She's Not Just The Tekken Lady. She's A Bowler.

To promote Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom roped in a handful of women to cosplay as the fighting game characters. Dubbed "Miss St. X", the women are bikini models and starlets. One, however, stands apart when wearing funny shoes and throwing big, heavy balls.

See, Rina Ohtsuka, who is cosplaying as Tekken's Nina, is a bowler and is part some kind of a pro-bowling idol unit.

Female bowling has its followers in Japan, and Bowling Revolution P-League sometimes appears on late night television. "P" stands for "Pretty", "Power", "Passion", "Performance" and "Perfect".

So while not modelling or dressing as Tekken's Nina, Ohtsuka loves to hit the lanes and boasts a high score of 224.


    Well, she should be promoting Tekken Bowl, then.

    since when is a 224 "pro"?

      My thoughts exactly.

      hmm i think they mean PRO as in FOR bowling...yup loves it

    She does look the part, but has a bit of sweetness to her that doesn't fit the character.

    i would photo in the 'continue?' from arcade while she is downed and with one kick in the air

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