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    It's time for TABTOL!

    TAY last posted on February 24, 2012: 4886 comments
    1: Blaghman 315 posts (6.4%, 7879 words)
    2: Greenius 240 posts (4.9%, 7228 words)
    3: Trjn 234 posts (4.8%, 9542 words)
    4: McGarnical 231 posts (4.7%, 5902 words)
    5: Freeze S. Preston Icequire 208 posts (4.3%, 5162 words)
    6: Chuloopa 202 posts (4.1%, 4797 words)
    7: Effluvium Boy 180 posts (3.7%, 2355 words)
    8: Cakesmith 158 posts (3.2%, 3036 words)
    9: Shane 153 posts (3.1%, 5174 words)
    10: Bish 150 posts (3.1%, 4030 words)
    11: Rocketman 130 posts (2.7%, 4139 words)
    12: NegativeZero 129 posts (2.6%, 6124 words)
    13: Blood Apathy 123 posts (2.5%, 3366 words)
    13: Rebecca 123 posts (2.5%, 1637 words)
    15: Rize 120 posts (2.5%, 2365 words)
    16: NovaCascade 117 posts (2.4%, 3142 words)
    17: scree 115 posts (2.4%, 3375 words)
    18: Virus__ 114 posts (2.3%, 2151 words)
    19: Harli 110 posts (2.3%, 1645 words)
    20: number.30.five 108 posts (2.2%, 3187 words)
    21: Ynefel 102 posts (2.1%, 5277 words)
    22: PuppyLicks 98 posts (2.0%, 1919 words)
    23: Crazyguy1990 95 posts (1.9%, 1197 words)
    24: lambomann007 78 posts (1.6%, 2957 words)
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    Post #1: lambomann007 at 08:31 20/02

      Whaaaaaaat? 24th??
      Okay, forget about SWTOR, I have more important things to do this week :P

        You'd better spambomann when you say that :P

        You make 24th sound like it's a BAD thing! One of us. One of us.

      6th AND 100th post?
      Back to old tricks, i see ;)

      Clearly i talk too much. I think i need to post less, or cut down my number of posts and just cover a dozen topics in each one, coz i really didn't post many words for the number of posts.

    Morning all! Hope you all have a great TAY toTAY.

    Happy New TAY Day, everyone!

    I don't leave for Uni for another... 4 hours. More than enough time to rip out all the used pages in last years notebook so I can use it again! (Only used about... 10 pages :P)

      bahahaha! i do the same!
      I've had the same 2 books for the past 3 trimesters!

      Heck, we need to scrounge where we can, with the cost of all the books!

      Haha I do the same thing. Admittedly, they're all my doodlings during class and no notes to speak of.

    Due to bad money menegement I am living off $12 this week.
    *goes scrounging in cupboard*
    Well, I have two cans of baked beans, half a loaf of bread and some frozen peas and corn... this weeks dinners should be interesting.

    Wait, are shapes still on special? I am sure I could live off a few boxes of shapes this week.

      Mi Goreng. Actually, I just bought a pack of 4 for 99c at my local IGA.

        Mi Goreng - the weapon of choice for uni students and the unemployed. Or the just plain lazy. My God that stuff is good.

      oh Hugo

      May I recommend eggs as an addition to your mi goreng for at least some filler? Cheap for the amount of nommy protein they provide :)

    Morning all.
    Looks like Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill is going to clean up at this years awards.

      i can't imagine how bad that movie would have been.
      the previews were enough to make me sick in my mouth as it was!

    First win of the morning. I fell over on some grass outside work and everyone was watching. The kicker: It is pouring rain outside. BEST DAY START EVER! lol

      And right now i can picture a Garfield style drawing of you with a speech bubble saying "I hate Monday" and possibly some lasagne.

    I bring to TAY something depressing!
    So I finally got up to speed about PALGN.
    For anyone who doesn't know, PAL Gaming Network is an Australian-based community site featuring reviews, editorials, and all that.
    Due to fighting between the owner and the site contributors (woahhhhh that's a long email chain) most of the staff just decided to up and leave. Which is sad. I used to post on their forums from about 2009-sometime last year and (as you'd expect from a community site) they (and all the forum members) were all pretty cool guys who were so willing and happy to engage with their audience via the forums.
    The forums are still going, but there's no actual site content. The site may continue as it is now; the forums have forged their own strong little community and they keep troopering on, but for how long that can continue on a dead main site, I don't know.
    So here's to you, PALGN, I talked to some pretty rad people on your site, and am sad that the owner was a massive dick.

