Sunday Comics: First-Person Problem

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Dueling Analogs by Steve Napierski published Feb. 28. — Read more of Dueling Analogs

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich published Feb. 27. — Read more of Awkward Zombie

Nerf NOW!! by Josué Pereira published Feb. 29. — Read more of Nerf NOW!!

Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik published March 2. — Read more of Penny Arcade

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly Turnbull published Feb. 27. — Read more of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Brawl In The Family by Matthew Taranto published Feb. 27. — Read more of Brawl In The Family

Virtual Shackles by Jeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie published Feb. 29. — Read more of Virtual Shackles

Another video game Webcomic by Phil Chan and Joe Dunn published March 2. — Read more of Another video game Webcomic

ActionTrip by Borislav Grabovic and Ure Paul published Feb. 27. — Read more of ActionTrip

Legacy Control by Javis Ray published Feb. 29. — Read more of Legacy Control


    While I certainly feel for the guy getting an operation, isn't it still kinda poor to put that comic in amongst what is pretty much "kotakus mega sunday hilarious gaming related comic roundup!"

      Agreed. On the note of hilarity I would like to see Bioware pull that stunt for the lulz :p

    Is it just me or was the Penny Arcade one the only one worth giggling over. Pretty pissweak collection this weak from the writers of those sites :\

      It's just you. Penny Arcade is never funny to me, on the other hand this week's NerfNow and Virtual Shackles are great.

        I concur

        Penny Arcade just seems to hassle out gamers, and gamers are not funny.

        Those two you mentioned were amusing aswell. I was real keen on the 400th BITF since that is in my opinion the only real funny VG comic based on video game characters, but yeah, seems that he is sick. Hope he gets well.

          I still haven't found a Penny Arcade comic that I've laughed at. Smirked at a few, but nothing chuckleworthy. For me, at least.

    Can someone please explain the Megatron one? I don't get it.

      In an FPS, you don't see your character, all you see is the gun your character is holding, right? But Megatron can turn into a gun, so he think's the gun IS the character.

        I didn't get it either, so thanks. Now that it's explained, I can appreciate that's a pretty good joke.

          Kind of funny. A little too subtle, but I smirked when you explained it.

          Love the NerfNow one, the Awkward Zombie one, the Another Game Webcomic one and the Diablo 3 one got a giggle.

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