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    MornIng. Staying off Twitter to avoid ME3 spoilers. I'll just wait over here for the street date break. *twiddles thumbs*

      Same, also have not watched any of the videos been released in the last few weeks. Want my play through to be completely spoiler free.

      Shepard is a Klingon spy. Snake Plisken is behind the whole thing. Garrus is a platypus in disguise.

        We're you not paying attention? Garrus was only a existential platypus. He was in truth a metaphysical bilby.

        Jeez. Some people just play for the shooting. :(

          I thought Garrus' Platypus-like qualities were fairly obvious, right from the start. Surprised no one else picked up on it.

            La la la la, it's all lies and I cant hear you, la la la la...

      Stay off YouTube as well. Apparently some idiots are labelling huge spoilery things as the "Launch Video".

      Snape dies, Dumbledore is Shepard's father.

      Just saw ur Monday post, coz have been playing ME3 demo on PS3 all week. So, no spoilers, but the words completely awesome come to mind. Cannot wait....

    Good morning TAY!

    I'm running on four hours sleep.

    Come at me Monday!

    (Humble request: since I'll be at uni and off TAY/Kotaku all day today and tomorrow, I'd be hugely grateful if someone could tweet me if Mass Effect 3 breaks street date. Since I'm usually at uni until really late, I'd hate to miss a chance to pick up my preorder.)

    Morning TAY,

    How was everyone's weekend? Also are you guys excited for the Assassins creed 3 trailer that's going live soon?

      One weird thing I've discovered is that the Countdown timer on the Assassins creed website says 19hrs but the Eurogamer countdown says 8hrs left. Weird.

        The countdown is linked to your system clock. Just fast forward it a few hours and you can speed up the timer.

          If you forward it enough you can watch the trailer now?

            Probably not, i can't be bothered.

    AHHHH my head hursts!

    late to work by 45 min and laughing my head off cos i'm the first one in!

      That's pretty awesome, if i do say so my self

    Live from the land without Internet (i.e. my house), it's The Amazing Batguy Table Of Leaders.

    How am I posting this if I am without Internet, you ask? It is a mystery...

