Some Kids Are Making A Battlestar Galactica Viper Flight Simulator

It's not a game, either. That would be too easy. No, the kids are making a proper flight simulator, with hydraulic cockpit, instrument panels, the works.

Taking the shell of a Piper PA-28, the team hopes to build "a motion controlled flight simulator" based around Galactica's iconic Viper fighter. For those who care, they're aiming to build a mock Mark VII Viper, not the more popular Mark II. So when a sexy lady gets our planetary defence codes and tries to kill us all, this thing won't even work.

It's a brilliant project, and one they've already made some good progress on. You can check out more footage and info at the site below.

The Viper [Official Site, via MAKE]


    "We can roll on two axes... and use these to simulate any flying sensation"

    Except, you know, zero gravity, like in space. Still gonna be cool as hell though.

      Suppose they could argue that momentum and acceleration is going to negate the zero gravity effect.

      You don't understand; phase 3 of the project is to install the simulator into an antonov that will then fly a cosine pattern simulating the micro gravity.

    but will it have a flux capacitor?

      My thoughts exactly

      The question is: does the Mark VII Viper have style?

    Will it have a cigar holder if you choose to play as Starbuck?

    I want it! I want it now!

    Aww... I was hoping for the old-school variety.

    Still worlds beyond what I could ever do... but who gets to keep it?

    These kids are pretty amazing. Not just for what they're creating, but for their camera presence. I've seen a lotta folks on TV who couldn't speak with that kind of confidence. I guess it helps to be talking about things you know well and are passionate about...

    this is just totally awesome really.

    The should have built the cockpit from scratch. The Viper's cockpit is alot smaller than a Pipers. They would have been better off using an old Piper Cub's shell for it. About the closest thing I can think of that'll be small enough. Pretty awesome that they're trying it out though. Good luck to them.

    Damn when I was their age all I was doing was smoking bongs. Looks like one of them must have a pretty generous parent tho to buy all that stuff.

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