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    PEZ'S STORIES! TAKE THIS Srsly what are you these days?!
    First story I ended up doing was a little... too serious. So here it is. The insane story will follow after:


    “Well, this sure is awkward” Pez mumbled, scrunching his face in a thoughtful grimace. He pulled the thick woollen coat tighter as the icy wind whipped and tore at him, icicles slowly forming at the edge of his glasses.
    “Quite, sir”, Responded Jeeves stoically, his black suit whitened by the particles of snow hurled at the pair by the blizzard howling around them, “Who would have thought that dropping a boulder onto our guide’s head would have killed him instead of assisting his cognitive ability?”
    At their feat lay the dead seal seer Farfinarfle, who had up until recently been guiding the pair to the legendary Sawse Bawse Bottle. The remains of his cranial cavity were thankfully obscured by the large boulder hurled at him moments before by Pez in an attempt to help him remember the entrance to the dungeon of terrible insinuations.
    “I really thought it would work,” Pez grumbled, pursing his lips as he scratched his brow, deep in thought.
    “I believe the young master should not take everything he sees in a Warner Brothers cartoon as scientific fact,” Jeeves replied, one eyebrow raising slightly higher than the other.
    “Bah, nevermind. I still have the oaken sword of pointerdoomius!” Pez yelled in exultation, holding the sword aloft in the air as if to guide the two to their destination.
    “I still maintain the weapon the young master is brandishing is merely a toothpick you acquired from the last establishment we were... somewhat forcefully ejected from.”
    “Then if it’s a simple toothpick,” Pez countered, arm still raised above him, “How can it do... THIS!”
    Pez swung his arm with a flourish, the slight fluttering of his torn cape lost in the wind.
    As if by magic, the wind and fog disappeared abruptly. A large cave suddenly emerged as the blinding white dissipated around them.
    Pez, off-balanced by his over-enthusiastic arm swing, fell over in the soft powdery snow, a slight yelp emerging from his lips as he hit the ground. The two stared upwards at the maw of the cave in surprise.
    “The hell? It IS MAGIC! I TOLD YOU!” Pez exclaimed in wide-eyed glee, first staring at the toothpick clutched tightly in his hand, then at Jeeves.
    “Very good Sir,” Jeeves replied, delicately brushing the remaining snow from his suit, “Shall I suggest we hurry and fetch this mystical sauce bottle so that we may return to a more temperate climate?”
    “I don’t wanna hurry!” Pez shot back, eyes narrowing as his free hand clasped in a fist and punched the snow in the beginnings of a temper tantrum. A small puff of snow exploded into the air, marring a section of suit Jeeves had just brushed clean moments before.
    “There will be hot cocoa and cookies, sir.” Jeeves sighed, patting down his suit a second time.
    “Whoa whoa whoa... cocoa? LET’S GO!” Pez yelled as he scrambled to his feet, running headlong into the inky blackness of the cave.
    “Very good, Sir.” Jeeves replied with an air of resignation, picking up the torch Pez had left behind in his eagerness and following him into the darkness.
    “So, I think we’re lost.”
