Sometimes Cheap Games Come From The Most Unexpected Places…

Sometimes Cheap Games Come From The Most Unexpected Places…

Harvey Norman — a brand mostly associated with overpriced technical goods and Gerry Harvey ranting about import culture and mostly being old and out of touch. That was yesterday. For the next two days only, Harvey Norman should be associated with super cheap video games. I know, no-one was more surprised than me.

Because for today and Thursday, Harvey Norman is having a 50 percent off all games sale, and there are actually some really, really good deals in there. You can buy them online for home delivery or pick up in store.

Mass Effect 3 is $39, Skyrim is $39, Batman: Arkham City is $30. These are pretty stellar prices, being perfectly honest.

Head to Harvey Norman’s website for more information.


  • They’ve got some additional stocktake deals on games in some stores which aren’t being advertised. Just picked up Pilotwings 3D and Steel Diver for $15 each at the Queen Street Mall store in Brisbane on the weekend.

  • I feel so sorry for their social media guys.
    because of Gerry Harvey and the REALLY BAD decisions of higher-ups, HN gets a really bad rep – but their social media guys are some of the damn nicest and most helpful that i have ever come across.

    And yeah, these prices are hard to argue with. Very tempted with Batman for that price.
    I’m still going to stick to my guns and hold out for the inevitable “GOTY ED” for Skyrim, though.

      • The ICO/SOTC HD Collection is on sale for the same price on the aussie PSN as well. Although the PSN sale ends today so you better hurry. Also a cool thing on PSN is that you can buy the games individually for $18 each if you don’t want them both.

        The only problem is you miss out on the sweet reversible box art.

    • you know, you can buy that off the psn store for about the same amount right? ($29 without psn plus, $26 with plus)

  • A lot of these prices are amazing. I would have saved $20 if I had bought the same order I made with Ozgameshop earlier in the week.

    • I used to trade games, then I realised you get bugger all value in doing so. Now I just hold onto them and save up for brand new ones and shop either on ozgameshop or at JB. Works well.

  • there Pre orders arnt too bad they had Bioshock infinite for 78$ provided there Dilivery Doesnt take a Week like Some nameless online game stores thats good deal.

  • Wow, seriously tempted by a few of those. Mass Effect 2 is only $40. TrialsHD/SplosionMan/Limbo only $18. Plenty of other tempting deals too.

    Gots no with the money, so will have to let this go.

  • DAMN!
    i’ve been waiting for a price drop on a few games and this just delivered. plus, $40 for newly released games?! F%*K ME!
    Thanks for the heads up Mark.

  • Looks like most games are about $10 cheaper than from Ozgameshop. A damn good deal if you want the games quick and cheap.

    As for me, no Armored Core V and no Monster Hunter Tri, so no deal 😛

    • The Ico/SotC collection is already under $30 on PSN, so you can probably still get it next week if you don’t mind digital instead of physical media.

      • Really? In that case I’m baffled that $29 is the half-price price. I’m not generally aware of PSN deals because, well, I never use my PS3. I’ve really just been waiting for an excuse to buy those games specifically.

  • For $39, I’m quite tempted by Operation Raccoon City. I know it’s not very good but I think I’ll like it. I get a bit misty eyed about Resident Evil.

    • I picked it up at that price. Less than half the RRP had me jumping 😀

      Thanks for the heads-up, Mark!

    But I really like mario kart and I want it. I WANT IT.
    Bugger not having any money.
    Please excuse me while I go scream into a pillow

  • I just went to order AssCreedRev and after entering my credit card (i don’t have any money in the account Paypal is connected to) it wanted me to enter my internet banking password… sorry guys, I’m not falling for that one.

    • Internet banking password? What the hell for? I used my direct debit card and it all went smoothly.

      • *shrug*

        I clicked the radio button next to “credit card” and entered my details then clicked “place order” and then it comes up with a “Mastercard SecureCode” box, with the BankSA logo (I live in Sydney and use St George. so this is really wierd) and in that box it asks me to enter my Internet Banking Password.

        • SecureCode is actually totally different to your online banking password. If you had have actually read what it was asking, there’s even an option to skip it (If you haven’t already set it up) a lot of the time.

          Basically, SecureCode is a password you can set up on your MasterCard that affects online ONLY purchases. Basically stops people stealing your card and going on a shopping spree online :).

      • You say this, until all of the games they sold explode and Gerry Harvey burns down Australia in an epic inferno. Cultivating his underlying hatred of the general consumer – the few survivors will then be left to answer the question: “You all saw the signs, how did you not see this coming?”.

  • If I know the Harvey Norman modus operandi then they’re massively overstocked, under performing for gaming sales and just received a discount/rebate deal from the single supplier of games in Australia.