      Man, that's effed. I am glad the staff took action about treated so badly (from what I've skim-read) but it's sad the site had to die. Also, didn't this come to light a while ago?

        But I don't really visit the site anymore and only heard about last week.
        But I thought I'd mention it, even if people didn't know what PALGN was. I think it deserves a shout-out.

      This makes me very sad. I used to check in from time to time, but my visits began to lapse when their trading post was cancelled. Still, pretty lousy working conditions; hope those guys go on to better jobs! :(

    All this talk about the Vita has got me in the mood to pick myself up a handheld too.
    I wanna get a PSP Slim :D

    Thanks to the Vita I reckon they'd be going dirt cheap right about now, so I wanna get one and homebrew the crap out of it and fill it with as many CPS2 and NeoGeo arcade games as possible. (no pirate PSP games tho, I'm being nice). Imagine, an epic 90's arcade catalogue in your pocket, awww yeeaaaaa.

      Is that a 90's arcade catalogue in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me??

        If I had an entire 90's arcade un my pocket, I would have that AND a boner in my pants.

    This weekend, MLG has been doing a little experiment with a three day pay per view event. $20 to see thirty-two players battle it out in a double elimination tournament.

    The first two days were some of the best Starcraft I've seen, I woke up this morning to see the start of the third day, which happened to be the seventh game in a best of seven that went down to a base race.

    People weren't happy with the $20 when it was announced. I doubt anyone will feel like they wasted their money now.

    Morning TAY!

    Start: Worst. Sleep. Ever. Was hot. And sweaty. And uncomfortable. I checked the temperature at about 1am and it said it was 20. Lies I tell you! Lies! I was tempted to go sleep outside.

    Middle: Got to work (late due to being tired from said bad sleep) to find one of our UPS failed to kick in during a power outage on Saturday night and that our virtual machine (which hosts our terminal, SQL, file server etc) was down \o/. So just spent the last 20mins trying to get that to work (and by that I mean turning it off and on again. Damn server boot times).

    End: It's Monday and this is not cool. At least it can only go uphill from here right?

      I was really tired yesterday, so I went to bed at around 6pm. Still tired. No weather based reasons, I think I'm just broken.

        Must be tough watching all that Starcraft ;)

          So tough.

      HI Cakesmith. You just reminded me that I should bake a cake tonight.

      Chin up!

      Oh yay! I also just noticed that while filling my car wiper fluid this morning I must've brushed my sleeve against something dirty and oily because there is a big oil mark on it. HOORAY FOR MONDAYS!

    I go back to Tafe today which means my TAY posting will likely increase because I spend my time posting on the internet instead of learning, it's a strategy that got me decent grades last year so I see no reason to change it (ok, that's a lie, I did pay some attention to learning).

    Annoyingly though because there aren't enough people taking the course I'm taking (diploma in multimedia) I'm having to split time between two campuses. Thankfully I don't have to go between two campuses on one day but it's still rather annoying.

    Also how bout that leadership challenge. Can Kevin come back with a win? I don't think so but it would be hilarious if he did.

      I did a Diploma of Multimedia/Design...well, the first year before dropping out to switch to IT and it's where I discovered Kotaku. It's where I discovered my love for After I really need to start doing more AE stuff again.

      Stephen Conroy talking about popularity polls: "The voters would prefer Kylie Minogue to Kevin Rudd as well."

      He's popular due to residual sentiment about his removal.

      The thing is, the caucus didn't remove him because they're random, they did it because he stuffed up too much, removed the cabinet process of government, and started getting stuck in the middle of no-where and being unable to make decisions.

      It doesn't matter how popular he is now with the general public, if he took over again, no new policy would happen (likely) and his popularity would drop to Gillard levels, only without the massive policy and legislative workload she's managed to shift.

        Yes, but it would be hard to justify keeping Gillard in power as well. There are rumblings of this leading to a compromise candidate, a theory that I think has some legs.

    Just caught up with everything since the middle of last FRiday.

    Woo, I'm a tag!