    TAY last posted on February 24, 2012: 4886 comments
    1: Blaghman 315 posts (6.4%, 7879 words)
    2: Greenius 240 posts (4.9%, 7228 words)
    3: Trjn 234 posts (4.8%, 9542 words)
    4: McGarnical 231 posts (4.7%, 5902 words)
    5: Freeze S. Preston Icequire 208 posts (4.3%, 5162 words)
    6: Chuloopa 202 posts (4.1%, 4797 words)
    7: Effluvium Boy 180 posts (3.7%, 2355 words)
    8: Cakesmith 158 posts (3.2%, 3036 words)
    9: Shane 153 posts (3.1%, 5174 words)
    10: Bish 150 posts (3.1%, 4030 words)
    11: Rocketman 130 posts (2.7%, 4139 words)
    12: NegativeZero 129 posts (2.6%, 6124 words)
    13: Blood Apathy 123 posts (2.5%, 3366 words)
    13: Rebecca 123 posts (2.5%, 1637 words)
    15: Rize 120 posts (2.5%, 2365 words)
    16: NovaCascade 117 posts (2.4%, 3142 words)
    17: scree 115 posts (2.4%, 3375 words)
    18: Virus__ 114 posts (2.3%, 2151 words)
    19: Harli 110 posts (2.3%, 1645 words)
    20: number.30.five 108 posts (2.2%, 3187 words)
    21: Ynefel 102 posts (2.1%, 5277 words)
    22: PuppyLicks 98 posts (2.0%, 1919 words)
    23: Crazyguy1990 95 posts (1.9%, 1197 words)
    24: Powalen 78 posts (1.6%, 2849 words)
    24: lambomann007 78 posts (1.6%, 2957 words)
    24: Pixel the Ferret Viking 78 posts (1.6%, 1885 words)
    27: AlexPants 70 posts (1.4%, 2874 words)
    27: Strange 70 posts (1.4%, 2286 words)
    29: The Cracks 68 posts (1.4%, 1452 words)
    30: Zap 67 posts (1.4%, 3051 words)
    31: TheLastQuestion 56 posts (1.1%, 1730 words)
    32: NotoriousR 55 posts (1.1%, 1517 words)
    33: Tech Knight 54 posts (1.1%, 1412 words)
    34: Aidan 50 posts (1.0%, 1226 words)
    34: Grandmaster B-Funk 50 posts (1.0%, 1797 words)
    36: inquisitorsz 47 posts (1.0%, 2326 words)
    37: redartifice 44 posts (0.9%, 680 words)
    38: Jo 37 posts (0.8%, 1213 words)
    39: Steve-O The Deve-O 36 posts (0.7%, 1277 words)
    39: BDKIAF 36 posts (0.7%, 472 words)
    41: Tigerion 34 posts (0.7%, 1209 words)
    42: NoobHeadshot 31 posts (0.6%, 720 words)
    43: f4ction 27 posts (0.6%, 686 words)
    44: D.C. 25 posts (0.5%, 708 words)
    45: El Kapitan 21 posts (0.4%, 925 words)
    46: fled 20 posts (0.4%, 739 words)
    47: Batguy 19 posts (0.4%, 1508 words)
    47: Jordi 19 posts (0.4%, 505 words)
    49: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 18 posts (0.4%, 469 words)
    50: Doc What? 15 posts (0.3%, 246 words)
    51: SUPER NERD! 11 posts (0.2%, 111 words)
    51: Gingerchris86 11 posts (0.2%, 214 words)
    51: Lucifer9783 11 posts (0.2%, 138 words)
    51: FatShady 11 posts (0.2%, 902 words)
    55: Ruffleberg 8 posts (0.2%, 113 words)
    55: welbot 8 posts (0.2%, 454 words)
    55: RahRahReiby 8 posts (0.2%, 122 words)
    58: Phoenix 6 posts (0.1%, 201 words)
    58: smurfydog 6 posts (0.1%, 123 words)
    60: syvRaen 5 posts (0.1%, 279 words)
    60: Beavwa 5 posts (0.1%, 74 words)
    62: Freyr 4 posts (0.1%, 76 words)
    62: dawdle! 4 posts (0.1%, 84 words)
    64: Dr What? 3 posts (0.1%, 52 words)
    64: Huntsman 3 posts (0.1%, 102 words)
    64: Gorzilla 3 posts (0.1%, 73 words)
    67: Raazel 2 posts (0.0%, 21 words)
    67: HotDamn! 2 posts (0.0%, 59 words)
    67: Edward 2 posts (0.0%, 85 words)
    67: Morf 2 posts (0.0%, 24 words)
    71: Chris Mac 1 posts (0.0%, 11 words)
    71: [Razor] 1 posts (0.0%, 3 words)
    71: Billy 1 posts (0.0%, 5 words)
    71: (\/) (°,,,,°) (\/) 1 posts (0.0%, 16 words)
    71: Stephen 1 posts (0.0%, 70 words)
    71: Luke 1 posts (0.0%, 82 words)
    71: Friday McGarnical 1 posts (0.0%, 13 words)
    71: Di11enger 1 posts (0.0%, 104 words)
    71: Wynstyn 1 posts (0.0%, 6 words)
    71: Stevorooni 1 posts (0.0%, 15 words)
    71: Miniscree 1 posts (0.0%, 609 words)
    71: zwonker 1 posts (0.0%, 24 words)
    71: AlphaProspector 1 posts (0.0%, 150 words)

    Post #1: lambomann007 at 08:31 20/02

      I don't mean to poop parties, Batguy, but I think that might be the one for the week before.


      Marginally less stupid, but significantly more timely results below

    SHIT. Wrong week.

      So I'm blaming the fact that I just woke up... I really need to get into gear and go to work...

