Super Morrissey Bros. Is The Best Thing You'll Hear Today

Ex-Kotaku Editor David Wildgoose showed me this, and I can't stop listening to it. Fans of The Smiths will recognise their classic breakthrough hit 'This Charming Man', but music producer 'Lazyitis' has completely reproduced the song in the style of Mario music. And it sounds amazing.

Super Morrissey Bros. by lazyitis

So I've decided to play Bernie Taupin to Lazyitis' Elton John and write some new lyrics for the song. This is beyond lame, but what the hell.

(Here's the original song for reference!)

This Charming Plumber Punctured Kart again, On a hillside desolate Bowser threw a blue shell again.

Then in his brand new Kart It’s Donkey Kong

I count my lives in dungarees With a power up flower And a mushroom for speed

I would go out tonight, But I’ve got the world’s worst red hat hair. This man said it’s gruesome, That someone with that moustache would care.

A jumped up plumber boy, Who never won the race, She said, come rescue me, She knows so much about these things, She knows so much about these things.

If you think you can write some better lyrics, drop them in the comments below!


    Princess Peach is a girlfriend in a coma.
    I know. I know its serious but ROFL

    not the right song, but how could I resist..

    Some boobs are bigger than others
    Some boobs are bigger than others
    Some boobs areolas are bigger than other boobs areolas! :0

    Surely Super Johnny Marr-io Brothers would be more appropriate?

    Luigi, it was really nothing...


    As someone who's written chiptune covers before, this is pretty underwhelming for a style match. You should look up Mega Man-styled tunes sometime.

    The Last of the Famous International Gameboys.

    Lovin the smiths love <3

    I'll have this guy on my Morrissey/The Smiths radio show tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific Daylight Time

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