Stargate: Atlantis Actor Working On Army Of Four?

Stargate: Atlantis Actor Working On Army Of Four?

We heard previously that the next instalment of EA’s Army Of Two franchise wasn’t necessarily going to focus on two players, but four — at least, going by the name. No details were confirmed by EA, but that hasn’t stopped one actor from tweeting about his involvement with the project.

Joe Flanigan, who you may remember as John Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis, recently admitted via Twitter that he’d taken a role on an unannounced EA project:

Just signed on to do the new AO4 video game for Electronic Arts. Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again.

Going over the publisher’s catalogue, it’s fair to assume Flanigan is referring to the previously hinted-at Army Of Four. The tweet is hardly damning evidence — Flanigan mentioned the game was a “splinter from Battlefield” and the Army Of Two series has no connection with DICE’s multiplayer shooter. However, he later followed up with this:

Actually, showing how distinctively uncool I am, I think I have those games mixed up. Thankgod my kids don’t read twitter.

Yes, Joe, but the rest of the internet does. Thanks for letting us know what you’re up to!

@JoeFlanigan [Twitter, via Gamesplosions]


    • Because people do enjoy these games and co-op makes most games better, except brute force.
      And you can never get enough dudebro.

    • I actually enjoyed both Army Of Two games. Admittedly, I played them co-op with my brother on the couch. That, strangely, was enough to elevate them to enjoyable levels.

      I can’t imagine I’d touch it alone, however.

      • Perhaps I take it back, didn’t know it was running Frostbite 2. A third-person shooter running Frostbite 2? Maybe, maybe.

    • I Really loved both Army of Two games. I got the first one with my PS3, and did absolutely Everything there was to do in it, despite it having no trophies. Yes, Every weapon upgrade, every difficulty, even finishing the game over and over using each and every weapon. Absolutely everything. Except multiplayer. Was laggy as Hell.

      Army of Two: the 40th Day? My friend rented it and I stayed at his place finishing the story.

  • AoT is a great series, I look forward to multiple sequels. It had the best co-op style I’ve come across, and the gunplay was great fun. Also, despite what some may suggest, the characters are entertaining as hell when appreciated for what they are: Parodies of military bravado.

  • Fantastic games in coop, like gears, except gears stands as singleplayer, too.
    No good without a friend but with a friend lots of fun.

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