    I’m sure there are some loss leading prices in there to gain HN gaming attention…Great for us gamers price wise though. I might even pickup Skyrim & Me3 just for a campaign run through.

    • you get charged $5 tax/gst on top and then its another $5 or so postage, still a good deal but it’s bollocks that they’re adding gst afterwards.

      • No you don’t. You get charged the postage, but GST is included in the listed prices.
        When you go to checkout or paypal checkout (can’t remember), the item price is less than is listed and GST is separate. But its the same thing.

        You only get charged the $5.95 shipping. GST is included in the prices.

  • I just went psycho and went down to K-mart and got them to pricematch a ton of stuff then went to eb and got all the vita stuff pricematched.

    Bought heaps to whack on ebay to pay for the games i just chose 😀

    • EB Price matched on those Vita game prices? Sorry but I call bullshit. I’ve tried that at GAME and EB and they never price match that cheap.

      • Most stores won’t price match online prices to my knowledge, whether this is considered online only or not i can’t know.

        • look at the next page Michael Barnes, maybe you can thank me when you take in a copy of the receipt and get a game

  • When it says “You can buy them online for home delivery or pick up in store”, does that mean you have to order it through the website then collect it at a store? Or can you just walk in to the store and get them off the shelf at these prices?

        • Ordered online, then got an email back almost immediately stating unable to be shipped yo PO box. Realized shipment was coming from my local HN only about 5 k from work. Going to pickup in store. Have to be happy with the price and service so far.

          • Yeah I just found that out also when I did the order:P I ordered Skylanders since it was so cheap and want to see what all the fuss is about and Catherine:D

          • OK, so what’s going on with my order, then?

            I ordered 3 games for pick up at my nearest store (City Cross Arcade in Adelaide). All 3 games were in stock. I received the order confirmation email immediately. That says I’ll be sent a tax invoice separately and I’ll be notified by phone when the order is ready to collect.

            That was nearly 2 hours ago now and I still haven’t received a tax invoice or a phone call / SMS. How long have other people had to wait? Although apparently I need to show the tax invoice in order to collect the order, so I guess even if they do call me I can’t collect it until they send the invoice. I’ve checked my internet banking and my credit card has been charged so they’ve definitely got the payment…

          • I’m in the same boat. My credit card has been charged and i’ve received a confirmation, but no phone call or tax invoice. I checked over my lunch break that Uncharted 3 and ME3 were both in stock. Pushing two hours. Frustrating.

          • Yeah, the annoying part for me is that I ordered thinking I’d just go in there and pick them up on my lunch break. Now lunch has been and gone and still nothing.

            Just when I thought Harvey Norman might have done something right for a change, too. If they don’t offend with their pricing they do it with their service.

          • I would assume the order confirmation states that you will pick them up from the store, obviously states that you paid for them also, so print the order confirmation out and take it down to the store and simply ask for the games. Can’t see how they can say no, you have proof with you.

          • Well the confirmation email says you need to present the tax invoice, photo id and the credit card used to make the purchase.

            I guess if I still haven’t received the tax invoice by the time I get the call/SMS to tell me that the order is ready then I’ll just try it with the confirmation email instead of the tax invoice.

          • I rang my local one up and they still haven’t had an email sent through to them for my order yet which was just before 12pm. *gah

          • Well while I appreciate the prices and that….. I am annoyed that they didnt put my order into my local store this morning when I placed the order, and now I won’t receive them till friday if they send the damn email to the store that is….. since its a show holiday here tomorrow

            *sigh Harvey Norman why do you make me so annoyed always

          • Hmm, Didn’t have a probem, but then I ordered GoW1 and 3 (GoW2 came as a freebie with my XBOX). Maybe what you wanted is high demand and not in stock at the store. I didn’t need to show tax invoice, just ID. I’d give the store a call. Maybe the big-city stores are a bit overwhelmed.

          • Well I know they have it in stock but supposedly the local store hasnt got the email regarding my purchase so I’m stil waiting. Or so I was told when I rang up the local store.

          • The online sales would work on an entirely different level than the store.

            So while your payment has been processed it will need to be passed to the store that you elected to pick it up from. There is undoubtedly several information hand offs that are carried out before the actual staff member at the store responsible for processing the orders has any idea its been made.

            Several hours is a reasonable turn around time for a pick up services. I think you’ll find most larger retail chains couldn’t offer you anything less.

  • When Myer did this it was because they had decided to stop selling games in store.

    Of course, Myer had to stop because they had no idea what they were doing and no one was buying from them. Locking them behind cabinets, poor stock levels, no staff around, selling them all for $109.95. No wonder no one was buying from them.

