Tactics Ogre: Weird Name, Amazing Soundtrack

See what I did in that title? I hope you did.

Okay, so you guys were right. When I asked for reader's submissions for the best game music of 2011, a ton of people said "Dude! Tactics Ogre!"

Those people were correct. I didn't have a chance to play the PSP remake last year, but I've been playing it on vita, and Hitoshi Sakimoto's musical score is absolutely stellar.

The track above, titled "Blasphemous Experiment," was actually the one we featured in the Reader's Choice list last year. I'm featuring it again, because it is so. Freakin. Good.

Honestly, I'm still a bit torn on the whole Tactics Ogre vs. Final Fantasy Tactics decision. I have both games on Vita, and while I've put a good deal more time into Tactics Ogre, it seems like every day I meet a new person who tells me how much better FFT is.

While I really enjoy Ogre's snappy pace and larger battlefields, I have to say that I think the main reason I play it more than FF Tactics is the music.

Here's another highlight, titled "Avilla Hanya." Oh, yeah.


    It would be surprising if it didn't have a good soundtrack given that the game's subtitle is a Queen reference.

      You know how the soundtrack would get better? If Queen did it all.

      Just like they did in Flash Gordon.

    Really enjoyed Tactics Ogre way back on the snes. A damn good tactical rpg.

    Tactics Ogre: LUCT is $16 on the PSN store at the moment. Grabbed it last night!

    Great choice, great game! Reminds me to finish my second playthrough

    I see what you did there!
    A gold star for you sir.

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