    “Whatever gives you that impression, Sir?”
    “I know we’ve walked past that rock formation before.”
    “The one you were adamant about having a striking resemblance to Harry Connick Jr, Sir?”
    “Sorry Jeeves?”
    “Nothing, Sir”
    Pez waved the torch around in a crude mimicking of martial arts movements, the light dancing and bouncing off the walls of the cavern. The two had been walking for some time now, attempting to find the lair of the lord of the dungeon of terrible insinuations.
    As if by a clever dues ex machina, or perhaps because the author was running low on words and had to hurry the story along, the two wandered past an opening in the rocky wall. Pez, seemingly lost in a rousing rendition of ‘100 bottles of beer on the wall’, stomped loudly past the opening without noticing, whipping the torch around in time to the music.
    “Sir?” Jeeves enquired, tapping Pez lightly on the shoulder so as to not startle him.
    “I TOLD YOU TO NEVER INTERRUPT ME IN THE MIDST OF A CHANTY!” Pez yelled in outrage, brandishing the torch above his head.
    Jeeves pointed with an immaculately white glove to the roughly-hewn entrance carved into the rock. A number of flickering candles could barely be seen within.
    “Ah.” Pez responded, lowering the torch and peeking inside.
    A loud cackle erupted from the far corner of the room. Pez pulled out pointerdoomius from its sheath and waved it menacingly in the general direction of the sound.
    “I JUST WANT THE BOTTLE OF THE SAWSE BAWSE” Pez yelled, a hint of fear evident in his voice, “JUST HAND IT OVER AND I’LL BE ON MY WAY.”
    “*We’ll* be on our way, Sir.” Jeeves corrected.
    “WE’LL BE ON OUR WAY!” Pez yelled again.
    From the darkness a shadowy character emerged, slowly walking towards the two with purposeful steps.
    “Stand back!” Pez shrieked, making stabbing motions in the air with the toothp- pointerdoomius.
    The figured stopped, its head cocking slightly to one side as if in thought.
    “You know who should stand back?” It said slowly, its voice filling the cavern.
    “Who?” Pez said, eyes narrowing as he stumbled backwards, his stance with the sword momentarily forgotten.
    “YOUR MOTHER” the figure boomed, the deafening noise sending a wave of bats into flight in the upper reaches of the cave.
    “I believe sir, this is the lord of the lair of the dungeon of terrible insinuations.” Jeeves stated plainly from behind Pez, looking somewhat disdainfully at the years of grime built up against the walls of the cavern.
    “Maybe it’s the lackey of the lord of the lair?” Pez responded, turning to Jeeves.
    “No, I’m the lord, not the lackey. It’s my lair.” The figure responded.
    “I wouldn’t lump you in with a bunch of Lords. You’re too loud for a lord. That’s more lackey territory.”
    “Very good sir, lackey it is.” Jeeves responded disinterestedly, wrinkling his nose at the state of disarray in the cave.
    “I’LL LACKEY YOU IN THE FACE!” The figure yelled, brandishing a shadowy fist.
    “I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER” Pez shouted back, using a tactic he had used with limited success in the past at fast food establishments.
    “I AM THE MANAGER,” The figure said as it strode forward into the light.
    Pez gasped as the figure revealed itself.
    Pez squealed in terror.

