Signs Getting Stronger That SimCity 5 Is Coming In 2013

There are so many "leaked" trailers that have survived multiple days on YouTube, it's hard to believe this isn't deliberate. Whatever the case, this silent slideshow of SimCity 5 concept art is alleged to be source material for a GDC announcement, and the game will release in 2013.

Earlier this week, seven images published in a German magazine hinted at a sequel, reboot or re-release for the venerable franchise. Speculation has it Electronic Arts will formally announce SimCity's fifth full edition sometime during GDC this week.

Joystiq notes that the lack of a "5" from the SimCity title could mean the series is getting a reboot, as opposed to a sequel. SimCity 4 released in 2003, with seven titles since then being released mainly for mobile devices.

Rumor: Leaked pre-visualization SimCity 5 trailer purports 2013 launch window [Joystiq]


    wasn't SimCity franchise taken away from Maxis a few years ago?

    Could always use moar reticulating splines

    I'm still waiting for SimAnt 2. :(


      An updated SimEarth would also be jolly good. Still got that for the Amiga...

      The best part was infesting the house. :D


    How about a new simtower? :P

      +1 SimTower!! I would do anything for a new version!

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