      TAY last posted on March 2, 2012: 5770 comments
      1: Blaghman 453 posts (7.9%, 10211 words)
      2: Rebecca 432 posts (7.5%, 5760 words)
      3: Greenius 330 posts (5.7%, 12211 words)
      4: Trjn 270 posts (4.7%, 9200 words)
      5: Freeze S. Preston Icequire 249 posts (4.3%, 7606 words)
      6: Bish 221 posts (3.8%, 4706 words)
      7: Cakesmith 208 posts (3.6%, 4672 words)
      8: NovaCascade 205 posts (3.6%, 5613 words)
      9: Effluvium Boy 202 posts (3.5%, 3516 words)
      10: scree 190 posts (3.3%, 4118 words)
      11: Virus__ 171 posts (3.0%, 3448 words)
      12: Shane 168 posts (2.9%, 5579 words)
      13: McGarnical 165 posts (2.9%, 4774 words)
      14: Strange 164 posts (2.8%, 5272 words)
      15: Rocketman 155 posts (2.7%, 5097 words)
      16: Ynefel 146 posts (2.5%, 7040 words)
      17: Chuloopa 143 posts (2.5%, 3561 words)
      18: Harli 120 posts (2.1%, 1839 words)
      19: number.30.five 119 posts (2.1%, 3290 words)
      20: lambomann007 116 posts (2.0%, 2934 words)
      21: NegativeZero 85 posts (1.5%, 4917 words)
      22: Powalen 75 posts (1.3%, 2795 words)
      23: DAN! 73 posts (1.3%, 1256 words)
      24: The Cracks 72 posts (1.2%, 1272 words)
      25: PuppyLicks 69 posts (1.2%, 1510 words)
      26: Zap 63 posts (1.1%, 1928 words)
      27: AlexPants 62 posts (1.1%, 2896 words)
      28: Blood Apathy 59 posts (1.0%, 1542 words)
      29: Crazyguy1990 58 posts (1.0%, 950 words)
      30: Rize 56 posts (1.0%, 1664 words)
      31: Tech Knight 53 posts (0.9%, 3362 words)
      32: Grandmaster B-Funk 45 posts (0.8%, 1505 words)
      32: Aidan 45 posts (0.8%, 1461 words)
      34: Steve-O The Deve-O 41 posts (0.7%, 980 words)
      35: Pixel the Ferret Viking 38 posts (0.7%, 1210 words)
      36: BDKIAF 37 posts (0.6%, 687 words)
      37: NoobHeadshot 34 posts (0.6%, 878 words)
      37: welbot 34 posts (0.6%, 1582 words)
      37: NotoriousR 34 posts (0.6%, 634 words)
      40: redartifice 32 posts (0.6%, 547 words)
      40: f4ction 32 posts (0.6%, 796 words)
      42: Jo 30 posts (0.5%, 1303 words)
      43: fled 29 posts (0.5%, 1183 words)
      43: Doc What? 29 posts (0.5%, 822 words)
      45: Tigerion 27 posts (0.5%, 955 words)
      45: smurfydog 27 posts (0.5%, 880 words)
      47: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 26 posts (0.5%, 724 words)
      47: D.C. 26 posts (0.5%, 718 words)
      49: Jordi 24 posts (0.4%, 743 words)
      50: FatShady 22 posts (0.4%, 1230 words)
      51: McG 21 posts (0.4%, 377 words)
      52: Dire Wolf 18 posts (0.3%, 791 words)
      53: TheLastQuestion 17 posts (0.3%, 402 words)
      53: Beavwa 17 posts (0.3%, 950 words)
      55: El Kapitan 16 posts (0.3%, 710 words)
      56: Link 13 posts (0.2%, 722 words)
      57: Freyr 10 posts (0.2%, 250 words)
      57: Gingerchris86 10 posts (0.2%, 128 words)
      57: Ruffleberg 10 posts (0.2%, 638 words)
      60: AlphaProspector 8 posts (0.1%, 1236 words)
      61: Inquisitorsz 7 posts (0.1%, 458 words)
      61: Batguy 7 posts (0.1%, 454 words)
      63: NoobApprentice 5 posts (0.1%, 94 words)
      63: Lucifer9783 5 posts (0.1%, 126 words)
      65: Blaghmang 3 posts (0.1%, 22 words)
      65: HotDamn! 3 posts (0.1%, 106 words)
      65: pete 3 posts (0.1%, 39 words)
      65: Morf 3 posts (0.1%, 179 words)
      69: "ProfessionalWriter"??? 2 posts (0.0%, 8 words)
      69: Gladys 2 posts (0.0%, 26 words)
      69: matt30822 2 posts (0.0%, 17 words)
      69: SUPER NERD! 2 posts (0.0%, 10 words)
      69: lambogirl99 2 posts (0.0%, 15 words)
      69: Huntsman 2 posts (0.0%, 26 words)
      69: Mehman 2 posts (0.0%, 47 words)
      76: jimu 1 posts (0.0%, 4 words)
      76: Lightspeed 1 posts (0.0%, 7 words)
      76: Stephen 1 posts (0.0%, 16 words)
      76: Braaains 1 posts (0.0%, 32 words)
      76: SarcasmFairy 1 posts (0.0%, 11 words)
      76: Raazel 1 posts (0.0%, 19 words)
      76: Brakesmith 1 posts (0.0%, 7 words)
      76: squideastwood 1 posts (0.0%, 4 words)
      76: blaze0041 1 posts (0.0%, 60 words)
      76: masha2932 1 posts (0.0%, 28 words)
      76: NiotoriousR 1 posts (0.0%, 25 words)
      76: Zumba Fitness and Train Simulator fan 1 posts (0.0%, 58 words)
      76: Dr What? 1 posts (0.0%, 37 words)
      76: Blaussie the aussie... uhhh... fozzie... 1 posts (0.0%, 3 words)
      76: Phoenix 1 posts (0.0%, 109 words)
      76: Friday McGarnical 1 posts (0.0%, 4 words)

