Shepard's War Begins In This New ME3 Trailer

Mass Effect 3 launched three days ago, but that hasn't stopped publisher Electronic Arts from releasing new trailers for the sci-fi action-roleplaying game. Not that I'm complaining — this one is pretty awesome.

Explosions, spaceships, and dramatic proclamations round out this look at Commander Shepard's latest adventure, which developer BioWare released Tuesday for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Earlier today, the studio said it had shipped 3.5 million copies of Mass Effect 3.

This is all really making me want to ditch work and go save the Earth all weekend.


    That's just stupid.

    The game isn't even that great. In fact it's just as mediocre as 2 was.

      I know! They should have made it an isometric view game with sweet loots.

      Dropped the ball with another sex simulator, Bioware.

        Too right! Where's my massive inventory to convert into omni-gel? Why can't I micromanage all of my companion's individual moves? I want left-step right-step control over what they do!

        Geez Bioware, pick up your game.

          damn right! We should be able to control the normandy with a flight stick!

          Dammit Bioware!

    Shows how pathetically desperate they are for money.

    Tali taking her mask off? Holy crap I can't wait to see that.

    I only just started playing it so I'm only about 3 hours in.

    I don't understand the hate, this isn't denial or ignorance. I'm 16 hrs in, and enjoying it so damn much :O. Way too many epic moments.

      Agreed. Not sure what's with all the people having tantrums. I can't stop playing it.

      Wait till you see the ending... Mind you objectively, yes the rest of the game is pretty damn good... but my god did the shit all over everyone invested in the game in any way with the endng.

    Nothing like the xbox has seen? What? So it's nothing like mass effect 2? Why's it bloody called mass effect then?
    Stupid xbox magazine.

    I'm waiting for the trailer that explains why Shepard's face got collected by the Collectors

    This trailer makes me sad. In my play through of ME2 only Jacob and Zaeed survived so I won't be seeing most of the characters =(

      Don't worry most only pop up for one insignificant side mission, with enough dialogue to give some excuse for not being able to join your crew... some don't even provide that.

    I'm I the only one who is sceptical when a get gets 10/10. I feel like no game (or anything) can be perfect, so the reviewer must be hiding something.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the demo and it looks like a great game, which I will get when its been out a few months and gets cheaper.

      10/10 doesn't necessarily mean it's a perfect game. As a reviewer, I wouldn't be 'scared' to give a game 100% score. Granted it would have to be a pretty amazing game, but I would never regard anything as being flawless anyway.

    Thoroughly enjoying it so far. If any of you want a laugh, stop by the Bioware Social Network and watch pathetic idiots as their faces melt off from indignation that the game wasn't designed exactly the way they wanted it. Seriously, some of the rhetoric over there is Twilight fanfiction bad.

    Im waiting for the face fix to come :\

    Kotaku please, report on how many gamers think mass effect 3 endings were to just so terrible. Ruined the third just to set up for a future setting for mass effect 4. I have read every article on this site for quite a while, being afraid to oppose Ea is gutless and i expected much more from your site

    Loved every minute, of every game in the series.

    Final ten minutes of ME3, was like being bent over without lube. While chewing on razor blades.

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