Soccer Fans Use Awesome Pac-Man Mosaic To Support Their Team

Yesterday's Champions League quarterfinal pitting AC Milan against Barcelona resulted in some light-hearted support from the Milan fans in the San Siro stadium.

Seen above is an AC Milan-supporting Pac-Man chasing after the ghost that sports the Barcelona colours. Although the good vibes and fun Pac-Man demonstration didn't result in any points — literally no points — it's definitely fun to see sports fans showing off their gaming fandom, too.

The banner reads "Let's Eat Them!" You can find more pictures of the AC Milan Pac-Man ready to eat the Barcelona ghost over at sports news channel Yahoo! Sports.

So this happened in a stadium in Italy (it says "let's eat them") [Reddit]


    Have to admire the organisation.

    Red White and Black are AC Milan's colours, not Barcelona's. Barcelona are commonly referred to as the Blaugrana in reference to their colours: Blau = Blue and Grana = Garnet. The match was also played at the San Siro which is Milan's home. In light of this, it seems highly unlikely that this was a display of support for Barcelona.

      I think you might have read things wrong. At no point in the article was it indicated that the tifo was in support of Barcelona. Though I do think that "lighthearted" might not be the right term for the display.

        Either I'm going crazy or the article has been changed (I'm pretty sure it has been).

    Fair enough. I could not imagine AC cheering for Barca either!

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