Stone Towers Stand Above Ultima’s Clouds

Stone Towers Stand Above Ultima’s Clouds
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Hope you enjoy the view, though, because this is from Ultima Underworld II, where you spend most of your time slogging through dungeons, tombs and prisons.
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  • I normally don’t have any problems with Lukes posts, but they really are getting worse. What’s the problem with adding a bit more about the picture/game to justify posting it. Sure it looks nice, but add some more info, or post more images that are like that. He mentions that you spend most of your time underground, what other games have great scenery that you don’t get to spend a lot of time admiring?

    Also, does it deserve the tag ‘background story’?

  • It’s a cool picture and literally took no effort. Give the guy a fuckin break, I’m sure it’s not the only thing on his timesheet this week.

  • I wondered why people were writing about hating Luke. Now it all makes sense. He doesn’t get paid for this right?

  • This is part of his ‘videogame background’ posts on the US Kotaku. Similar to our ‘Remember this’, it’s just the one picture, but instead of being a sign of our ability to crush the minds of Mark and Tracey, it’s meant to be for commenters to post on the artwork/game itself…

  • Oh, I know this game,

    Its called finish the article, ok, I’ll Play..

    The above picture is the view from Castle Britannia, the home of Lord British, looking out over the Kingdom of Britannia. Not only was Lord British, an immortal, hailing from the realm of Earth, he was also a keen interior decorator, as every time the Avatar (the player) visited Castle Britannia in an Ultima game, he had changed the layout and design of the Castle. Ultima Underworld II, was the first time you could see and explore Castle Britannia in a non-top-down view (Be it, you were trapped in a giant dome of blackrock, and could not explore the rest of the City).

    Ultima Underworld II can be credited as one of the first 3D game worlds, and added with the freedom given in the game, can be said it set the benchmark for all modern RPGS. I personally have many awesome fond (and frustrating) memories of this game, and still hold it to high as one of my favorite RPG’s of all time.

    • OK, good start, but why is it in the news now? Did something related to Ultima happen? Or Lord British? Is he starting a Kickstarter for his next online poker game?

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