      And here's the insane story:

      The duke of the marmadukes brandished his flask of cherry wine high in the air, yelling triumphantly as the battalion of the narwhals drove ever further into the third carebear brigade, sending furry bodies flying into the air like so many skittles in some mockery of ten pin bowling.
      “TO VICTORY AND AN EARLY AFTERNOON TEA!” He roared at the top of his lungs, tweaking his luscious handlebar moustache with his free flipper.
      “TO VICTORY!” the seventh crumpet company yelled beneath him, a sea of otters, voles and the occasional penguin all ready to die at his command for the glory of the allied butter phalanx.
      General Pingaroo the 2nd, the Armies most prestigious and respected penguin, stood perched upon his war orca, an ornate halberd held aloft. He turned to face the army as the sound of marching troops echoed all around them.
      “Troops, today we take victory for the earliest afternoon tea in some time! When you fight, you fight for not only marmalade, but crumpets, shortbread biscuits, delicious afternoon tea and even those little sponge cake things with the cream in the middle and sometimes a little bit of jam! YOU FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!”
      The troops roared in agreement, swords and axes clattering against shields as they shuffled, waddled and cavorted forward, bearing down on the opposing fuzzy wuzzy forces of destruction. With a uniform, earth shattering lunge the troops launched themselves into the ranks of carebears, stuffed animals and jelly babies. The sound of war filled the air as pieces of stuffing, chunks of jelly and patches of fur flew into the air. Overhead, the warship flummox floated majestically, cannons aimed at the terrible legion of fuzzy wuzzy beneath.
      “PUSH THEM BACK! 4TH COMPANY ATTACK FROM THE LEFT! 7th BATTALION ATTACK FROM THE RIGHT! DON’T GIVE THEM AN INCH IF YOU WANT THOSE CRUMPETS!” Pingaroo yelled, his war orca inching its way through the vicious battle like some kind of oversized, flippered slug. The general swung wildly at the amassed forces closing in from all sides, severing button eyes and chunks of glucose as if they were the very butter he would spread on his toast that afternoon.
      With a horrific roar, a giant teddy bear strode into battle, kicking an entire squad of penguins into the air with a terrifying squelch. The forces of fuzzy wuzzy doom roared in evil glee, their spirits bolstered by the beast tearing through the ranks of the allied butter phalanx. The bear slowly set its gaze upon Pingaroo, two lifeless buttony orbs of hatred and rage looking deep into the Penguin Generals soul like a person would look through a freshly windexed window into the family eating dinner inside on a Saturday night.
      The general pulled hard on the reigns of his war orca, steeling himself for the battle he knew was imminent. The orca warbled a cry of agitation as it slowed its steady gait forward, the glistening of its coat shimmering in the midday sun. The giant teddy bear increased its pace in response, a horribly cute running/frolicking motion sending troops scattering left and right like fleshy furry marbles. With a final bound the teddy leaped into the air, clearing the remaining distance between him and the general as if it were a single step.
      “FOR CRUMPETS!” The general yelled, halberd poised at the ready to intercept the Giant Teddy’s first attack. The bear yowled in pain as the halberd jabbed its outstretched limb, and it stumbled backwards. The general clicked his little penguin... heels? Flippers? I dunno what the hell they are, but he clicked them to spur the Orca towards his adversary. Pingaroo prepared another mighty swing with all the might his flippers could muster.
      And then the Giant Teddy unleashed a forceful football punt into the flank of the Orca.
      Pingaroo flailed into the air, flapping his flippers in futile attempts to emulate his cousins that had a little more luck on the evolutionary scale. He fell for what seemed like an age, the world spiralling around him as the sound of war overwhelmed his senses.
      He hit the ground with force, his beak hitting the snowy floor and temporarily dazing him.
      He knew he had to rise to his feet to face the giant bear or he would face certain doom.
      He could feel the ground tremble as the Giant Bear strode towards him, ready to tear him limb from limb.
      He put a flipper beneath him to prop him up, head still ringing from the impact of the ground.
      GET UP NOW
      Leaping to his feet, Pingaroo waddled forward just as a giant furry limb slammed into the ground where his body occupied moments earlier. He waddled like it was the 50 metre Penguin Olympics (Pengolympics?), moving at a slow shuffle towards a disused sword laying on the ground. He could feel the beast breathing down his back as he moved towards the weapon. He knew it was his only hope.
      Another fist slammed into the ground behind him and Pingaroo fell to his belly. Rolling to his back he saw the Giant Teddy had managed to jam its fist into one of the trebuchets used in the initial wave of assault. The Giant Teddy yowled in rage as it attempted to pull its arm free.
      It was Pingaroo’s moment.
      Rolling over to his stomach, he grabbed the sword with one flipper and used the other to move him to face his entrapped adversary. With a deft flick he flew on his stomach towards the Giant Teddy, his stomach gliding over the mud and broken military hardware littering the ground. He slid up to the flailing Teddy Bear and leapt to his feet, jumping onto the Bear’s arm and waddling up to its head.
      “FOR CRUMPETS!” Pingaroo yelled as he plunged the sword into the Giant Teddy’s button eye.
      The Teddy shrieked in pain, grasping ineffectually at the hilt of the sword sticking out from the button with a digit-less paw as Pingaroo slid off and waddled away as quick as his legs would take him. He motioned the Airship Flummox above with a wild waving of his arms to unleash a volley.
      The air around the Flummox suddenly transformed into smoke, followed a split second later by an earth shattering roar. Cannonballs tore through the air, slamming into the Giant Teddy and disfiguring the giant furry mass into so much lumpy stuffing. Ball after ball careened into its shuddering mass until it collapsed under itself, its matted brown fur disappearing under the dark metal of the cannonballs.
      Victory was won that day.
      And that’s the story of why we celebrate Easter!

      Mmm, that was indeed quite the cave, sir.
      Memorable for the heavy scent of urine and alcohol.
      Though I really think the former could have been avoided if you didn't feel the need to relieve yourself in the middle of your shouting match, sir.

      You both went over the word limit. Therefore you are both disqualified.

