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    Hey Taybies and Taybettes,
    So I'm going to start kicking this Brisbane ParTAY (thanks
    Cakesmizzle, I've totally stolen this word) into high gear now.

    There are a number of things that requires your input however.

    In terms of Brisbane dates, there are two potential dates lined up.
    One at the very beginning of December and one a week beforehand.

    These dates are:
    1) 24th-25th Nov (23rd-26th if you are in Sydney and doing the driving
    pilgrimage down).

    2) 1st-2nd Dec (30th Nov - 3rd Dec if you are in Sydney and doing the
    driving pilgrimage down).

    I need votes for who is interested in which date. A vote of 'I don't
    mind' is considered a vote for option #2.

    The next is - who is doing the Sydney Pilgrimage? I will be driving,
    so there are 3 spots available though one will be taken by our
    illustrious hipster DAN! This means two people can ride with yours
    truly in the pessimistmobile. If more are coming we are going to need
    some drivers. I'd like a show of hands for who is coming from Syd >
    Bris (including the Canberrians), and who in Sydney is willing to

    The last is - I am currently writing prog house for funsies with a
    slight intention of maybe doing a full set of this style on the
    Saturday night. Are you all content to listen to this style of music
    for 2 hours, or would you like to hear something else written by yours
    truly? Make a suggestion now or forever hold your peace. If there's a
    style that a lot of people want to see I'll write a big big set of new
    material in that for your listening pleasure. It's all up to you -
    this epic meat is all about the TAYBIES!

    So, to recount:
    - Vote for a meat date of 24-25th Nov or 1st-2nd Dec.
    - Put your hand up if you want to be on the pilgrimage from Syd >
    Bris, and put your hand up if you are willing to drive.
    - Vote if you want to hear prog house or something else (you specify).

      I don't know if I am going to be in the country then, so I vote yes to everything.

      1st-2nd December is fine by me
      I don't need a ride from sydney
      I would like to hear your progressive stuff, but i am also a fan of electro house so that would be kinda cool. But i also like your glitch stuff. Just play whatever, i am sure nobody on TAY really likes house music enough to know what is what sojust do what you see fit.

      - I would like to vote for a Meat date of 1st-2nd Dec (option #2)
      - I wouldn’t mind being on the road trip thingie but if all cars are full I wouldn’t mind flying up either (I have a preference for flying).
      - I think you should mix up the genres a bit (I also like your glitch hop). Also, some game music would be awesome since we all met each other over a shared interest for games.

      So, uh, what's happening in Brisbane? If it's the 1st-2nd that's the final date I wouldn't mind tagging along. Seems like a good way to celebrate end of exams :)

        In a nutshell, I did a live set last year (see for a laggy recount) where I sort of live dj'ed and built my songs from scratch on the fly with effects.

        I plan on releasing a full length album on bandcamp later this year, so I'm enlisting Dan's services to do a clip of a crazy roadtrip to Brisbane culminating in a live 2 hour set of my music which will hopefully end up as a clip of some kind for the single. This resulted in basically an excuse to get all the TAYbies from all the states together for a crazy partay.

          That actually sounds like a crazy amount of fun. Hmmm...end of the semester with a crazy fun misadventure to let off some steam. YES PLEASE.

          hmm i didn't see that. can i come in the pez mobile too?

            IN B4 DIRTY JOKE


              Yep, you're in. PEZ MOBILE IS NOW FULL - Shiggy, Harli, DAN! and Myself!

              I can technically seat 5 people if there's a requirement but I'd like people to be comfy in the back if at all possible.

      -> I am not sure about which date will work so early on in the year.
      -> I'll probably fly from Melbourne
      -> I generally like most of your music, especially your Dungeon Deities stuff. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

      I'm cool with either date, I'd like to go via Sydney, and scab a lift, with enough alcohol in me I can listen to any music happily.

      I vote for option #2 as well. Whether or not I can come yet is still up in the air. Hopefully I'll have a full time job by then so I'm not sure what the situation will be in regards to time off. Assuming I can attend I would be happy to drive, but please don't lock anything in yet.

      In regards to music - play all the things. I'll listen to anything.

      *Checks Pez's favourite band for tour date* nope, that's on november 9th. I'm good for either then :)

      Either date should be ok for me as long as I have the notice

      Pilgrimage style, will really depend on the price difference between flying Melb > Syd compared to melb > bris. Road trip up could be cool but don't worry about counting me/us in for numebrs as if there isn't room we will just fly direct

      Genre wise I am guess your requests are limited to house and the like, otherwise I do quite like me some blues ;)

      Whenever, yo.