        Post #1000: 2012/03/talk-amongst-yourselves-171/comment-page-6/#comment-568400 = NovaCascade at 19:42 27/02
        Post #2000: 2012/03/talk-amongst-yourselves-171/comment-page-11/#comment-569901 = Chuloopa at 15:00 28/02
        Post #3000: 2012/03/talk-amongst-yourselves-171/comment-page-15/#comment-571512 = Blaghman at 12:02 29/02
        Post #4000: 2012/03/talk-amongst-yourselves-171/comment-page-20/#comment-573534 = Virus__ at 13:49 01/03
        Post #5000: 2012/03/talk-amongst-yourselves-171/comment-page-26/#comment-575653 = Trjn at 17:07 02/03
        Post #5770: 2012/03/talk-amongst-yourselves-171/comment-page-30/#comment-577221 = Aidan at 01:53 05/03

        Wow, the top two posted over 400 things in a week. I remember when 400 posts total in a week was amazeballs. :P

          The wonders of Night TAY.

        I win the frequently alone contest! I AM THE GREETEST!

      Haha! I thought something was a bit strange with the first results. What are the odds of me tying for 24th two weeks in a row? :P

    Got pulled over this morning on the way to work /o\
    Turns out I was doing 90 in an 80 zone. He let me off with a warning though because it was about 200m after the zone changed from 100 to 80. Then he noticed that my rego sticker was the old one and told me to change it (something I think I remind myself to do everytime I get in the car). Still, one of the nicest policemen I've ever had pull me over. He did make me late for work though.

      Nice start to the week. Could have been a hell of a lot worse.

        Yeah. 10k over is normally a $220 fine and 3(?) demerit points. Wrong rego sticker is another $200ish fine.

      Niice! :D
      You gotta be happy with that!

        Main boss still gave me shit for walking in 5mins late. Mind you he would've given me shit if I walked in 1min early for being late. He's the main reason I'm looking for a new job.

          SOLUTION FROM GAMES #16355:
          Hit him 3 times and you will never have to deal with him again!

    Hi all, just spent money I don't have!

    With a 4GBP coupon (VCUK4OFF40), it comes to a touch over $80.

      Bee's getting this for me from JB for $99 for out 5 year anniversary this month...

      I can't think of anything else i want.. lol

      I got here a rose gold and diamond ring... women are expensive.
      PLUS her birthday is next month. Her 21st to be precise.
      This means a VERY expensive trip to tiffany's *sigh*

        A ring, eh? :P

          Not that kind.
          If i could get an engagement ring that cheap, it would be a godsend.


            Whenever you do happen to want one, wait for the stocktake sales. We got my engagement ring for $1500 when it's actually worth around $4000. I really didn't want anything too expensive as I would freak out about losing it.

      I did that too! $55 for ME3 from the UK was a good tradeoff between impatience and frugality in my mind. Now all I need is for everybody else to wait till it arrives before they start playing it and talking about it. kthx.


      RaygunCaps© in my morning TAY,
      It's like having two coffees with my morning coffee :D

    Oh poo! Nearly all hotels are booked out this weekend, and the ones that aren't cost about $450-550 for one night.
    Trust me to leave it to the last minute to book a room.

    Well, I hear Hyde Park is a nice place to sleep under a tree :\

      Gutter lovin, had me a blast
      Gutter lovin, date came to fast
      didn't look before booking flights
      no i'm homeless, starring role in bumfights
      Gutter dreams and urine stream
      Oh-oh-oh - on a bitch-cold night


    GAMES! Who played them on the weekend? I did!

    I spent Saturday morning in bed playing Mario Kart 7. Saturday afternoon in bed playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Saturday evening playing a variety of games for about 10mins each as I struggled to decide.

    Sunday was very much the same. I struggled to find anything to hold my attention for more than half an hour.

    I also drunkenly impulse purchased a few games on Saturday night online. Mortal Kombat Komplete was one of them though \o/

    Good weekend, if i do say so myself.