    Also, thanks Strange!

    And grats to numbahs. It's an awesome thing to take a game you enjoyed and give someone else a chance to get the same great times out of it.

    Mornin' TAY!

    Great start to the week. Get a call to go deal with an angry person about an issue they keep causing. It wouldn't be so annoying if this person hadn't been shown each specific step to avoid causing said problem less than a week ago. By me.

    Also, discovered I should pay more attention to Twitter than I have been. Had a bunch of DMs sitting there that I had no idea about :P

      You should be able to remove idiots from their computers. And only give them back when they stop being stupid


        ...Serrels, promote this woman! Commenter!

    Morning TAY. I had a good nights sleep \o/
    I went onto my uni's website to make sure that I do have classes tomorrow and not today and the website is down.
    So I hope I don't miss the very first class D=

      But, but, if you went to class you'd be learning! :O You should know by now that not learning is a great way to get good marks!

        It's Japanese. Learning is very helpful in that class

          You could try just making stuff up? No? Okay, I'll stop trying to help now :P

            Considering my Japanese teacher is actually Japanese, I don't think it will work. =P

    I priced my final two subjects for my first year on Saturday, i go back next monday.. ode to joy.

    Today though... boy-o-boy!!!
    I didn't get to bed until late-ish (11pm) last night, as i was reviewing bee's essay for her beauty therapy course. She was alowed to chose the topic she wanted, so i was quite proud when she tackled a very technical one, chooseing the skin, it's conditions and care. Man, there were soooo many words i'd never heard of before, and some really interesting facts.

    Bee obviously hadn't had anyone check over her work before, so she thought it would be a 10 minute job. NOPE.
    2 hours or spelling, grammar and structure correction, but in the end it looks pretty awesome, so i am quite happy with her effort.

    Also had a shot at playing the missions in UMvC3 whilst also using my tekken 6 arcade stick for the first time, so that i can try and get better used to chars and combos.
    I have a new found respect for pro players, as even the most basic combos are FREAKIN HARD AS HECK!
    The timing required is INSANE, you have to speedily hit some buttons, and others you have to wait for the perfect moment.
    God help me!!

    In other news, it's rainy as hell outside!

      Man, I've never thought of hell as being rainy before. Or do you mean that it's raining fire and brimstone outside right now? :P

        Fire and brimstone.
        Melbourne weather is CRAZY!

      My sister did beauty therapy and when I saw some of the stuff she was doing I was all O_O. It's so technical!

      And apparently Melbourne is meant to get a months worth of rain today or something.

    i made a new shirt last night, too.
    Someone wanted a shirt with all 3 of the pearls from zelda on one shirt, and this is what i came up with

      Chuloopa, I hate you*. Somehow your designs always turn out so well.
      Mine pale in comparison.

      *I don't actually hate you

        i don't hate you too :)

          I want ask a question. How do you make a flat surface look metallic? I tried to find a tutorial but it was pretty much useless. >_<

            I haven't done a HEAP of metallic surfaces, only a few for work, but i mainly use texture overlays for a metallic/industrial finish.

            There are a few good tuts and resources here.


            the key, as always, is trial and error.

              here's a good one for brushed aluminium

                and LOTS of great textures and brushes

                  I should've mentioned this before, I use illustrator for shirts. But I will probably use textures.
                  Thanks =D

      Question for you loops what is the shipping time on stuff from red bubble? I saw some awesome shirts last night and i wanted to but a few!

        Usually around a couple of weeks.

          Thats cool, I found some awesome Doctor Who shirts and i don't think i can resist. They are so cool!

            Yeah, most of the wait will come from them actually printing the tee :)

    When you haven't used an alarm for three months, waking up to that horrible noise is just about the worst thing ever. I am going to miss sleeping in. I hate having to readjust my sleeping patterns.

    Lousy uni. D:

      Yeah man even on weekends i set my alarm for the radio to turn on at 7 I then realize it is saturday and go back to sleep with music playing. Its a bastard when i am on proper holidays. But it keeps me in the habit of having it on!

        Hey sometimes it can be pretty cool to have some background music while you drift back off to sleep! It invades your dreams.