      Just so you're aware, if you're in the car with me & Pez there'll be a camera jammed in your face for the majority of the trip.

      Also the other cars will have fixed camera's if all goes to plan.

      Also I'll be super controlling and make you all be funny.

        haha Dan if you're in the car it's going to be super happy fun times!! also copious amounts of booze should make the trip interestin'

    I woke up this morning at 730 and it was still almost dark outside. My window was also covered in condensation. This does not encourage a person to leave their warm and cosy bed first thing on a Monday morning.

      To get to a blazing hot shower? Yes it does!

        But between the blazing hot shower and warm and cosy bed is the act of getting up.

        That's the most painful hurdle.

          I have a onesie made of bear fur so I really can't identify.

            I'm not convinced identifying is required when you've got a bear fur onesie. In fact, I daresay the rest of the world should be identifying with you.

              They should. Sleeping is a luxurious experience now.

              Plus, I have also become rather fond of stealing pic-a-nic baskets.

                Do you also have a small friend with a green hat named Boo Boo?

                If the onesie enables you to get up to 6 months asleep at a time, I sir, am jelly.

    I went Go-Karting yesterday with Bee for the first time ever!!!

    AND I came 4th/12 overall in lap times, which i thought was pretty nifty.
    Both bee and i got involved in a REALLY nasty crash each, though, due to one guy driving really dangerously the entire time - which the track marshal's did nothing about.
    So yeah, a little bit bruised today, but overall had an absolute fracking BLAST!!!

      I go karted against my sisters. Many crashes were had all were hillarious. Glad you had fun.

    It is Monday morning. I do not approve of this.

    Got nowhere near enough gaming done over the weekend.

    Saturday I, I can't even remember what I did on Saturday. I know I had an awesome nap from like 4-7 but that's about it. Oh! I started downloading Brink but it will cap me if I let it finish /o\. Also played iSketch for the first time (poorly I might say too).

    Sunday was a day planned for gaming and junk food. But upon receiving a request from a buddy to come around and help him work on his new toy I ended up being there for a few hours. Got about 2hrs of DC Universe in during the afternoon before realising I was meant to be going out for dinner for a friends birthday. Upon returning to my humble, albeit messy abode, I found my internet was down so my plans of joining Borderlands were ruined. So I played some Resident Evil: Revelations and watched the "not as bad as I remembered" movie Click as it was on the television set.

    How was your weekend folks?

      Wow, you're friends racing set up looks really good. Was it expensive?
      Also Is that the garage you're in? If so I hope he's planning on turning part of it into a gaming area or is he moving the racing wheel to the living room?

      I love Split/second as well, it was a great game. Sad that the developers didn't get a chance to improve on it with a sequel.

        Yeah, it's in the garage at the moment. It cost him about $2000. Quickl breakdown is $400 computer, $200 for the seat, $500 for the G27 wheel (he's had it since they first came out, you can get them for around $300 now), $400 TV, $80 sound and the rest on materials.

        It's in his garage at the moment, but he has a dedicated gaming room in his house he is going to put it in (it currently has 2 PCs and a 4-player custom built MAME cabinet running pretty much every arcade game in the world)

        And yes, Split/Second was awesome. I probably never would've played it if it wasn't for a free promo copy I got through work. I ended up spending hours on it and eventually buying it for PC (promo copy was on 360.)

    Apparently I had a blackout last night and my alarm clock reset itself D: If I actually had to be up early today I would not have appreciated that.

    Anyway, probably won't be on TAY a huge amount this week. I have 3 assessments due ;_;

      Had my alarm set at 5 am to go for a run. Woke up, thought bugger it, went back to bed. Was pretty annoyed with myself when I woke up again at 7:30 though. Really should have gone for that run...

    Great way to come into work on Monday, half shutdown and finding out the large monitor in the meeting room was left on over the whole weekend... oh yeah and I gotta get a buggy piece of garbage Myki too since they suddenly stopped selling monthly metcards. Anybody else feeling like starting a human killing spree?

      Mykis are awful :(

      The worst thing is that it takes about twice as long to get through ticket barriers with them, so every station that has exits with barriers has a huge queue.