    Played some more Shadows of the Damned, finally.
    I'm pretty close to the end now, i'm quite sure.

    I just beat the Grim Sister boss with the bloody twirling blades.
    Took me a couple of go's but i think i did ok. Took a loooong ass time though.

    I'm still rather enjoying the game, but really looking forward to finishing it off and sinking my teeth into the first uncharted game :)

    Went to DFO South Wharf yesterday with my mum, stepdad and bee, and we had a decent time looking around. Bee found a pair of jeans for $17!!!
    After that Bee and I went to her families place in port melbourne for dinner. I then played my first game of Stratego with her little (9 or 10 years old i think??) brother. It was transformers stratego. The bad transformers, not the good one.
    STRATEGO IS FREAKIN AWESOME!! I now want the original.

    ALSO, the samples of the new range of BR4SS underwear should be arriving today. I have never been more excited to see a range of undies! The production mock ups look amazing, and the finished product usually looks better - so i am as hyped as can be.

    LASTLY - i am back to uni this afternoon. Business academic skills (aka a complete waste of my fething time) is first up. *face palm*


      Big Rigs 4 Slim Studs?

        I never thought it was an acronym for anything..

        ...until today...


      I paid $30 for a fairly kickass pair of jeans recently. They make my ass look pretty damned fantastic.

      The other pair, not so much.

        I've got a birthday voucher coming to me soon for being on Tarocash's mailing list which gives me $50 to use in store.
        The jeans i got from there last year are pretty kick ass, so i'll be getting some more.

    It's raining today and that seems to mean that people want to catch buses. It was so crowded when I got on (normally there's only a few people on it) that we ended up forming a giant pack of people at the front of the bus. There was room at the back to spread out, but the people in the middle didn't want to move.

    As people got off, the pack at the front remained in place, even though there was even more room to move. I was about the only person to make any attempt to move to the back before seats started to open up.

    You'd think that it is rather simple to notice when the possibility of no longer doing a sardine impression is available, but nope. People seem to like pressing up against strangers.

      Maybe it's all the action a lot of those people are getting. Eww random stranger bus action. Now just wait for the porn... Oh wait, Bang bus ><

    So, SteamBox.

    I'm a bit meh about it, and here's my thinking:

    1. If they can establish a benchmark lowest-spec entry standard, I think that'd be pretty cool, although if it's a few years between revisions, that might limit developers pushing the limits a bit (which would be bad, but also good)

    2. They're a big company based on the PC users that use them - if people already have Steam and steam games on their PC, why buy a second, Valve-branded steam PC for the loungeroom?

    3. People are talking about "upgradeable parts" for the steambox - which just makes it a pricey, branded computer. So, again, why buy an overpriced version of what you can build yourself?

    4. Following on from point 2, there's not going to be enough market penetration to cause hardware developers to try and develop plug-in-once things for upgrading.

    Don't get me wrong, I hope there is a base line standard developed for PC games that will be supported for 3-4 years, because it'll be a GOOD thing for developers. I just don't see this as Gabe swooping in and saving the world.

      I think the main "Will it sell or flop" standpoint will be the pricing. We all know that PC gaming is not a cheap hobby if you want to get have the best gear to handle the graphics that gets thrown at us. Not everybody has the same PC hardware knowledge that other humans do, and could risk paying 1000+ over the top of what's actually needed to have a well-running PC. If this box became a baseline for PC gaming and didn't cost a lot, this could encourage people to delve into PC games.
      But yeah that's only IF they can make it cheap enough along with the upgrades for humans to see it as a worthwhile investment, which I don't really see happening either.

      If the Steam Box is what I think it is, it's basically a console to play PC games on, right? If it was cheap enough I would consider buying one, but only because my primary computer is a Mac (so I miss out on most games). I don't know if I'd be so ready to buy one if I could buy any game I wanted on my computer anyway. :P

    Post the second:

    Yay, Vita in-mail from JB \o/

    Boo, apparently there's no Ys on the AU PSN store /o\

    What's the best way to go about acquiring Ys and other non-AU release games for the Vita, keeping in mind I'd like my account to be tied to my PS3 AU one?

      Not as far as I know, the only place you'll get a game is via UMD, or PS Store, and if you can't get it on UMD.....

      I have an AU PSN account with 40+ PSP games on it, and still decided to go with a new US PSN account, considering how bad the AU PSN store is. Already got Fate/EXTRA and Corpse Party from US store. Also, aside from the PSP games, there's no real difference between AU and US stores - but I think that will change over time. Has for every other aspect of Playstation.

