Star Wars Fan Groups Now Accepting The Old Republic As Costume Canon

It may have Lucas' blessing, but a Star Wars product isn't a true Star Wars product until the fans accept it into their hearts, or their costuming communities. Both the Light and Dark sides of international Star Wars costuming organisations are now allowing applicants to submit outfits based on BioWare's massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

While it may seem like an insignificant development to the outsider, the fact that The Jedi Assembly and The Dark Empire are both accepting applications from costumers decked out in the latest The Old Republic gear is a huge step in legitimising the game in the eyes of the more fervent fans. These are groups that are incredibly strict about the costumes they allow to represent their organisations (the Jedi more so than the Dark Side, appropriately enough).

The Jedi Code of The Jedi Assembly has been modified to include: "Star Wars The Old Republic: "Basic customisable characters" — that is, those you would start out with at the beginning of the game, must only be in earth tone colours. No highly customised characters are allowed. Your costume must have a basic Jedi look to it."

So yes, rather strict, but then a Jedi needs not love, adventure or high-gear. Let's see what the Dark Side has to say.

"The Dark Empire international dark side costume club is pleased to announce that it will accept for full membership within the organisation any costume representing the dark side from the new SWTOR game, including non force-users such as Sith Troopers, Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters. Costumes may be canon or customised. Custom dark side costuming is a major component of TDE, and we welcome all dark side costumes, canon or custom, that conform to our costuming standards."

In other words, come to the Dark Side, they have cookies and incredibly flexible costuming rules.

Jedi Assembly Now Accepting TOR Characters []


    "LFM Cosplayers, Rakata gear only!"

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