      $1.3 billion well spent :|

        And if they employed conductors it would cost way way less than that, funnily enough

        Yeah just this morning I saw the machines not working for people with myki trying to get through, and behold: A large queue! I've been very wary of using Myki since i heard of the bugs, especially in terms of overcharging, cuz these guys are NOT good at refunding you, since they look at you like a fare evader trying to swindle them for a free ticket at first glance when you attempt it (I know cuz this happened to me when a metcard machine at Flinders swallowed my ticket, fixed itself by the time I got a staff member over to help me get my card, the machine was working again and my card wasn't there anymore. TL;DR my monthly card got stolen with over 2 weeks left on it)

      I said it last night, and i'll say it again, Myki is the worst thing to be introduced to melbourne in recent history. It is such an insanely stupid system.

      It would be MUCH better for the general populace if there were still conductors on trains and trams that sold you tickets.
      1. It's easier for tourists
      2. moar jerbs!
      3. People would actually start feeling safer on PT again

        I remember the days of scratchie tickets and those dodgy paper things they just punched holes in.
        Seriously, Metcards work fine - I'm so not looking forward to this Myki thing. Wasn't it just last year everyone was talking about what an absolute failure it was? Things are quiet on the disgruntled front for 6-12 months, so they decide it's time to make it all but mandatory?

        Melbourne, I am disappoint.

          I rather liked the hole punch thingie. A lot of drivers gave you extra time on your 2 hour if you knew them, or you were close to the "on the hour" time".
          And as i said, there was a presence of authority on the transport itself.

          I don't have any problem with the Metcard system. It worked fine - i just think it worked better when they had an actual staff of people around to help people out.

          I'm a little worried about all these new PSO's, though - with such short training and being given weapons and the fact that the filtering isn't that great.... :s
          DON'T TASE ME, BRO!

            Don't do something to warrant being tased and it won't happen. Apparently simple logic is lost on most humans (Not meaning you Loops just humans in general being all outraged about tasers). Humans outcry about wanting to be safer and as soon as something comes along that could actually help maintain order, they sook about it being TOO extreme... seriously I'm sure those criminals care about your well-being too... areyoukiddingme.jpg

              Interesting article on tasers:

              Re PSOs at station, the folks at Flinders St are genuine policefolk as there is a station there. At other stations, I thought PSOs hadn't started yet? I think PSOs are ridiculous and a bad policy. We need real police doing that!! And whose idea was it to make PSOs look like police? They're going to be less trained and more likely to cause controversies which will impact on VicPol.

            The PSOs will largely be people who couldn't get into the police force. I'll just leave that thought there.

              Isn't that the case with most security guards as well?

                Thanks mate, as a former security guard it's nice to see some of the old hate that all security guards get thanks to a few bad eggs.

                And that's why I stopped doing CPP work.

                  Note my usage of the word 'most', and not all.

                  I've had to deal with some world class douchebag security guards in my time. The worst kind are the ones that appear to have a chip on their shoulder or this inexplicable burning need to prove to the world that they're the local sherriff or some such.

                  I apologise - no offense was intended, I assure you.

              Actually the entrance requirements are the same. They ask police applicants who pass but don't do amazingly well if they could pretty please be PSO's instead (as they've only had about 18 of the 900 or so that they need).

            Aren't the PSO's Vic Police? I'm slightly confused by it - I see them at Flinder's Street every week, and I swear they have Victoria Police uniforms? Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't pay much attention. Although I will say their presence is a little more comforting, for the most part. That being said, Flinder's Street is not usually a problem, as there are police everywhere anyway.

            I always remember getting creative with the scratchie tickets - like half/partially scratching a date, and if it wasn't checked, doing the same thing the next day. Then again, I remember they used to have plainclothes cops checking tickets on the trains too. We used to have a laugh because you could spot them from a mile off, even when they were alone or in pairs.

              They arent' police at all - more a spin off of the police.

              Put it this way - they are what 'Joey' was to 'friends'.
              Scared yet?

              Basically they have a similar gearing as police, but much looser acceptance and a much much shorter training course.
              In my eyes these guys are probably going to be a lot like night club security

                It's cause to be aware, or even slightly concerned, I guess.
                For now, I'll take anything that makes PT safer or more bearable. I mean I've never had any serious issues on PT, but some days there's some goings on that make you uncomfortable, at the very least.

          I see complaining and holding huge crowds up at flinders street cuz of myki cards failing every afternoon when I go home and most mornings (Not as many humans around at my time in the morning)

        Agreed. I never feel safe on PT, ever, day or night. TBH I don't feel safe anywhere and haven't for many years, when you see things like being broken into and there's really nothing you can do to defend your home without being convicted/fined yourself and in turn, a criminal record insues. I do however applaud seeing a squad of police patrolling around my station when I got off at Mentone last week, but they were only there for a very short time. In that short time I actually felt safer and that's rare.

