fuck To Sleep.

It's not only a great impression of Garrus, it's a top poem as well, and drops some brilliant Mass Effect references in. Major props must go to bustaclay for putting this thing together.

Thanks Elizabeth for bringing it to our attention!


    Man, I do a far better Garrus then that. I originally voiced Garrus in ME1 (because I'm mates with everyone at Bioware) but they said it was too awesome of a performance and that it would overshadow everyone else. So I graciously allowed them to use someone else.

    Bask in my awesomeness nerds.

      I like nerds, they're probably not great for you teeth, but that fizzyness is just too good.

        The grape ones are divine on their own... but i'm a real rebel and mix them with the strawberry!

    hahaha love it.
    Such a great impression!

    But you know what else is awesome, but completely un-game related?

      That is the best thing.

        It really, really is.
        I'm listening to it right now.... yet again.. soooooo gooooodddd

          Dammit, Loops. Now I'm going to listen to that in the car on my way home from uni.

      I don't know what this is, but I think I'm in love.

    samuel L jackson should be garrus.

    This made my day.
    Tragic, I know but I'm one of the many fangirls who love Garrus. The chafing would be totally worth it!

    I must be the only one to think it sounded NOTHING like Garrus...or did they change his voice in ME3 and this is what he sounds like now?

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