Street Fighter Producer Stepping Down Over Health Concerns

Following a recent health scare, popular Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono and his favourite Blanka action figure have announced they're taking a step back from their jobs.

"I'll be out of the limelight as fighting game series for a while", Ono posted on Twitter. "I'll think about the new future of fighting game after this."

Ono, who has been at the helm for the last few major releases in the Street Fighter franchise, was taken to hospital earlier in the week after collapsing at a press event in Korea. It's not known how long his sabbatical will last, or who will be taking the reins at the head of the Street Fighter series while he's away.

Yoshinori Ono [Twitter]


    I'm no fan of Ono, and I really don't care much for Street Fighter, but it's always sad to see someone leave who has given so much back to the industry and its fans, even if only 'for a while'.

    Poor Ono, hope he gets better.

    I hope it wasn't from overworking!

      But then again, collapsing from overwork is better than collapsing from a malfunctioning heart or something so maybe overwork would be best.

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