        I don't mind having a decent stored-value system in place. My problem is they put in a new one when there are much better ones that were already working well overseas which we could have adopted for less than a quarter of the Myki cost.

        I seriously think someone profited from a backroom deal with this one.

      I travel from Cheltenham Station to Frankston Station every morning and afternoon now (cuz my cars all like 'I'm a bitch and I'm going to break down'), and I decided to buy a myki card becuase I'm new to Melbourne and didn't understand the ticket systems (herp derp). I don't really notice huge lines or anything, but sometimes when I take the bus from Cheltenham Station to Moorabbin Airport the myki scanners on the bus aren't working, so the bus driver usually just lets us on without scanning (yay free ride).

      Why the myki hate, I think it is actually a much better system than metcard.

      So much easier, just leave the card in your wallet and when you run low on money top up via internet. My card never leaves my wallet. I guess you take trains with the issues of myki causing delay, I generally catch trams and it is much quicker for people to get on the tram and touch on than for them to get on, stand in the middle of the passage way blocking everybody while they fish through their wallet/handbag/purse for the metcard, before spending a minute trying to put it in upside down

    I spent some of yesterday playing my favourite game of the moment. WOT (look it up it's awesome) then I decided to check the amount of time i have spent in game since it went live in march 2011.
    I was really surprised at the 286 hours i had spent in actual game time playing. This does not include the time between battles or the countdown to the start of each battle.

    To put this in perspective, I have spent 7 weeks equivalent full time work playing this game in the last year. wow.

    and to put into perspective, i have still managed to get married, go on a honeymoon for a month, build three large pieces of furniture and design a house from scratch in this time. I wonder what i could have achieved in the time i was playing this game.

    Oh and before you ask me if I watch tv, I will say that I have not watched an advertisement in it's entirety for almost a year.

      There is your seven weeks saved. So much time is wasted with commercials when you watch tv. Downloading tv shows and buying dvd's has a lot of benifits.

      Nice, it's good when you can spend time gaming AND accomplish a lot of other things as well.
      Helps break the stereotype that gamers are wasting their lives away.
      (Yeah I never watch TV either, takes up precious work/game time ;P)

        yeah my wife complains at the amount of gaming i do. (pretty much she says i neglect her) but i know she just hates it when I rage.

    I had a weird weekend. My wife was ill with some kind of flu and spent most of it sleeping, so I had no real schedule. I kind of drifted aimlessly from one thing to another, sometimes listlessly snoozing for 20 minutes here and there while I lay on the couch. I played a little Mass Effect 3 multiplayer at some point, but continue to grow frustrated that of all the upgrades packs I've purchased in-game, I have yet to receive a single assault rifle upgrade - and the assault rifle is the only weapon I use, so... that's annoying. At one point I think I dreamed that I earned an assault rifle upgrade instead of a Sniper/Shotgun.

    Last night for dinner I made potato salad, but now that I know how it's done it seems I was unduly impressed by 'good' potato salad in the past - on the other hand the next time an aunt makes a bad potato salad, I will be able to sneer at her efforts across the table at the next family gathering, working the mouthful of bitter, floury garbage with the determination of the falling hammer of a blacksmith, as I shovel forkful after forkful into my gnashing maw.

    My boss is in China this week for some reason. My boss wears like three hats in this company and one of them puts him in charge of casualty claims for the Asia-Pacific zone. This means he spends a lot of time out of the office. Thankfully I have en excellent work ethic.
    Ignore the fact I'm posting this from my work computer at 9:35am - I'm well up to date on my files.

      I feel your pain on the ME3 issue, I swear to god all I ever get are freaking shotguns and shotgun mods :/. It's horrible because shotguns are my least favorite weapons.

    The Tale of what happened to me on friday in form of a poem

    It was quite the typical Friday from what i could see
    The work guys had already started bullying me
    A poke, a prod, a bag on my head
    At this time i wish i was dead
    My anger overflowed i got real mad
    I was about to do something really quite bad
    I could not stand this anymore
    I punched the assailant in the jaw
    I immediately regretted what i had done
    I could tell the aftermath would not be fun
    I raced to the CEO's office whitout out a word
    I told him my story while he ate bean curd

    Tl;DR I punched a guy at work in the face when i got angry after the constant harrasment and went and told my CEO the entire story not my supervisor who never really care. He came down hard on my tormentors and told them to shape up or ship out. Work has been suprisingly pleasant this morning.

      You sir, just won a fucking gold star. Violence is not the answer, but I tell you what sometimes it gets people's attention. I'm glad to hear you've got some kind of resolution and also had the pleasure of decking one of your tormentors.

