Street Fighter X Tekken's Mecha Pac-Man, Fat Mega Man Free To PS3 On March 13

The PlayStation 3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken will offer, free, the bonus fighters Pac-Man and Mega Man on March 13, a week after the game's release, Capcom says.

You can see what they look like in action in a video here.

Mega Man is based on the crappy box art of the original game. As Capcom-Unity describes it, "Pac-Man rides around a Mokujin mech-thing that shoots lasers." It also looks like he'll be teabagging Ken, if that picture above is any indication.

Street Fighter X Tekken launches on March 6 in the US and March 9 in Europe. The Vita version arrives later this year.

Download Mega Man, Pac-Man for PS3 SFxT on March 13 [Capcom-Unity]


    I know i've said this before and i have no doubt i will say this again before my time is done...

    But, is that Pacman piloting a giant wooden construct who is firing an electric penis into Ken's face?

      You say that as if you've never seen it before.

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