        Or, better yet:

          I'm going to start using that against the trolls I think.

    Speaking of Prue, she goes nuts in this clip and invokes Godwin's Law in like the first ten seconds:

      I swear I've seen her on another panel type show debating/discussing some current affair. I remember her being quite rude and overbearing. I also remember her floundering on several points and not taking it very well when it was highlighted to her.

      Read about two pages of her twitter feed and decided if I saw the word 'politics' or 'labor' one more time it was going to make me sad. I abruptly stopped reading it.

        It isn't hard to find out why political discourse in this country is reduced to three word slogans.

        Stop the boats.

        Big fat tax.

        Moving Australia forward.

        Hard to ask politicians to assume the population isn't full of mouth-breathing morons when someone like this is not only tolerated but actually listened to.

          does it really surprise you that politicians have resorted to sloganeering*?
          twitter is, after all, only allowed 160 characters. make the message simple, catchy & easy to share & it will be shared**.

          * totally not a made-up word
          **parroted by people who have no real understanding of the message behind the slogan

            Wait until you hear about dog-whistling.


                It's saying something that appears to be okay on the surface to most people but fringe groups will interpret differently. Basically, a way to appeal to the extreme ends of the political spectrum without pissing off the centre.

                Look at most of the asylum seeker and gay marriage debates. Some of it isn't very subtle.

                It's when you send a, hmm... "Coded" message to a group of listeners, which only they'll be able to hear, and which isn't part of the main thing being said.

                That's a terrible explanation.

                OK, so, the citizen test. At face value, it's vaguely reasonable? Make people sit a test, before we let them become citizens. Coolio, the test isn't all that hard, and can be done in a lot of languages. The Dog Whistle is appealing to xenophobes, as the test makes it harder for "foreigners" to get into our country. So those that don't like immigration from certain areas, like the test.

                  The bit during the latest Federal election about population growth was along the same lines. It boiled down to "we're going to let less immigrants in". Even though both sides actually had the same proposed numbers, the LNP appeared to be taking a harsher stance to appeal to those who don't like dem immagants.

            What happened to the good old days of politicians actually being truely inspirational to the people they lead?

            /hitler :P

          How about:
          Appoint Smarter Politicians.

            I think that would be like dividing by zero

      8 seconds.
      It took 8 SECONDS from the moment she opened her mouth to mention Hitler.

      Amazing. God, damn amazing.
      I'd be furious if it wasn't so hilarious.

        Pretty sure that just made my brain take an early weekend.

    Slow afternoon at work. Managers are all out. Managed to get some Pokemon White done. It's also Friday beers soon. Yelawolf gig tonight.


      Slow work day today, spent more time browsing online than working, got to have Crust Pizza for lunch, heading to mate's place tonight to drink scotch and play videogames.

      *Internet High Five*

        Nice! I also have the rest of the weekend of to play AC5 and ME2. Will try and squeeze some Raccoon City and SWTOR where I can.

        Mate's joint + scotch + vidja gaems = win. A very classy win. Because there's scotch involved.

      Friday beers have just finished for me. Sadly the last of them I was here by myself working

    Really starting to regret waiting to check out the DSE sale rather than buying a game from HN last night... *le sigh*

      Those HN prices were on average about 10 bucks more than Ozgameshop's prices (I checked :P) so I wouldn't lament it too much.

    I see no one has mentioned RED DEAD REDEMPTION yet on this page.

    On the Xbox 360 tonight at 8.30pm (and totally not also on the PS3). Add Cakesmith as a friend and join his lobby.

    You know, normally I don't bother with console fanboyishness, but there is an extraordinary amount of it coming from the PS3 guys so I'm only doing this to balance things out.

      I'm quite excited about this actually.

      I get the sense the PS3 posse is larger, but for whatever reason I went the xbox path years ago and here I am.

        I have both systems. But I own more 360s than I own Playstation 3s.

          There is a huge amount of stuff on the PSN that I'd love to play.

          I had a PSone growing up so I have a great deal of fondness for some of the established Playstation brands, and I would very much like to play some of the other exclusives like Ico, SoTC, GoW, Uncharted.

            Pretty much the only reason I want a ps3 is to get all the old ps1 games via the psn. Totally worth it just for this.