          Invading peoples dreams is wrong i tell you!
          worst thing ever is when you are having an awesome dream and you get woken up and you just want to fall asleep to continue that awesome dream but you just can't. My awesome dream normally involves kicking the neighbours maltese shitzu cross to death. "OMG STFU YOU POS DOG IT'S 1AM!"

      heh being tired sucks :(

      What I do is wake up 1 hour earlier each day until I've reached the time I need to wake up :D. For example, I needed to wake up at 7am today so I woke up at 8am yesterday, 9am the day before that etc. It works!

        I'm not even tired right now :p It just seems that my mood for the day changes based on whether I woke up by myself or from external influences like alarm clocks or dad's using the powersaw at seven in the morning because he is a jerk...

        It slides dangerously into the 'five more minutes of sleep turns into two hours you missed your bus' territory!

      You should try being woken up at 5:10am by a three-year-old yelling "IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!"

        Two year old, 6am, Sunday morning: "UP, DADDY!"

        WHACK! That was her hitting me in the face with a night light.

        "UP, DADDY! NOW! ONE, TWO..."

        Mummy very cleverly taught her the value of threat counting, and she uses it liberally.

        Oh I've had kids jumping on my stomach screaming for me to wake up before. Makes me never want kids. :p

      I don't have children but have occasional ownership of a pager that likes to go off in the small hours and expects me to get up and do work immediately. Such a tender way of being woken up. *BEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEP*

      Actually from what I hear, this is still preferable to children, lol.

        I have kids as well as a husband who is very often on call for work and gets calls at 2am. It's a wonder I get any sleep sometimes.

          I'm going to guess you have formidable patience/tolerance levels as a direct result.

    It's only just over a month until Oz Comic-Con in Adelaide. I'm excited, but totally packing it, too. I've never even been to a con before, let alone run a table.

      Setup slot cars everyone loves slot cars. Also you will do fine. Your books are fantastic!

      Get someone in Cosplay to spruik your wares.
      I did this at manifest in return for a seat XD My feet were sore ,_,

        I can play the awesome main character as we share names. Although i will need a wig. TO THE WIG SHOP!

          I am incredibly disappointed to learn that your hair is not like the Ross in my books.

        I can barely afford to go myself, let alone offer any incentives for help! :P

          You find a cosplayer who looks like they really need to sit down. Offer them a seat at your booth. They will be grateful and may even garner attention for you XD

    Anyone here getting Retro City Rampage?
    I shot off a quick email to Vblank about a week ago asking about whether RCR would support Steam Cloud in the Steam version. Got a reply 2 minutes later: "I plan to support it. I'm sure it will be in for launch. Definitely post-launch but 99% chance for launch."
    I now eagerly await its release.

      I hadn't heard of the game before now. Looks interesting. I do love me some good 8-bit retro stuffs :)

    Service call at 4:30am, got back to sleep somewhere around 6. Woke up at 830, got killed by traffic on the Monash. Now at work, hugging my Lipton Ice Tea. I am, however, not on call this week. This pleases me.

    Going to be a little tired foe school tonight, but homework's done, so I'll manage. Also Devin Townsend Project and Meshuggah on Wednesday night. This pleases me even more.

      You lucky bastard! DTP would be AMAZEBALLS!

      Saw Devy when he came out last year too. Always puts on an amazing performance, and the man's fethin' hilarious to boot. Not to mention a rather gifted musician and songwriter.

    Alright folks - I'm gonna beg for moneys.
    Sometime in May (I think?) I'll be doing a fundraising walk to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Mainly because my mother had breast cancer, and is fortunately still here.
    Don't feel obligated, but anything you can spare would be terrific.

    Also, please ignore the fact that my father cannot spell my name correctly. Ugh.

      I'll try to sponsor you when I have some money to spare =D

      I will throw some money in your general direction on payday.

      What a lovely thing to do. I saw the other team names and lol'd at "Team Bum Fluff"

      He can't spell your name properly, sheesh you should ban him from doing things like that


    I have this feeling that I'm going to be rather unproductive today.

      Funnily enough I know how you feel man XD

    Morning TAY, hope your weekends were to your liking.

    Mine involved UCvM3 tournaments, birthday drinks, hangovers, pies, Kingoms of Alalalaamanamanaaa, Moar Skyrim, Breaking Bad & I wake up today to find that Radiohead are touring Oz. yeah, thats a good weekend.

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