Street Fighter X Tekken Has Four-Way Multiplayer On PS3, Not 360, Because PS3 Is "More Conducive" To It

Street Fighter X Tekken Has Four-Way Multiplayer On PS3, Not 360, Because PS3 Is "More Conducive" To It

Street Fighter X Tekken has just been a post-release comedy of errors, whether we’re talking about on-disc DLC and the apologies for it, or bizarre character endings (that also highlight the on-disc DLC scandal.) Many have noticed that four-man cooperative play is supported on PlayStation 3 but not Xbox 360. Why is that, Capcom man?

“This mode is supported in the PlayStation 3 version,” producer Tomoaki Ayano said on the Capcom-Unity blog. “since we tackled that earlier and found the architecture of their system to be more conducive to implementing it.”

Look on the bright side, Xbox 360 gamers, at least Capcom isn’t holding out four-way multiplayer co-op and hawking it as downloadable content.

SFxT Dev Blog: Online Update [Capcom-Unity]


      • Too true. I guess we just have to wait for SuperArcadeyFourPlayerBrilliantAwesomeMega Edition that only has two extra characters that were already on the original disc…

      • In Japan they’ll be selling at least twenty PS3 copies to an Xbox copy… So it’s probably more that they don’t really give much of a shit about will likely be considered a minority player-base overseas.

        • Rating a consoles sales as ”Whats sold in Japan!” these days, is an archaic method. What’s sold in the USA is far more important as they’re a larger consumer base this generation and more varied. Japan is notoriously anti-everything except Sony, but more importantly, you cannot possibly say it would’ve pushed the limits of the 360 to put this feature in?

  • Capcom are shit, it really stains their brand when they release a halfassed game and insult their customers.

  • But mysteriously it’ll become an ‘Exciting New Feature!’ bullet-point on the eventual Super/Ultimate release in 6 months time.

    • 6 months… That’s a bit generous. I’m surprised they haven’t announced it already. Probably also say something along the lines of ‘the extra content is too big as DLC so you must buy a new disc copy’…..

  • does this mean 4 player on same console or??? kinda weird considering ps3 can only have 1 profile logged in at once if it is.

    • I don’t know how, but you were able to log into a second account to play splitscreen online multiplayer in uncharted 3.

  • dear god, more sloppy reporting

    the 360 version has 4 player local co-op, it’s just you can’t go online, and have two people on the same console, THATS IT. it’s still crap, but not as bad as this is wrongly saying…

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