      That reminds me, I need to add Pez on PSN just in case I get drunk enough to attempt participation.
      I've never played Red Dead before and I'm guessing I'll be as bad at controlling a Rockstar horse as I am at a Rockstar car, though.

        I do not think that is any fault of your own but more down to pretty much anything Rockstar, controls like a brick.

          I don't know, I think everything they've made controls like a horse.

          Which makes RDR the perfect game for them(I still prefer the handling of cars in GTA4 to those in Saints Row 2)

        I know you're a bit afraid of playing online with people Strange, but trust me, with these guys, anything stupid you do, they will do...
        Dive in! Shenanigans!

          Can be like lemmings and all ride your horses off of cliffs together :)

            All for one, and one for all!

              A little less for the people we don't like, and a little bit more for me!


    I will only come to your album release party in Brisbane if these guys will make a cameo appearance...

    ...I really should find better things to do with my time...

      I laughed. Quite loud. People glanced at me and shook heads.

        And then you glared at them and flexed your muscles and they whimpered and retreated back to their cubicles?

      That's actually kind of creepy, Steve-O.
      Thought you should know.

      thanks for visiting my facebook album


      also i am laughing out loud like a fool

        o shit i laughed so gallantly i kicked my cubicle wall. hope nobody noticed

      Hahahahaha (I'm assuming one of them is Harli?)


      THAT IS ALL.


    Oooohhhh, that burger sure is putting up a fight.
    *punches stomach*

      Sometimes the cure for bad fast food is some bad soft drink. Get yourself a glass of Coke.

      I find a bit of pillaging really helps the food settle.

    So just got back from an abattoir. Had to go there to look at a printer. After seeing all those pigs lined up ready to be cut into delicious pieces, I'm rather hungry for bacon now.

    I think I shall have pizza tonight for dinner with some form of bacon on it. And scotch. Because it's not friday night without pizza, scotch and videogames.

    Also shit day is still shit but better. I think my boss realised he was a bit hard on me earlier this afternoon and has been nice to me for the rest of it.

      Pretty sure most people have the opposite reaction when they walk through an abattoir. As in, "I'm going home for a nice chickpea salad."

        You mean the normal response isn't to dive into a pile of meat, and start shoving it into your mouth?

        That explains a lot about that school trip.

          The Killing Floor?

          Don't let the name fool you, Blaghman, it's not really a floor... it's more of a steel grating that allows material to sluice through so it can be collected and exported.

    Bish, five stars:

      i am a doctor you should trust me
      a doctor bear
      "dr bear" people say to me
      "how do i cure this bear bite a bear just gave me" and then i am all "i am a bear"


    According to my latest paycheque, I now have about 40 days of annual leave built up. After having about 19 days (according to the paycheque before that).

    Probably a mistake and I'm trying to be honest about it but damn it'd be nice to have 8 weeks holiday banked up.

      Request ALL the leave, right now. Then walk past the office every day for the next 8 weeks smiling and waving at everybody.

      On second thought... that's a silly idea.

      Burn 2 or 3 days of it in Sydney.

    @ Mr. Crazyguy1990 thanks for the gift but that was quite random lol. You sure this wasn't a mix up? (just checking before accept your humble offering)

    For those of you wondering I got 11.5/20 for the finance test I did on Monday. Pretty bad :/ but it's around what I expecting considering I do no work for it. I also redid my other finance test (different finance subject) and got 77.5% which I'm happy with. Could've done better but like I said, I don't do any work so it's good enough for me :D

      As long as the ratio (results achieved:effort spent) is positive then you're winning.

      Pretty much sums up my year 12.

        It's the best when you beat someone who clearly does more work than you :D

          Until they make you feel guilty about it...

            Yep a mate of mine was so cut when he found out a result on one assignment he spent like 2 weeks on. I think he got 65 or so on it while a friend and I did 2 days before it was due (it was long) and I got a 72 or so and he got like 87 :/. Makes me feel bad...