    Harvey Norman is a lot better at selling games than Myer was. So I don’t know what this is about. Oh well, time for some cheap games.

  • Anyone know if these deals are online only, or if one could walk into a store and that would be the shelf price?

  • So I’ve only just woken up and saw this and was like :O So I went to google and since I had read the comments of hardly normal I typed that into the search engine in my groggy state and it still came up with harvey norman as the top result 😛

    Anyways now I am going to spend way to much money this week and I should just go back to bed to save my wallet from what would happen if I went into Harvey Norman.

  • Just got ME 3 you have to order online to pick up in store. The sales guy just let me log onto his comp and order it from there 😀

  • Just picked up Forza 4 and AC:Revelations. I’ve been eyeing these off for a while. Thanks for letting us know.

    Not normally a HN fan, but if they can change, I guess so can I (at these prices)

  • Keep in mind its a limit of two games per person. The website let me order 3 on my credit card but the staff of the store i was picking up from (and the fineprint on the ad on the website, which i didnt notice because it was too small to see on my phone which i ordered from) stated that it was only two

    • You do realize that these sales are through individual stores that are franchises. I don’t think GH is personally picking and packing your order.

  • I smell import games via parralell importing.Can anybody confirm this?Dont expect to be able trade them in easily and you may have DLC issuies.Dont get me wrong its a good deal just buyer beware.

    • Sorry didnt realize it was a one off 2 day only deal.But I heard HM was getting into importing and put 2 and 2 togetheir and got 5.
      Sucks I’m broke till Friday….

  • So order online pick up in store… Why the roundabout way? I walked all the way to HN and found out that in store purchase is not discounted 🙁

    Back to Ozgamehsop for me…

      • My guess is they want all of your secret details when you order online mwuhuhahhah. Basically, seelling near cost for two reasons:

        1. To create awareness/buss about HN online.
        2. To get your contact details so they can spoam you. Did anyone actually read the TandCs you have to agree to before purchase?

  • SSX, RE: Operation Raccoon City, and Catherine on PS3. FIFA, Little Deviants and Modnation on Vita. Less than 190 dollars spent.


        • Hope so. What a bargain for you:D

          Pity with my order I have to wait till friday to pick up instore even though they had more than half the day to organise it with the local store and they have the goods instore I looked in there. Since its a show holiday tomorrow they arent open so hopefully they at least have it organised for me to pick up friday or ill be even more annoyed.

  • just letting you know i had some mates try and get other eb’s and kmarts to pricematch with limited success, when they went in with copies of my receipts it was accepted immediately…

    BTW never go to game, their pricematch policy is and always has been complete crap, they say that they will price match anyone…. as long as it doesnt fall below their cost price.

    Their cost prices are BS as i’ve worked as their supplier before…… and often been told when I sell them games at 30-35 per unit and then go to their stores and told their cost was 75 per unit ‘without even factoring in rent and paying for the staff’ so dont even waste your time with them.

  • My local Harvey Norman Superstore had none of the specials advertised on the site in stock. Not one…I bet they put them out the back for two days.

    spent 2 weeks trekking around Game stores looking for Ico + SotC, Monday night i said screw it, i’ll buy it now since the sale ends on the 28th, and i doubt i’ll see that price again……..-_-

    oh well bought uncharted 3 and Golden abyss, wasn’t supposed to buy anything for a few more weeks, i have a big shame pile…….i need a hug

  • 24 hours after ordering an in-store pick-up with no notification that it was ready to get, I ring the store. Turns out they didn’t have any stock, because the website (which said it was in-stock) only gets updated at the end of the day. So now the in-store pick-up option becomes the wait-longer-than-delivery-and-still-have-to-drive-to-a-store option… I knew this was too good to be true…

  • Retailers sell at a loss all the time. They have no choice these days, any money that might get made stays at head office, but the shops themselves lose more money than they make a lot of the time. Anyone with the attitude that there is profit in everything they sell doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • I ordered Halo Anniversary and Gears of War 3, and was emailed this morning saying they weren’t going to fulfill my order because they had no stock, and someone would contact me at some point and organise a refund, or I could pick other games in store. Useless.

  • ordered six games with this deal, got delivered today, gave me Mass effect 2 instead of 3, they called me up and told me they stuffed up and well come around and swap them over. pretty good service if you ask me.

  • Is anyone else still waiting to get the in-store e-mail? I ordered on Wednesday night, I’m still waiting to hear back from the store at 3 p.m. Tuesday of the next week. I’ve called the store twice and been told that they’ve got too many orders and haven’t processed them all. I’ve just passed 45 minutes on hold to customer service and there’s no answer. I was apparently 8th in the queue when I called, so I’m assuming that Harvey’s just not answering.

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