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    Hey guys, want to know a fun fact about Amazons and their bazoombas?

    They used to cut a breast off to make firing arrows easier. Only one. I think they favoured one side as well.

    The more you knooooow.

      Booby page get.


        It was their right breast.

          I should probably mention, if I remember right, most of them were right handed so they favoured chopping off the right breast.
          I could be completely wrong.

            Well, you'd certainly learn to use a bow with your right hand :|

            I loved the Amazons mythology. Some bad ass ladies.

            Interestingly, Archery isn't about whether you're right or left handed, but whether you're right or left eyed. When you look at things, you have a dominant eye, for instance, if you look at something close, and close one eye, then open it and close the other, you'll notice that one has a much closer resemblance to what you see with both open than the other, and that tells you your dominant eye. There's also a proper test for it, and stuff.

            And yeah, which eye dominance you have plays a big part in which hand you use for what in archery(though, it's quite possible the eye dominance is of European origin, and so other cultures used a different method).

              Blaghman dropping the general knowledge!

                ooo blaghs, i think you may be on to a winner there, however to release a bow with power and accuracy, you need to have a certain amount of dexterity and strength in your arms and shoulders.
                Growing up on a farm and regularly hunting with an unscoped rifle i believe you may be over-rating eyesight as the ability to hit a target as a short amount of time spent with a target at a given range will clearly allow you make up for any problems with your eyesight.

      This didn't happen in Futurama. Only Snu Snu.

        DEATH... by Snu Snu?

          "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is soft and spongy!"

      that's a terrible waste of a breast :'(

      I learned all my Amazonian history by watching Xena: Warrior Princess.

      Actually, that's a myth

        I talked about Amazon mythology somewhere. Woopsy daisy. Yeah, it was part of the Amazon mythology 'fun mythology tid bit' just didn't have the same ring to it :P

          I was gonna say, that kind of mutilation and blood loss is a bit... excessive for some better archery :P

      Myth though it might be, the Daughters of the Amazon burned their boobs off for the same reason.

        Y the last man! That was totally the first thing I thought of when I read this post. hi-5 shane!

    So I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago but a friend of mine has asked me to help out with a couple of songs for his upcoming album. I helped out with one song on his last album and it was a fun couple of days in the studio. Been talking with him over the past couple of days about the direction he wants to go with it. So keen!

    This is the song I worked on last time:

    Can't wait!

      Cakesmith is going to get himself some groupies.

        Studio musicians don't get the groupies. Only the live band members do :(

          Just you wait until I tear things up at the Brisbane epic meat ;)

      Oh and in case anyone doesn't know I'm the drums. \o/

      Man, I'm really liking this stuff. What are you doing? Drums or production or a bit of everything?

        I think he hits the round things with two sticks. I watched a few of his youtube videos. He is pretty good.

          It's said his fills are extremely tight and on-point though I wouldn't want that sort of compliment going to his head.

      Very Kool indeed, Good to see we have a few musicians here :)

    Why am I finding this stuff! That we did

        I want this one

        The bacon one has to go to Shiggy. I'm tempted by the planet one though

          I also found this

          I even found one for Blaghman

      I want these shirts, BUY ALL THE SHIRTS!

        Me too =( Especially the shirt reading one.

          That planet one is amazing XD

          Also was that the same site with the chameleon one? If so I want that Jason & Friday the 12th shirt xD

            Charmeleon shirt? Do tell

              this one
              Isn't it perfect for Blaghman?

                I misread that originally and was expecting a pokemon :(
                But you're right, perfect for Blaghs.

    @Pez - that track you linked back a page is pretty damn fine.
    @Cakesmith - that track you linked ^up there^ is pretty damn fine as well.

    @ both of you - make more of it.

    that is all.

      Thank you sir :)
      You should come to Brisbane for the Epic Meat in November - will be doing a big 2 hour set of stuff to launch my prog house album! Not quite the same style as the previous track but still very groovy baby yeahhhhh....

        Brisbane meat you say, November you say, prog house album you say? Interesting I say!

          Indeed. It is going to be a super epic TAY parTAY the likes of which has never been seen before.

            I must attend then!

              You must!

              It will also be the craziest live dj experience you've ever seen. If you saw the supernova set you know what you're in for.

                I did not! Welbots meat was the first I have attended, other than the one Freeze & I had at Soundwave where we were also meant to meet Steve-o but turned out he was too busy being drunk and being chased by security xD

        i can only say I will seriously consider it. november is a stupid busy time in schools & I'd have to sell a body part to get time off, so yeah. will let you know.


      Thanks for that.
      It shook me out of my sad song binge.

    Does anyone else find this incredible depressing?

      Never thought of it like that :(

      Sad but true...

      I think they will both be the future, probably the bottom picture first, but we'll get to the top one eventually

      Didn't you hear?
      We have these things called "sofabeds"!
      Sofas! And beds! Merged!
      *throws arm around your shoulder and points off into the distance*
      we're living in the future right now.

        Don't you have some food to eat, depriving starving children in Africa much needed nutrition?