      P's get degrees. xD

        To paraphrase advice given to Charles Ryder in Brideshead Revisited, you should only get Ps or HDs, time spent on anything in between is wasted.

    if i'm correct, red dead redemption is going on tonight, who do i need to ring-a-ling (translation: add on PSN) for playing on the PS3? also, will people be on teamspeak while playing?

      Pez, which I think is Jager_8ight (not sure)

      Pretty sure Cakesmith is hosting the Xbox version too :)

      (I'm not joining so I'm just basing this off information I read throughout TAY)


      errr, jager_8ight to be precise.

        if i'm correct its 8:30 AEST? so 5:30 for me :D

          It's 8:30 AEDT, so not sure what that translates to but we're on Sydney time.

          If you add me on steam I'll give you a heads up when we're playing! :D

      I asked the teamspeak question, consensus seemed to be to talk over consoles instead


    Today is Pez's rest day, but feel free to chime in!
    Cardio: Beer
    6pack, followed by a rest period and another 6 pack.

    Butterscotch schnaps.

      Funnily enough thats the workout I have to do before being able to face taking on your mother for a rodeo.

    Anyone wanting to have a pre-game of RDR on 360 I'm currently playing.

    @Pez, RE: Crazy off

    Okay, well it's my competition, so I'll be the judge. I win!
    What do you mean I'm not a fair judge??
    Fine. Looks like we'll have to go to a public vote then.

    I don't know what I was expecting but the guys at Vox Games haven't been doing much that is different from most sites. The team there started strong with some great features but on a day to day basis it's just normal.
    I like the layout once you get to a feature e.g. .You can easily jump to various parts of the feature and the pictures look great against the white background. The lack of ads is also refreshing.

    However, the home page of the gaming hub always looks so cluttered and congested. The sites video and podcast content seems lacking as well and I don't feel like I know the staff yet. I know of some of them from their past gigs but they need to be on video/audio content more so we can get a read of their likes and dislikes.

    At the moment the site is a cut above most gaming sites but I feel that they need to deliver on their initial promise.

    (Just a thought that crossed my mind. Thanks.)

    I went to a local DS today. They had heaps of xbox live 12m cards and 3000 point cards. :D
    Now, to wait and see if this sale actually happens...

      So did I. There were so many of them! I will have to grab a few. Even though I have no idea what I would even buy.

      And a wireless headset because for $5 why not?

        Well, Trials Evolution. Duh. :P
        Minecraft's coming out soon too.

          Ooh, I could even buy Trials HD because I've never played that!

          I was just thinking, if I'm paying $10 for 3000 MS points, I wouldn't mind having to pay for some Mass Effect 3 'new ending' DLC, because it would probably only cost me three or four dollars at most. :p

          Also, why are you dressed up as a kangaroo? Warring with Pez to see who can have the most TAY names?

            Nope, I doubt I could beat Pez in that.
            I'm just solidifying my spot in second place.

            Trials! :D

            Me and Loops have been challenging each other recently. So much fun!

        They better have one of those headsets at my local. My beloved Logitech G35 headphones are getting old and incredibly worn out. Needs to be replaced badly.

          This the Creative World of Warcraft Wirless Headset? I cannot find a single Dicksmith with that in stock at all in brisbane/gold coast region >.<

            Yeah was looking at that one. Though if needs be the Turtleforce or whatever they are called are apparently quite good.

              Turtle beach? I might look at one then if they're on special too!

                Yeah that's them. Apparently there are 3 diff types being sold in the clearance. All very cheap. Worth looking at for everyone that is after a decent pair of headphones.

      Grab extra if you can! I'll try to do this as well seeing as that's something that might have a decent amount of stock but otherwise I'm going straight for the 250gb Slim (4gb + harddrive if I miss out) and PSP bundles :D. All the cheap games can wait :P

        Bought a 4gb 360 slim 3 months ago for $250 ><
        Main thing I have my fingers crossed for is a psp. Handheld rpg goodness is needed.

          >_> wasn't it $150 for a 4GB slim around Christmas?

            Yeah I missed that by a week. To say I was annoyed was a slight understatement.

        Greenius, you're a genius.
        Hey, that rhymes.

        If my local just has the 4GB slim and separate 250GB hard drives, I'll just buy that way!

        I love you now.