      Double win!

      Y'know, on friday it had crossed my mind to suggest you simply deck the guy but I thought against it as I thought it wouldn't be helpful.

      Turns out that may have been good advice after all. Violence isn't always the answer, you probably could have just gone straight to the CEO (but I bet that punch felt good huh? ;P) but I'm glad to hear things are getting better for ya.

      Well, I guess that's this weeks Kudos sorted. And it's not even 10am yet.

      Please tell me you broke his jaw :D


      You didnt punch him. you just high fived his face with a closed hand.

      All the hugs and high fives for Rocketman!

      It's good to see this come to a resolution man!

      Just please, go over your supervisor's head (if he ignores you) earlier next time man :)

      You sir, are a fucking champ. Like Rocky! but unlike Rocky, you won.
      Usually I wouldn't promote violence as the answer, but after what you went through... good on you sir :)
      It may sound a bit cheesy, but I'm proud of you for taking the first step to getting it sorted out :)
      I really hope these fuckers take note & think twice before causing you shit again.
      Also, props for the poem

      As I am not as nice as some here, I fully support violence as an answer, YAY ROCKETMAN!!!
      It is a shame it had to come to this, but well done!



    Has anyone seen the latest trailer for Dragons Dogma??

    MANNNN this game is looking GOOD! :D

      Looks like Lost Planet meets Monster Hunter.
      I approve of such a union.

        Indeed. I like that it has classic RPG elements, but seems to have that sort of flare capcom in renown for. this could be a most excellent game! :D

          I'm excited for the boss fights. Capcom now how to do great boss fights. Some of the the creatures in lost planet 1 and 2 were fantastic.


    living dead gameplay trailer!

      I should also add that i am yet to see the TV series, but from what i've heard it seems kinda silly with OTT drama?

        Pilot is amazing.

        Rest of the series then goes downhill. I stopped watching a few episodes into season 2.

    So, I went camping all weekend, and now I am tired, and I'm almost certain I feel a cold and a sore throat coming on... the outdoors sucks... but throwing things into a campfire is fun...

      Hah, one of my friends went camping on the weekend. The first night he got attacked by a leech, while he was sleeping. It looks like someone was murdered in his sleeping bag.

      Silly people going outdoors.


        There are no bears inside.

        Well, asides from me in my aforementioned bear-fur onesie.


          Can I touch it?

        I tell you what, while they may not have been explicitly designed for it, my mum's Nissan Tiida was fucking amazing on the gravel/dirt trails getting into the campsite (Coolendel Campsite down in Nowra for those interested)

    Greenthings Tay! its Monday, and i actually have 5 minutes to make a post. Was having a look on steam yesterday, and have decided i need more games. Not that i have time to play them, but i want.

    I have been struggling to sit down and game for more than 20 minutes at a time. Which is partly to blame for why i have yet to finish skyrim. Does anyone else ever get this? and if so, how do i fix it. 3 weeks and my average gaming time is down to 1 hour every 2 days.

      You're still getting in more gaming then me, then. LOL

      It's really not easy. It took me MONTHS to play through mass effect, and it has taken me about 2 months to play about 7 hours of Shadows of the Damned.
      Although, to be fair, SotD would be finished now if it weren't for Trials HD!!!

        my issues are not even really time related (although that isnt helping) I just sit down at the xbox, and just, one match of cod, or a couple of missions on another game, and i just...get restless. have to walk away. Driving me mental.

      I had this problem yesterday. I announced to my wife that I was going to watch shows and play games all day. I got away with only a few dishes and one grocery trip. Not bad.

      So what did I do with this bounty?

      I spent probably 10 min staring at my games collection. Then I said "I'm going to play RDR Undead Nightmare!" I booted it up and had a great time, then after 20 min felt the itch to do something else. Same thing happened with some Halo Anniversary. I did play some Anniversary multiplayer at last and it's an absolute blast! I also watched some Game of Thrones.

      I kind of was managing 20 min before getting restless and wanting to do something else.

      Then I started playing Torchlight. Problem solved. I think this was what I needed. Part of it is I was playing on Xbox, which - amazingly - has a much better control scheme than the PC version.

        This doesn't happen with Xenoblade.

        Dat shiet is sooo addictive!

      I have that problem. I have a reasonable amount of time to devote to gaming, but my problem was having too many games, and trying to play them all at once. Sitting down and playing each game for half an hour to an hour, the moving to another, and never getting much done.

