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      Good morning!

      I wonder how quiet TAY will be this today with people still doing the Meat thing in Sydney?

        Meat thing?

          Over the weekend there was a bunch of Kotaku AU peoples meeting up in Sydney. We call this a Meat. There were a few interstaters so Harli's taking them on a tour of Sydney today. :)

            Slower TAY is better TAY.

            /steals Strange's general comments.

            It's true though. If you're doing something and can't look at it for half a day, there's been three pages of posts at least and makes it hard to want to catch up.

              I know. And Monday's are especially verbose for some reason. I leave to take my daughter to school and when I get back we're usually on page 3 or 4 already.

                Seeing as its a public holiday in Vixtoria I imagine a lot of them who would only be on TAY at work will be absent today. So you'll be looking at minimal Loops comments and minimal comments from me until tomorrow.

            I was wanting to go to that part today, just to see what seedy places Harli tries to take rocketman. But seriously a nice night was had on saturday, a wild serrels appeared, and gaming was done. No groping of Bish occurred(before I left anyway) I didn't go yesterday, but I'm sure a good time was had :)

            The rest of my time was spent downloading mass effect games. Playing putt putt, going to the gym. And going on a date (before the meet) a great weekend was had!

              I grabbed his boob yesterday, so it's all good.

                A few drinks in you and you do get a bit touchy, yeah.
                Between that and the dancing and the singing...

                  Why do I always miss out on the inappropriate touching?! NOT COOL, GUYS.

                  Haha, what time did you guys finish up last night?

        Only Harli, Jo, Trjn, Rocketmang and CrabJiffy today.
        I suppose the day will be noticeably devoid of wall crashing and the taste of cynical old man.

          And me. If I can will myself out of bed. So comfy.

            I suppose you totally have 3 hours and 10 minutesish to try roll out of bed and into clothes and public transport it to the city.
            ... Yeah, you should probably get up now.

      MORNING. Though I might go back to sleep until it's noon

      I have brought bread and cheese for my brothers. Wait, what? That's not what I meant to say. I meant to say GOOD MORNING! \o/

    Mark , i am a long time follower of your work, please report that other bull**** they have pulled over mass effect 3, love to see kotaku shed light on the matter,
    PS im for disney :) ( sry for the vague comment)

    I had decided to attempt to keep up with TAY.

    I however have a law lecture @ 8:30 and then anther at 12:30 and I can't really not pay attention.

    Regardless here I go - I managed to avoid the urge to buy both Mass Effect 3 & The Season 1 of Game of Thrones this weekend. I bought some IT Crowd on sale from JB instead.

    I don't think i've laughed that hard in a while. Graham Lineham is absolutely excellent.

      Have you tried turning it off and on again?

      Love the I.T crowd. I just wish my work was more like the show.

        Somedays I wish my work was less like the show.

        I've seriously dealt with someone who raged at me because their computer wouldn't turn on because it had been switched off at the power point.

          this is like helping dad with the computers.

          He finally got a macbook before christmas and everything has been easier.

          Hate macs all you want. They're old people proof.

    Hey TAY, guess what happened after i left the meat? My car died in the carpark of the train station!

    Good morning all. I don't usually hang out in here (it's quite the intimidating wall of text usually). Thought I'd drop in to say hello. Nothing interesting to talk about except I've almost finished plastering my studio / mancave and will be finally giving a home to my MAME machine and other game related stuffs. Oh. I also made an iPhone game. More on that when my update is released!

      Well it be like a room just for gaming stuff? Because that sounds like the best thing ever.

        its going to be a studio for making games. So I guess I can't seriously make games without heaps of consoles set up for inspiration :). But yeah, 100% devoted to gaming away from the main house.

          Be sure to post a ton of pictures so we can all die of jealousy.

      Holy crapple! Haven't seen you around in ages! mancave sounds awesome! Show pics when you're done!

        Mr Welbot. Nice to see you :) how's it going?. I'll post some before and after shots, then the after Akira mural. This summer (autumn) neo-mancave is going to E X P L O D E.

      Mancave? Sounds like an awesome idea. Good work. :)

      Hey, I've heard some of the older taybies mention you. What sort of iPhone game did you make? :D

        Hey lambomann. :). I made a game for my 2 yr old to play. It's based on those water games that used to kick around, filled with water, little rings or toys float around and you press a button to try and get them into/onto a goal. Link: Android version coming very very soon :) its not a twitch game like Ziggurat. It's , you know, for kids.

          Oh. My. God. I used to love those water-things when I was growing up! I am so playing your game. "For kids". Pfft! For ME!

            I just released an update for this game so there's some new levels and I made it universal so it looks good on ipad. Moar soon!

          Oooooh, looks pretty good :) Will you be making a WP7 version?

            i used corona sdk to make the game so if they support WP7 it'll be a snap. I might look at ways to port it though if it's not too much hassle :)

              I bought it, but I kind of suck at it. Maybe it is just for kids after all. :P

                Hey thanks :) yeah, it can be frustrating because they move slowly. You can tilt to guide them in the boxes and the next update will feature a shaking that'll send them all in random directions plus rainbow bubble trails if you complete all levels! Also, next update will remove the locks and you can play the levels in any order to get a star instead. Then the next next update will have Game Center and a level editor :)

    Morning TAY.
    So I am incredibly dissapointed with Mass Effect 3. Have not even touched it for 4 days now. Just feels like nothing improved over ME2 and even dumbed down if that's the right word.. And while that may suit some it just leaves me feeling empty. Shame really though I imagine I will get back to it one day.

    On another note I really wish Guild Wars 2 would hurry up, or at least some more news about the beta. And Diablo 3 for that matter. The amount of time I have spent trying to get into the beta is insane.