          So you didn't love me before? :(

          But the 4gb and 250gb are the same price so might as well go for the 250 if you can :D

            Don't be silly I've always loved you Sir Greenius. *shifty eyes*

            Yes but I scoped out my local DSE today and they only seemed to have the 4GB consoles. I now wish I'd looked to see if they had any of the hard drives! Why couldn't you have had this Genius Greenius idea this morning? I might have seen one, but it might also have been a wireless adapter, so... :p

              You can get an unofficial (but apparently uses the same parts) slim HD from eBay for about the same price for 250GB :). That's my backup plan if I only manage to snag a 4GB.

              Look up hard drives on the DSE website & see if your store has them in stock by typing in the suburb or post code!

                Genius, Virus! (sadly that doesn't rhyme)

    Tough Mudder tomorrow!
    Getting fired up!
    What should I be listening to? (Keep in mind I'm deaf so the only music loud enough for me to hear is METAL)

      Amon Amarth, As I lay Dying, All That Remains.
      Take your pick.

        Carpooling with some team mates, so it's time to start preparing the 2 hour drive there playlist for 5.30 tomorrow morning.
        Any particular albums you can recommend from those?

          Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side and Twilight of the Thunder God

          As I lay Dying: An Ocean between us

          All that remains: The fall of ideals and Overcome

          Hopefully you do enjoy it.

          Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side and Twilight of the Thunder God
          Listen to Prediction of Warfare and Twilight of the Thnder God

          As I lay Dying: An Ocean between us
          Listen to Sound of Truth

          All that remains: The fall of ideals and Overcome
          Listen to Six and Two Weeks.
          Had the links to those songs on youtube in another post but it is awaiting moderation >.> Should give you an idea on the bands at least.


      I am waiting for a pizza but will join you shortly

      It says I need to update but it won't let me! >:[ Curse you version 1.07!

        ...and of course, as soon as I post this, it works on the next try. :P

      Don't know if anybody playing is going to see this, but... How exactly do I meet up with people? :P There doesn't even seem to be anyone on the same map as me?
    This is one of those "Why do you deserve to win" comps where you win all of razer's BF3 gear and a copy of the game.
    I mourn for the lack of creativity shown by this world's inhabitants. :(

      I love your response, though, very creative! :p

        Aha! My evil plan worked! I now know your real name! :3 you know mine too...maybe I didn't think this one through well enough...

          I find the lack of lack of pants in your profile pic disturbing.
          Of course, I would find a lack of pants disturbing too :P

      Should link to your post so all of TAY can vote it up. Certainly could not hurt.

        Can you link to your comments with Facebook? I rarely use my account, so I wouldn't know.
        Also, they pick the winner at random, so having a lot of likes won't help, sadly :(

          Hmm actually not sure about linking. I only have a dummy account for when I was entering comps to get a D3 key. Otherwise I do not actually use FB. And totally forgot the randomness of the comp. Shame.

    Evening TAY! I am glad to report my prior information was all lies and my local shopping centre just sucks (they're sending all their games to head office, boo.)
    Please excuse me whilst I flail a bit
    (~")~ ~("~)


      What're you after? I'll have a look at my local DSs when the sale's on, see if I can find anything. Although, they don't have many games there. They have heaps of xbox cards though :D

        Everyone's been posting their lists so I finally got around to mine :). It's in order of preference

        Xbox 360 250GB Slim - $100
        Xbox 360 4GB Slim Rugby World Cup - $100
        Xbox HD 250GB - $50

        PSP 3000 Little Big - $50
        PSP 3000 Fifa/Toy Story - $40
        PSP 3000 Black/Silver - $40

        Xbox 12 month gold - $15
        Xbox 3000 points - $10
        Xbox 1500 points - $5

        Wii Metroid Other M - $5
        PS3 Resident Evil 5 Gold - $5
        PS3 God of War Collection 2 - $5
        Kirby Epic Yarn - $15
        Wii Epic Mickey - $10
        Nintendo DSi Black/White/Pink/Blue - $20
        DS Dragon Quest IX - $5
        Wii Final Fantasy Crystal - $2
        Xbox 360 Play and Charge - $1

        I'll try to help out with the cards but pretty sure consoles will be almost impossible to find. Will also check games for TAYbies as well :D! Gonna have to do a stock check thingy at the Dick Smith website first.

