Sony Killing PSP Games To Prevent Vita Piracy?

Sony Killing PSP Games To Prevent Vita Piracy?

Over the past few weeks, hackers from claimed to have exploited code found in two downloadable PSP games to essentially crack the PlayStation Vita wide open, allowing for the playing of pirated/homebrew games on the system.

Those two games were Everybody’s Tennis and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, the latter of which was shown off with a hacker playing the PC version of Doom on Sony’s new handheld. The Wololo hackers claim the exploits would only be able to run homebrew games and not pirated PSP or Vita titles, but it appears the platform holder isn’t taking any chances.

Sony has now pulled both games from the PlayStation Store, and pulled them good: even if you’ve legitimately purchased the games previously, they’re now no longer available for download.

It may all be for naught though, as the hackers claim that tools for making the most of the exploit are already done, and in the hands of thousands of users.

Sony tries cutting off homebrew exploits, takes down Vita game downloads [Ars Technica]


  • I firmly believe cracking the Vita and encouraging piracy (which I’m sure groups like do not promote, but the end result will be likely piracy, at the hands of consumers) will be severely detrimental to the Vita’s success and longevity.

    Without getting into the debate about the ethics and morals of piracy, it won’t do the system any favors, and I sincerely hope the Vita holds out for a while yet.

    The piratability of the PSP was a massive drawcard to the hardware, but software titles suffered as a result, particularly in the west. I understand the challenge of cracking a system open, seeing how things work and making it do things it was never intended to do. The only problem is 95% of people’s eye will just light up at the prospect of free games.

    • just to clarify what Wololo is working on CANNOT be used to enable piracy for vita games. (See: lance below)

      • I understand that. Notice my mention I hope the Vita holds out for a while yet.

        It’s more what these sorts of things remind us could happen in the near future, and sincerely hoping it doesn’t.

        • Yeah the cracking of PSV stuff would be bad.

          The fact is though until a couple weeks before we were promised some form of PSP passport. I don’t think it’s unseemly that some people don’t want to have to rebuy games they already own on PSP because the Vita can’t take them. And there is no process in place to convert them into a Vita worthy copy.

          Admittedly Atlus has shown some signs of accommodating this with their ReVITAlized pricing with persona 3 now at 20USD instead of 40. But that’s still a significant price if you already own the game

  • This article is really misleading. They never cracked the Vita “Wide Open”. They were able to access PSP homebrew. The Vita was still completely protected, they just has unlimited access to the PSP emulator.

  • And this was my problem with a console/handheld that is completely digitally based and has no physical media option. It’s only been what 2-3 months and they are already pulling games for “security” reasons even if you went to the store or used your ps account to legitimately buy the product. At least on any other platform like PC, 360, PS3, 3DS etc… i have the OPTION to buy physical media which i know isn’t going to disappear unless i accidentally sit on it 😛 – and then it is my own fault for not taking care of it. Sure the argument could be said that steam, XBL etc… poses the same risk, that they could just as easily pull their games and you lose access to them. That is also true but at least on those platforms i had the option to buy it physically (well most games) and have disc in hand rather then just see my money go down the tube and it wasn’t my fault.

    TLDR: This is why i didn’t buy a PSPGo, its the same reason im not buying a Vita and it will be the same reason i wouldn’t ever buy a digital only console.

    • The main reason no one bought a PSPGo was the discrepancy between what was available on UMD and what was available on the Playstation Store. Thus far (to my knowledge) all Vita games are available as both physical media and digital as well. For example Crisis Core is still, to this day not available on PS Store, what the hell?

      I’ve embraced digital for both my PSP and my Vita, and haven’t looked back. That being said, removing titles you’ve from the store would have to warrant some sort of refund/compensation?

      Trouble is, you won’t have much of a choice when it comes to physical media in the near future.

    • What the heck are you on about!!! The Vita does have phsyical media, or am I imagining the 4 games i have sitting in front of me???

  • I had so much fun with homebrew when the PSP was released, customising wallpapers and all that before the system let you, cool little apps and the like. Good times. Pity it has such negative connotations now.

    • I loved having hacked firmware on mine. Dump your UMD games to ISO and run them off the memory stick. Faster load times, no noise, better battery life. Run patched / hacked versions as well, eg swap out that godawful Valkyria Chronicles 2 dub for the original Japanese voices rather than just turning everything off.

  • They’ll have to refund them or face huge legal problems. Chances are they’re pulling them to patch the code, then putting them back up. Only people noticed them doing it.

    Surprisingly, PSP games can be updated from the PSVita screen. I didn’t realise they had updates.

    • What happens then when someone finds a hole in a game written by a developer that has since folded? The publisher might still have the rights to the game so it could be up on PSN, but no one actually available with the source code etc to be able to fix the problem. Sony would have to pull it off forever. 🙁

  • Its a real shame that they can’t (or more accurately, won’t) support a homebrew scene. Give the homebrewers an application that lets them run code in a protected sandbox with no access to the vita system files so they can do what they want without rick to the system. They make some cool stuff and then anyone interested in it can download homebrew studio or whatever its called to run the new content

    • Bah, “without RISK to the system”

      Though I’d keep rick away as well, he’s a shifty bugger & I don’t trust him

    • Probably because 3/4 of homebrew is just pirated games of every other system. While I am agreeing with you in principle, there’s no shortage of people to abuse very inch they are given.

  • I fucking hate people like this who have to go and ruin it for the rest of us…. just buy the game…. and stop making cracks and shit…. if you want the game… buy it…. if you don’t have the money…. tough tits

    • you are an idiot.
      These people didn’t pirate anything. They got Doom working on the system using an exploit. They aren’t even trying to get piracy happening.

  • I loved my hacked PSP, and I didn’t pirate anything (I’m not lying). I did shift games I owned to ISOs on a memory card (much better way to go), copied my old PS1 games onto it (yes I have them on original disks), and ran some homebrew (like scummvm).
    All sony are doing here are asking for a proper crack to occur, and I am now over it… I have a vita and it’s a great system, but clearly Sony are no longer interested in providing value to customers, they want to release shovelware and claim it’s all piracys fault that no one buys it.

    With the PS4 shaping up to be a POS with net conection required, no backwards compatibility and no ability to lend games to friends (since everything – even physical disks – is locked down to your account) I think I have bought my last sony product.

    MS is no better and will likely do the same.

    I look forward to Google getting bored enough to come on the seen with an android console (since the phones and tablets are their portables)…

  • Well Sony should never have gotten rid of backwards compatibility. Did it with the PS3 and now PS Vita and according to rumors on the Orbis (PS4) we will not be able to play a title on more then one console well and definitely no backwards compatibility.If this is the case the PS3 will be my last console until someone jbs the PS4 cause that just isn’t right what they are trying to do.

    • there is backwards compatibility… go on psn and look up the psp games. definitely there. now for ps3, tis a different story. what harm could be done being able to play ps2 games on a ps3?

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