      I resolved this by sitting down and making a list for each of my four main platforms, and what games I need to finish for each. Not every game, but the ones I feel need immediate attention. I ended up making a schedule of sorts, and attending to the most important games first. I resolved not to play any other games except for the ones at the top of the list.

      Using this logic, this weekend I got some SWTOR levelling done - 30-32 on my main, not much but it'll do. I started and finished Mass Effect, and also squeezed in a complete co-op playthrough of RE Operation Raccoon City.

      Without that list, I probably would have played 10 different games and not got anything done.

        Excellent points.

        I find gaming is more fun when you sit down and concentrate on one game for a while. This is exactly what I used to do as a young 'un when games cost a squillion dollars. I'd play and then replay the same game for a year. And I loved it. Or I'd hire a game for a week and play nothing else for that week.

        The last game that really hooked me was Alan Wake. Now I've finished the campaign, I don't really have the urge to go back to replay it or to do the DLC.

        I tried to make Mass Effect 2 my main game until I finish it, but I'm just not feeling it. The thought of going up and down the lift of the Normandy to talk to all my crew, and the repetitive nature of the missions is kind of wearing me down. I'm fairly sure it's me and not the game, so I'll wait for a moment when I am feeling it.

        So I've decided to concentrate on Torchlight and Titan Quest for now.

          No, it's not you. Mass Effect 2 gets rather tedious early on because you don't really feel like you're accomplishing anything - I kept wondering when the "real" game would start after spending 8 hours just recruiting guys. Then I realised that is the "real" game.

          Once you get over that hump, everything sorta clicks... so it's tedious at first, but you'll find yourself wanting to do multiple playthroughs.

    HAI TAY!

    Bioshock 2 CE ships today! YAYAYAYAYAY. Question for anyone who has it: Are the posters just A4 sized? I need to know what frames to get.



        Yeah like AP said, we could do some Co-op or MP skirmishes :)

      To confirm what these people said, I just checked, and it is indeed A4.

      They are A4, they look awesome though. I have mine up in my room!

    OH anyone have any advice as to what grounds you can get the telecommunication ombudsman involved in a dispute?

    Long story short, Virgin mobile believe i have used 3 times my month data average in 2 weeks...i believe i did not. My phone suggests i have used around 250mb compared to the 700mb they are claiming. I called them on Tuesday to raise the dispute, and was told they would escalate it and someone would call me in about 48 hours, its now been nearly a week and no call.

    Before i call them again today kicking and screaming, im interested to know how on earth i can go about sticking it to them. Seems they are not even remotely interested in investigating it.

      I'd be interesting in hearing about this. 3 got $150 ($100 more than my usual bill) out of me the other month for data usage that I couldn't have used. The said they sent me a message on the 6th or 7th (the date my phone bill resets each month) that I had used all my allowance already. How is that possible?

      Hope you manage to get out of paying it!

        Well at this point, my normal $59 bill is looking like $500. So needless to say, i want to be %100 sure im not getting screwed before they even get 1 cent out of me.

          Fight the bastards. I got the worst run around so I decided it wasn't worth the effort but $500 is a bit hefty to say the least.

            Giving virgin till midday today (i have been more than patient) and then i might give them one more call, if i get the run around, it'll be strait onto the TIO, and see what options i have open, and what chances i have of winning against them.
            I think my history is enough to say this isn't right, the last 12 months, the AVERAGE usage for the whole month is under 200mb, and the most i have used ever is 290mb, so to think i managed to use 700mb in 2 weeks is just absurd.

    Morning Friends!

    I had a pretty easy weekend. Spent most of Saturday playing ME3 and have finally got to the "point of no return" mission. Unfortunately (me being the weird guy that I am) I have to get 100% galactic readiness in Multiplayer BEFORE I can finish the game.

    I also got back into Kingdoms of Amalamanlonginlylongnameislong. Really enjoying it, people have said it was crap but I think it's a really solid RPG.

      I keep hearing very conflicting things about Kingdoms of Ramalamadingdong.. Guess I'm just going to have to play it myself....when the the price goes down.

        Wait till it goes down. I got it and had a lot of fun with it, but be warned, it gets VERY repetitive. It has a very WoW feel to it, which is fun, especially in a single player setting. It evoked some of the feelings I used to get from Diablo as well - it doesn't play the same, but something felt vaguely familiar about it.

        That being said, I played it a bit for a week, but put it down and have since had zero interest in picking it back up again. That's never a good sign for me. usually means it won't get picked up again.

        In summary, good game a bit of fun, but it got old pretty quick for me. I'd be OK if it was a ~$40 game, but not worth ~$80, imo.