          I'm actually polishing off the last of three Mrs Mac mini-pies.
          Not terrible, and really, what you'd expect from mini-pies.

            I should have made all 12.
            Still hungry.
            MY LIFE IS FULL OF (mini-pie) REGRET

        Wait...Bish touching someone? LIES. What have you done with the *real* Bish?

          Hey, people are allowed to touch me after filling out an application form and waiting 6-8 weeks to see if their request has been allowed.

            I only waited 3 weeks, I'm sorry if my forwardness freaked you out

              It's okay, given you'd had filled out the necessary paperwork and your offense only amounted to Blue grade touching, I let it slide.
              But don't let it happen again.

            If you're at the Mono-meat, I'm going to offer everyone there an alcoholic beverage if they hug you.

            Get ready for awkward touching!

              I will do my best Blaghman imitation.
              "Oh god what do I do"
              "Oh thank god they've stopped hugging me"

      Do you know what I find oddly depressing that nobody else seems to get? The Office (both UK version and earlier seasons of the US one). I DON'T KNOW WHY. D:

        I get it!

        In fact, noticed the epic drums guy was on tonight's episode \o/

        I get it too!

        Too bad it sucks so much now :P (gave up mid-season because it was just too unbearable)

      That image is wrong in so many ways.

      That's like comparing The Jetsons to The Road, or 1984 to "Phil of the Future."

      Hell no, that aint depressing.
      In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, there is only war.

      Well while I was a kid I saw the top one of the future, after I went through the years of discovering I was a robot I see the bottom one, or just massive craters where cities once were, one of the two.

    @Pez re Dungeon Deities theme, the percussion worked really well. Major advantage of it is that it gives it a unique sound compared to other 8bit music I've heard. Gave it a sort of tribal feel.

      clickety clack bang snap.

      Like that.

      Also, thank you. I must be getting tired because I'm pretty sure the above is not funny on any level.

        You must be tired all the time, then.

    @Freeze - good luck!
    @Virus - yes, you should be glad. Dodged a bullet not working at MickyD's. :P
    @ all - Star Wars pick-up lines?? Wow. For so many reasons. Just... wow!

      That's true, but man oh so desperate for work. Ain't going near Hungry Jacks though, i'd feel bad selling people food which makes you ill.

    Anyone intending on buying anything* from Origin anytime soon? I have a 25% discount code.

    *Excludes pre-orders, points, timecards, Warhammer, Ultima Online and Play4Free items, Mass Effect 3 (ME3), ME3 N7 Digital Deluxe, The Sims 3 Plus Showtime, The Sims 3 Showtime, The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Edition, The Sims 3 Master Suites Stuff, Syndicate, Warp, Shank 2 and Battlefield 3 PLDCs. This offer expires on 31 March 2012.

      Excludes The Sims Katy Perry Edition?


      (I would've actually liked it to get Warp, but nope. Thanks EA).

        Katy Perry sims... wut?

          It's the special edition of the Showtime expansion.
          Keep up, dude.

        There's some twitter competition to win 1 of 6 copies of Warp (PS3 though)

        EA Australia retweeted it from another website :). Other website seems small so there's a pretty decent chance to win it (I didn't enter though).

    Scree! Yes, there was stuff about a Melbourne Meat. I was throwing around ideas for a big one round about the time when the Dark Knight Rises comes out. Plan would be to go t ACMI, look at videogame exhibition stuff, have dinner, then watch Dark Knight Rises at IMAX. Probably July ish. Cool plan?

    TAYbies: Also, in place of my absence on TAY, you can go to twitter and listen to all the 90's stuff Klutar and I are posting (and annoying Pez).

      Oh, man. I want to travel down and tag along! A video game exhibition? How could I resist?

        Yay I might meet Jugsy McMelons!

        That is, if I attend :P

    so that tribes ascends... it's actually really fun... reminds me of UT 2004....

    Well, it's after midnight.
    I'm off for the night.
    See you all tomorrow.

    Just been for an awesome morning run. Everything is so peaceful while all the peeps are still asleep.

      But old people are up at that time!
      You cannot escape the long, slow, drawn-out conversations!

        Actually at 5am I did not see a soul walking around. Very few cars where even on the road.

    Trying to write a bio about yourself is hard work.


      no kidding - it always treads a fine line between listing achievements and sounding like a conceited douche.

      If you don't stick to the age old cliches like i was born at such and such hospital and whatever weight, yoi should be fine. I had to write a 10 minute speech on my life for a speaking competion at school. I just picked a bunch of funny ancedotes for the main part of the story and just filled the gaps with achievements. But yours is probably for work so you should be braggy.

        I want to hear that speech.

          I wrote it in grade 11 to deliver to a bunch of people i have never met before, i just wrote the stupidest things i could think of. I think i lost it ages ago when i changed computers anyway, it wasn't that good.

      So after writing "I'm a doctor, dammit!" you kind of just got stuck, didn't you? :p

    @Cakesmith - Dat music, mang!
    Dat MUSIC!!


