Single And Looking To Mingle? Try World Of Warcraft

The folks at Online University have put together some statistics about gaming and online dating, and it seems like (surprise!) gaming could be a great way to meet single guys. Plus, as the graphic points out, "Battling demons and trolls with a girl is a bigger rush than grabbing coffee with her."

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    And their mothers if you ever visit them...

    Where is the rest of this article?

      It's pretty much covered in the link.

    I’ve made plenty of friends through games, but I don’t think I’d want to date any of them again.

    You guys think it’s hard to find cute girls who are into gaming? Try finding a geeky guy that isn’t an obnoxious, opinionated weirdo with borderline aspergers – it’s harder then you think.

      Borderline aspergers? Just because I like to neatly flatten out the margarine in the tub, and wipe the excesses from the sides, doesn't make me borderline aspergers. It's closer to full blown aspergers, thank-you-very-much.

      By the way, you may be playing the wrong games.

        I don't think you know what aspergers is. You just described something more akin to OCD

      I realise doing this will probably put me into the the obnoxious opinionated weirdo with borderline aspergers category, but seeing as i'm a lifetime member of that club...

      It's than. Not then. Otherwise the phrase "it's harder then you think" implies something gets harder, then you (meaning the reader of sentence) thinks.

    Short article, oh well.

    I met my wife through WoW. Actually heading across to, the US, see the in-laws in the next month.

    Hey Bec, you know I met Sue through WoW? :P

    I actually meet alot of guys that live near me via call of duty some are actually really good looking but than some are way older than me but we become good friends :3

    I met my boyfriend in an AQ20 PUG. We're getting married in December :)

    "Online University" that great bastion of academic tradition and credibility!

    Met my wife in WOW. We were friends in game for years before getting to know each other outside the game.

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