Skylanders Wave Four Brings Life, Air, And Fire To Retail

The hunt begins anew as three more Skylanders figures make their way to retail shelves, filling out the Fire element and adding one each to Life and Air. The checklist nears completion!

Electricity-hurling Lightning Rod and bazooka-wielding Zook are a pair of single-packed Skylanders bringing the grand total of Air and Life creatures available to three each, leaving one left to be released in each elemental category.

Sunbird, part phoenix, part dragon (or an entire Chinese restaurant) comes packed inside the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack, featuring a whole new level of Skylanders fun for the suggested retail price of $US19.99, a small price to pay to finally check off all of the Fire Skylanders from your list.

With only a handful of toys still pending release, Toys for Bob and Activision could very well drag this thing out until Skylanders Giants comes out. The retail assault might never stop! Somebody think of the children (and children-at-heart)!


    I remember when I was picking up Catherine at EB the guy thought I was there for Skylanders aparently its not unsual for a 24 year old to have pre-orders on this? it must be unusually popular.

      I'm 26 and considering asking for it for my birthday this year :D

      Sadly it is...

      I can see Activision preparing the milking devices as we speak, multiple sequels (and for added evil, the characters you bought aren't compatible! lol)... and I wouldn't be surprised to see a Crash Bandicoot version in the future also.

      Now, just imagine when Nintendo chimes in with Pokemon.... Parents around the world become instantly broke!

        I understand that it's a money-milking device, but I find it very hard to be outraged at this because the whole idea is just so magical.

        I would have loved a game like this when I was a kid. A device that makes your toys come to life? It's like the magic cupboard!

    I just want to know if the game has replayibility. I got this game and heaps of Skylanders for my son and he has finnished the game once through and said there is nothing else to do?

    Is there some DLC or something?

      There's the four adventure packs you can buy (eg Darklight Crypt), the character challenges (speak to the butch weasel woman near the fountain thingy), repeat each level to try and get three stars in each, and then there's multiplayer.

      He's not truly finished until he has all the extra adventure packs, has competed all the heroic challenges and has collected everything on every level ;-)

      Once that's done you just have to wait for Skylander's Giants!

    Thought the article would have something to do with Falco. My bad. Pretty smooth flying though. How swell.

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