          Forget to check what xbox's they had today xD
          They only had DSi XLs and PSP e1000s though. :(

            Wait, there was one white DSi, but that'll be gone pretty quickly.

          My local dick smith is really small but I'm hoping to score:

          1. PSP 3000- $40
          2. XBOX360 $100
          3. PS3 Eyepet with camera $5
          4. driver san francisco CE $40
          5. Dead island $10
          6.resident evil 5 gold $5
          7. GTA 4 Complete $10
          8. borderlands GOTY $10
          9. L.A. Noire $5
          10. PSN cards if they are on sale as well.

      Actually lambo might be onto something here, what do people want

      I'm happy to check my local DSE and grab anything they have that a fellow TAYbie wants but I have no idea what would be of interest to people. So far all I know to keep a lookout for is the 250GB slimline 360 for f4ction.


        Personally my priority is a psp. Colour is irrelevant. Will be keeping an eye out for headphones but certainly not as important.
        Will also have a look for games for people at my local.

        I would like one of the points card (just enough to get American nightmare), little big planet on the PSP. Metroid other M, the Play and charge would be helpful ^^;; Epic yarna nd Epic Mickey would also be nice.
        If you can't get it, that's okay

        If anyone could grab me a DSi (anything but Pink) I'd be hugely appreciative since I start work far too early to get to one.

          Will keep me eye out Preston. Even if someone else grabs you one as well I am 100% sure another Taybie would be after one as well.

            Don't forget that the sale is also online! I don't know if I can get to the other closest Dick smith as I have a package arriving on Monday T_T I will try my best though!

              That is a good point. The online sale starts at 8am so even for those of us heading to stores, unless going extremely early or far away, can still hit that sale up online.

          No, you get a Pink DSi, and that's that. =(
          Now you know how us girls feel. I would prefer purple myself =/

        I'll go take a look at my local one - it seems like the main priority is consoles (especially dsi / psp) and points cards.
        If I can get anything along those lines I'm sure there's someone here that'll want it. Failing that someone would then get a dsi / psp for their birthday or christmas i guess.
        It'd be kinda funny throwing a dsi in for a $20 limit secret santa...

          While I am not a fan of people buying bulk of things in these sales to then turn around and make a huge profit I am all for buying bulk of items to then turn around and sell back to friends or in this case TAYbies. Though that would be one in the same for a lot of you. So go for broke I say.

        Hmm list above :). Xboxs will be extremely hard to find and I doubt PSPs will be easy to find as well. Mainly after points then I guess. Games should be plentiful.

        I've also read what TAYbies want and will be on the lookout!

        Strangely enough my local DSE (Knox City) has seemed to disappeared from the store finder thing and the 2nd closest DSE barely has stock >_>

      I'd be grateful if someone was able to locate one of those Creative World of Warcraft headsets for 5 bucks, no where near I has them. Was all I was really after =/ Since the other near me has the logitech keyboard I was after \o/

        Well the only store I can find with them in stock is in Darwin...

          Haha that's just up the road :P Will have a look. Mine says no stock but you never know.

            Haha, yeah 2/3 have no stock. I wonder why, 150 bucks is rather steep for something like this.

              I might have to do a scouting mission tomorrow as I can't find my nearest Dick Smith on their website's store finder thingy.

              Can anyone in Melbourne's outer east tell me if the Knox City store is still there?

                Cannot say first hand but apparently it is in the Knox shopping center, if that helps any.

                  Thanks mate. Was more wondering is it's still trading, as it's not on the DS website.

    (~”)~ *flails with you*

      Internet disconnected while that was posting so I hit BACK but that got rid of the reply :P. Came back after reconnecting and hit SUBMIT only to realise it was a reply fail :(. Hit STOP on the browser but alas, it was too late...

      Get over here!

      { "}~o- ------------~ \o/

      { "}~o- --------~ \o/

      { "}~o- ---~ \o/

      { "}~o-~ \o/

      I throw my hands up in the air sometimes,
      Saying ayo,
      Why u no have games, oh.

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