Silly 3DS Stand Is All Alone

On March 22 in Japan, Nintendo is launching that goofy 3DS stand it is bundling with Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Yours for ¥800 (US$9.50). [Inside]


    your eldest son is ugly i hope he dies ASS craft

    Gosh these articles are getting worse and worse

    Can I have my bandwidth back?

      You probably wouldn't even be able to measure the amount you've lost considering the damn near non-existent content on the page.

      Honestly, no article should be less than 25 bloody words. There is being succinct, and then there is just not trying. And linking back to an older article hardly makes it ok.

      You could have even just bullet-pointed why it exists and if it is going to be bundled outside of Japan. If not, why not? etc.

    Thanks for the in-depth article. Haven't seen this stand before - how about a few details about why it exists, and why it's being bundled? You know, like a real article.

    Journalism. Fail.

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