        I meant no difference between the VIta content on the two stores.

      If it's digital only, you're in a spot of bother.


        So if I set up an US account, download the games, then switch back to my AU account, will they still run?

          Don't think so. I think there might be a trick involving the PS3... You download the game on your US Account on your PS3, switch your AU Account, then transfer it to your Vita..?
          Something like that. I'm not exactly sure if that will work, but early on, before the Oz release, someone posted something on Kotaku about it.

    So, Demon's Souls is probably my favourite game in the current generation. But I've put something like 30 hours into it over the last 4 months.

    I picked up Dragon Age: Origins on Friday, which is an okay click-and-watch game, and I've already sunk ten hours into it.

    Don't understand.

      I really tried to get into Demon and Dark souls but for the life of me I just couldn't do it. Shame really.

      I've sunk way more time into Origins than Demons and Dark Souls together, but my time in the Souls games was by far more memorable.

    For my weekend I was bored enough to re sub to SWTOR to check out the aussie servers. Sure having sub 50ms ping is a nice change but it does not make the game any better. Not sure what I was thinking to be honest. But hey I now have 29 days left of play so I may as well use it up.

    Besides that spent a lot of hours trawling the net signing up for Diablo 3 beta keys. Those things are harder to get than a 4 leaf clover. Sigh...

    Origin doing something good? Just got an email from them saying that because it's my birthday month I get a 25% off discount code for my next purchase.

    Too bad I would never buy a game off Origin.

      Well that sucks. Was my birthday on the 9th of last month and got nothing from them. Though also would not have used it as their prices are quite insane but still.

    Blizzard released a micro trainer map in Starcraft 2 on the weekend. On the NA servers.

    Played it for about 5 hours, two of which were on the 27th (of 30) level where you're meant to use a Banshee to kite marines while killing them. 2 rage filled hours because the stupid damned woman piloting the Banshee decided that she needed to fly towards the marines occasionally to shoot. Flying towards their bullets...

    Turns out the trick is hold position micro. So I managed it pretty easily the next day.

    It was also a lot easier when I opened the map up in single player. Turns out my connection to the NA server kind of really sucks. About ~250ms of latency, while my connection to SEA is half that.

    Oh well.

    I killed my first Mad God in Realm of the Mad God yesterday evening on my archer :D

      Heh grats. It is quite an addictive game. Managed to get to 20 on both archer and rogue. Am just waiting on the flood of clones to come. Hopefully some can expand and improve on what RoTMG has started.

        The only few problems I have with it are:

        - Lag, on a game with permadeath this could screw with you BADLY, and it's almost costed me my character multiple times.
        - Unable to properly track your friends in the game very well, mainly due to the lag but a problem anyway

      omg WAS IT EPIC?

      what do you get for it?

        I got an epic sword and armour to put in my storage for future characters. I got given a gift of a triple shot spread fire bow as well before the fight, that guy was really nice to do so for me :D. Basically I shoot EVERYTHING now :P

    Mornin' TAY

    Today starts a new period in my working life. Some of the people I work with keep acting like I'm in charge, so I'm going to start treating them like I am. Let's see how far I get...

    Also, still trying to decide if I'm going to get Mass Effect 3 on day 1, or wait for it to go down in price, and finish some other games I've had for ages.

      Tell one of them to get you a coffee and another to get your lunch. See how that plays out.

    Ah, the fresh scent of new TAY...what? You can't smell TAY? Well I can.

    Is Mass Effect 3 really likely to break street date, or are we all just getting very hopeful about it? Either way I guess I should keep my preorder receipt in my wallet this week and keep checking the internet for news...

      There's a pretty good track record of games breaking street date. It might not, but it wouldn't be out of the question if it did.

        I know we have a track record for it, but I'm struggling to think of any games this year that have broken their street date, so I'm kind of hoping we're past that phase now.

          Here's a better challenge. Think of a game that came out this year :p

          We're in the post-gaming season dead zone where very few titles get released. Now that it's March, we're seeing everything that was meant to come out in November but was delayed.

    Dear Elderly Lady driving a Silver-Grey Honda Jazz with registration YHG-47K, whom decided to drive 60km/h in a 90km/h zone...
    If you do not find out where the accelerator pedal lives very very soon, i will find out first hand what it's like to play Burnout in real life...

    oh and morning TAY, i need coffee

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