          There is an Amalur MMO coming out eventually - maybe this was like a dry run lol

          Yeah, I did that too. Played it for like a week then stopped. I was REALLY bored over the weekend so I decided to fire it up. This time I'm gonna try and stick with it (atleast until Diablo or something like that)

      I have Kingdoms of Bananarama ready to download, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of those games I never get around to playing.

      Like Batgirl, i'll probably get Kingoms of armoredwhores at some point after a price drop - it soes look kinda interesting

      Yeah I'm at the same point, luckily I realised that I was at that point before accepting the mission so now I can go do some sidequests and dive into the multiplayer for a while.

      BTW guys, I just saw Kingdoms of Alamanator on Ozgameshop for $40 if your interested :D

    Mo'nin all, hope your weekend treated you well.
    My weekend was so-so, basically got struck with a virus that decided to stage a coup on saturday morning, so I spent the whole weekend feeling sick as a dog on the couch alone.

    On the bright side this allowed me to play a LOT of Mass Effect 3 :P
    I'm pretty sure I'm right at the point where I'm about to take on the final mission, so I'm going to back off for a but, run some sidequests and give the multiplayer a good run to get my Galactic Readiness up to scratch. I played one MP match over the weekend and it looks pretty cool, looks like it really rewards spending time with it though to unlock all the goodies, hopefully that wont take long.

    On a plot related note:
    Ba Enaabpu, V jrag sbe gur chfu ba gur Trgu onfr orsber pbzcyrgvat nyy gur Enaabpu fvqr zvffvbaf.
    Gura V gevrq gb nyybj gur Trgu gb orpbzr frys njner va gur ubcrf gung gurl naq gur Dhnevnaf jbhyq znxr crnpr.

    Gurl qvqa'g.

    Gur Dhnevnaf nggnpxrq naq gur Trgu boyvgrengrq gurz. Cbbe Gnyv jngpurq nf ure jubyr pvivyvmngvba jnf jvcrq bhg va gur fxvrf nobir naq pbafhzrq ol tevrs guerj urefrys bss n pyvss. V uvg gur cnentba npgvba ohggba gb gel fnir ure ohg vg qvqa'g znxr nal qvssrerapr. Gnyv jnf qrnq.

    Arrqyrff gb fnl V jnf sybberq, hggreyl qrinfgngrq. Gur Dhnevnaf jrer rkgvapg naq zl Furc'f ybir vagrerfg (naq zl snibhevgr punenpgre) jnf qrnq, naq vg jnf nyy orpnhfr V qvqa'g cercner naq znqr n onq pnyy. Thggrq.

    Abeznyyl V qba'g erqb qrpvfvbaf va zl Znff rssrpg cynlguebhtu, ohg guvf, GUVF V pbhyq abg yrg unccra.
    Fb V ybnqrq gur bayl cerivbhf fnir V unq, V jvyyvatyl tnir hc gur ynfg gjb naq n unys ubhef V unq whfg cynlrq whfg gb znxr guvatf evtug.

      Arrqyrff gb fnl, V svkrq rirelguvat hc naq oebxrerq crnpr orgjrra gur Trgu naq Dhnevnaf.
      Gungf ubj njrfbzr zl Furc vf, ur pna ghea onpx gvzr :C

      Nyfb, qehax Gnyv vf nqbenoyr.
      "Rzretrapl... vaqhpgvba... cbeg..."

      UNUN! Gur FNZR guvat unccrarq gb zr! Rkprcg V jrag jvgu vg orpnhfr va gur raq.. jne vf nobhg fnpevsvpr. Fb V fnpevsvprq Gnyv va zl cynlguebhtu :(

      ohg ubj ornhgvshy jnf gung fprar?! V jnf fb rzbgvbanyyl zbirq nf fur yrncg bss gung pyvss..

      On a non-spoiler side note, my bf watched a little of me playing ME3 over the weekend and a cutscene featuring James Vega played, to which he commented, "Is your shirt tight enough bro?" LOL


        Lrnu bapr gur Dhnevnaf ershfrq gb fgnaq qbja V jnf ybbxvat ng zl GI fnlvat guvaxvat 'Ab, ab! AB AB AB AB'.

        Naq gura V gubhtug Gnyv jbhyq ungr zr sbe znxvat gur pnyy, ohg vafgrnq fur xvyyrq urefrys. V jnf va fubpx, V jrag onpx gb gur fuvc naq fnj ure anzr nqqrq gb gur zrzbevny yvfg naq gubhtu gurer jnf ab jnl V jnf tbvat gb yrg gung fuvg fgnaq.