    Man that sounded so fecking amazing! :D DOSE DRUMS!

    First super sneaky TAY post from work. But shhhh, don't tell anyone.

      Mr Manager!! Ruffleberg just posted from work!!! Make him stay back late :P

      Didn't you have one of these a week or two ago?

      Have you changed jobs again?

        Probably lost last job due to posting in TAY from work :)

        I started this new job about 3 weeks ago now

    Sick day get yesterday!
    Stayed up playing games until about 3am Monday night, and shot my boss an email saying I wasn't feeling great, bit sick, etc. Set the alarm for 7, woke up and rang him and went the puking route, then went back to sleep till about 930. =)

    Got up, played SWTOR till lunchtime, then spent the rest of the day playing ME2 and Armored Core 5.

    Totally worth it.

    First play of ME2 as well, and I'd like to say Garrus is the boss, but I just got Mordin, and he's awesome. I like going and talking to him in the tech lab because he's just funny to listen to. About 4 hours in and well impressed thus far, like it much better than ME1.

    Well in that case, here's what I know about Macca's (warning: info is from 12 years ago) they make you apply three months running before offering a job, to test your commitment

      Thats how long it took me to get my job there. Then the manager interviewed me for 2 seconds and gave me a job. Maccas is the worst for a kid though, everyone telling you something different to do. It can get pretty hectic. Dudes who first start aren't allowed to be the people at the counter either, which is all i really wanted to do because i used to do that for my soccer club. First day i slipped on the floor no shorter than 3 times and they made me mop each time and fill out a aciedent report. Luckily they only gacve me like 4 hours a week. Enough pocketmoney to make it worthwhile

    Holy crap - dem harvey norman prices!!!
    NONE of their PSVita games are over $30!!!


    And their console game prices... damnnnn

      *Clicks link. See's Lego Harry Potter right at the top of the list for $33.50.*

        He should probably correct that to no vita games you actually want to buy are over $30.

          You don't like LEGO ,Franchise] games?
          What's it like having no fun in your life?

            From what I've heard, the Harry Potter ones aren't as good as the rest? Not sure.

            I use actual lego and play actual games instead. Actual scrap that

            I HATE FUN!

          UMvC3, Unit 13, Uncharted: GA, Fifa. Those are decent games for $30

    Yesterday I recieved my orders from the Bioware Store
    - 1x Replica Normandy model
    - 1x N7 hoodie

    Firstly, the Normandy model:
    IT'S METAL?! I was not expecting this. I was very pleasantly surprised!
    The biggest down-side is the paint-job... it's clear that the person who painted this had painted a thousand more before he got to mine. There are some poor brush-strokes, but they're all (basically) painted alright. I'm tempted to strip the paint off and do it myself. Otherwise, the model is AWESOME!

    The N7 Hoodie:
    Pure Perfection.
    It fits well.
    It looks awesome.
    The quality is amazing.
    Get one.

      How did you find a hoodie in super mega tall. Actually how do you manage to buy clothes at all, you probably have troubles a lot.

      I've gotta admit, I'm super-tempted to get that hoodie.

      It just seems a *little* expensive?

        Yeah. This.
        It's pretty schmexy, though.

      One of the pockets on my N7 hoodie tore the first day I wore it.

      It's still a pretty good hoodie though.

      But I already have 2 hoodies to alternate between.

      Tis pretty cool but I have enough hoodies.
      Tempted by the model Normandy, though it is a bit small.

    I wonder if anyone would notice if I crawled under my desk and slept. Restless night was restless.

    I have a dog who usually likes to sleep on the end of my bed. She's only a small dog but somehow manages to take up 3/4 of the actual bed. Well, that's how it feels at least. She has also taken a liking to sleeping as close to the middle of the bed as she can.

      My cat used to do that, he was like double the size of a normal cat and he liked hogging the bed. I miss that little bugger, he was good company when i was watching tv.

      I slept with a cat who slept on my face... and then it died a few weeks later ._.

        When you said slept with you mean on the same bed right?
        Thats a sad story, my neighbour has a dalmatian who i take for walks fairly regularly,she is on her last limbs but she is always happy and friendly and i will be sad when she dies.

          Yeah. It used to like sleeping on my face for warmth but it was old. It died on the same bed one afternoon ;o;

    "Deep in the ocean of darkness
    In the mirror of light
    Balance becomes a stranger
    And in your fantasies he writes a storm on your peace "

      Who's writing on my piss now?

      "In the end
      It's never just the light you need
      When balance slays the demon
      You'll find peace"

        I've had this song stuck on my head for the past week...

        this is not a bad thing, i just wanted to share it...

    Alright, I'm off to install a UPS because apparently people are unable to shut down a computer, unplug the cable from the wall and plug it into the UPS instead.

    This is why I'm tempted to go back to retail.

      at least they compliment you heaps, praise you and give you lots of gifts right? RIGHT?

      << naive about IT being appreciated

      Hahaha you know the irony when a UPS fails, I do because ours did and our whole company shut down for 2 and a half days last years!

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