Sony Ramping Up PlayStation Suite

Sony Ramping Up PlayStation Suite

PlayStation Suite is Sony’s concept that “certified” PlayStation games will be available on Sony’s mobile devices.
Today, Sony revealed that it “will offer a more streamlined content development environment for content developers — from large game development companies to small, independent shops.”

A closed beta launched last year, and the upcoming open beta will incorporate feedback to improve and enhance the development experience. It will also enable developers to easily release content created in the open and closed beta.

Later this year, Sony will release the official version of the PlayStation Suite development kit for $US99 annually.

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  • Hey! They’re finally doing what they should have been doing yonks ago!

    Only they’re not including their flagship, the PS3, in the program. I swear Sony is being run by muppets. Actual muppets. Who can’t get anything done because they’re too busy bursting into song all the time.

    Let people make things for that supercomputer millions of people have parked under their TV’s for crying out loud.

    • I know what you mean… You can practically hear Statler and Waldorf on the sidelines:

      “Playstation Suite?”

      “Yeah – ‘sweet’ for anyone who doesn’t care about Sony’s primary platform!”


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