        Ohg lrnu jr pbby abj :)

        Haha he does like his tight shirts huh? People can say all they want about him, I think he's a pretty cool guy.

        ...and what happened with Garrus? I thought he was your boi huh? ;P

          V gbb jnf va fubpx ng ubj gung fprar cynlrq bhg. Vg jnf ornhgvshy va vg'f bja gentvp jnl gubhtu, rfcrpvnyyl gung fpravp fubg bs gur dhnevna fuvcf nyy penfuvat qbja bagb gurve ubzr cynarg. Vg jnf yvxr na rcvp zbivr.

          I'm glad they didn't make James a romance option because I would have seriously been so torn between he and Garrus. lol. Like I literally would not know who to choose :/

          Happy to hear somebody else actually likes him!

    Howdy Tayberinos
    A Monday Morning Question: Waht fantasy/sci-fi/RPG world is desparately in need of a good video game adaptation? I'd love to see a proper Shadowrun game or a decent Eberron one. Yourselves?

      Some sort of Shadowrun game, hands down (not a bastardised CS version though, proper RPG) the old SNES Shadowrun dominated my life for months back in the day. That game was incredible.

        I'd love to see a Mass Effect style Shadowrun, action focused with an RPG tree behind it.

      WARHAMMER 40,000!!!


      Also, i'd like to see a games based on the spin off games like Mordheim, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic and Inquisitor. That could be sooooo cooool!!!

      Somone also needs to save Star Wars. PLEASE SAVE STAR WARS!!!

        Every couple of months I start doing some 3D studio stuff making isometric terrain for Necromundo/Inquisitor but then I remember I am terrible at coding and almost as bad at texuring.

          MAKE IT ALL BROWN!!!


            On a serious note - if you partitioned some forums you might find some people willing to lend some time to help out with textures and coding as the such???

              I think F4ction has a slight problem with commitment to projects like this. *Meaningful Stare* (:P)

                I find time when I'm unemployed. When I was off due to a car accident it was the most productive I'd ever been.

                its blaghman

                  In Best David attenborough

                  This beast is also known as a blaghman , it sleeps all day and is mostly nocturnal only venturing out of his cave to eat shapes.

      I've been saying this for years and I'll say it again.
      The Infinity Ward/Respawn Studios guys need to make a Starship Troopers game.

      I would love to see Song of Ice and fire done well. Something like an MMO that is a cross between Mount and blade and Eve with perma-death.

      The black jewel series is my favorite world but not sure how well it would translate into a game. I would enjoy a S:AAB flight sim, continue the story fro where the series got canned.

    So in typical Pez fashion I nearly blew up my 590 on the weekend.

    I did however manage to get it OC'ed in the end and now it's about 70mhz slower on both clocks than 2x580's in SLI, for 3/4 of the price. Winning! \o/



      there goes $750...

      btw I have been meaning to OC my cpu lately. Want to help me out? :D

        Actually it's more in the $900 range, but it's running like a beast now, and cooler than before, with the tweaked fan profile it rarely gets over 70 degrees in benching!

        Happy to help with OC'ing. Do you have a full or mid tower case? Drop me an e-mail...

      But it nearly cost you the price of a new card. all's well that ends well. (what a terrible saying, you suck shakespeare)

        I've done numerous insane things in the name of getting my hardware to run faster, including lapping (sanding down) my 960 and gtx470 when I had the custom cooler on it.

        I am a bit of an idiot. But I'm an idiot with a fast graphics card!

          don't forget the gel! blew my mind when you explained how that worked to me.

    Aint no snark like Mcgarnical snark!

      As someone who bought it in Alpha and got bored of it before it even got into Beta, I can verify what mumberr says is true.

      Also, [quip about Notch here].

        I got quickly bored when i played by myself, then when we had a server up i was like this is actually really fun. Once we got a TS channel though i was like " huh the only reason i played was to chat with everyone in game, now i have a much more convient way to do so, i don't need this game anymore"
        Also notch is (insert generic fat and lazy joke here)

          Oh yeah, I know that feeling. I used to play on a server. Then... I don't know, it wore off over a few months. Only real fun I get from it anymore is building TNT cannons and exploring caves.
          It's a shame, I knew about the Kotaku Minecraft server but by that time I was already over it and didn't play with you guys. There was a brief resurgence of interest when pistons were introduced, but gahdamn, circuits are a pain in the arse in that game.

      He really cuts deep.
      It's quite enlightening, really

    9gag just made my day, yet again


      in other news - SWEET HOLY CRAP I NEED THIS JACKET!!!

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