      As a long time fan of both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I can't wait till they release it. with 1,000,000 sign ups I think the chance of me getting into the beta are slim (especially considering I live in Australia *sadface*)

      Really? I found the combat and the environments a lot more satisfying and less tedious. The story and in-game is just as engaging as ever. The weapon mods system is nice to have back without it being clunky like ME1.

      I don't know what you were expecting from the third part of a trilogy.

        I agree. I'm really enjoying ME3's story and environments. The weapon upgrades/customisation is a welcome return. Combat wise, I think it improves on most aspects from ME2, still far from perfect, but still good fun. I'm only maybe half way through, but to me so far it's worthy sequel.

        Yeah I do like the weapon mods but for whatever reason I just cannot get enthused about playing the game. Maybe I am just having an off week.


      You went from Morbo to The Hulk in 2 sentences... well done sir, well done.

    Tron Legacy would have been so boring if the The Grid ran Windows.
    Ctrl+Alt+Del, Processes tab, Clu, End Process.

      That was their original pitch, actually.

      "It's about what happens when you press Ctrl + Alt + Del"

      Exec - "I run OSX"

      -pause- "Can you give me 5 mins?"

    Wow, I thought this was going to be a great day when I got up but nope. First I was spoilerisated for Mass Effect 3 and now it appears my washing machine is broken. Yikes.

    Just got fired.

    Now what the hell do I do?

      Shit, sorry to hear that dude. I've been there before and it does get better.
      First thing, if you got the job through an agent, call the agent. Second thing, consider centerlink for some money to keep you going for the moment, if you want to chat, let me know :)

      Dude, that's awful.

      First things first, go to Centrelink. You want to be on the books right away so there's no delay in whatever support they can offer you, even if you think you're likely to find a job really quickly.

      What kind of work are you in?

      Not good. :(

      Take the rest of the day to come to terms with it and figure out what next, tomorrow. You probably won't be able to think straight today.

      Oh no! It hasn't been a particularly great job market lately... Anyway don't dwell on the negative and focus on the positive! Also maybe take a small holiday alongside searching?

      I feel like everyone should group hug you :(

      Bummer dude... That is unfortunate. All the best for finding new work, hopefully better than your old job.

      Sorry to hear that, man. Take care of yourself!

      Sorry to hear that mate. Hope you land on your feet dude. Good luck.

    Meat Write Up

    Got on a train around 12 which rapidly filled with clones of the same guy wearing a low cut singlet (Showing of his cleavage... Or meavage?), oversized singlasses and thongs. At first I assumed they were here to take over the world in some bogapocalypse, but it was just the Future Festival. Thankfully I found this out after only killing a few of the clone-men which the police thought was fairly understandable and acceptable.

    My phone then tried to take me in the wrong direction but after a few slaps it got its shit together, apologised and led me towards then TAYbies.

    I met the Sydney Taybies outside the travelodge and then Bish arrived with Trjn and Jo and there was much rejoicing and Ruffles probably complained about a game. Bish left to get Ricketman and we set off to get food at a foodcourt near Circular Quay. Which turned out to be closed. Whoops. We then went to MacDonalds, except Joe, who went to Hungry Jucks as he's a non-conformist and was fighting the/a/someone's system.

    Bish returned and I left to collect Sarcasm Fairy at the airport. When I got back it was all happening. The guys were on the bumper cars even after i explicitly told them to wait for me and other taybies had arrived. Some games were played then we sat and chatted. I revealed the fabled IRN-BRU FIERY but everyone was to chicken to try it. Then Serrels appeared and he manned up and proclaimed it to be better than IRN-BRU.
    We were waiting on Bish picking up Cakesmith before we ate, but it seems they were both constantly moving about and missing each other so we decided to eat without them. We went to the foodcourt and got noms and Ruffles complained about Portal 2. And about his food. Dawdle disappeared and Bawble got worried. Then Dawdle came back. HAPPY ENDING! THen Cakesmith appeared!

    Oh, then we went back to Galaxy World and played games. Then went on the bumper cars. \o/

    Then we went to a bar. Sarcasm Fairy was refused entry because her ID wasn't acceptable to the bouncer, Monkey McJerkface. Then Rocketman slipped on a step and Monkey refused him entry too. We went to a BETTER pub and had drinks and discussed things. Like stuff n junk. Then SF and I left and I'd like to think that them other guys stayed up ALL night partying.

    The next day Sarcasm Fairy and I started early and went to the Happy Potter Exhibition! That was fun! We got all excited over some of the stuff and then bought expensive things from the gift shop. SF then found an arcade table, so we played a few games before deading off. Breakfast at mad mex! \o/ BURITOOOOOOOOOS! and then met up with the Taybies again. Today we had Harli and Rebecca joining us! We went to another arcade where some games were played. BEAT HARLI AT TEKKEN! WITH A PANDA! Not that I'm gloating... (I think she may have gone easy on me).
    Ruffles complained about draw something and didn't believe me when I said Kirby didn't have cat ears.

    Then we went to Ichiban Noodles! Noms were nommed and drinks were drank and then I left to take SF to the airport and thus ended my contribution to the MEAT.

    I probably missed out awesome stuffs, but I'll leave that for other people to talk about.

      Wait wait wait, hold the phone, Ruffles complained about Portal 2?!?! >:C

      mmmm ichiban ramen!!!! we have one of them on the gold coast.. way overdue for a visit I think.. they make delicious curry ramen, and they always put naruto in it!!

      Also Batguy and Batguy's unhandled brother were there on Saturday and Batguy drank the Irn Bru Fiery too and then the brothers shared a bumper car then Batguy collected enough tickets (with Nova's help) to win a football and then he was in a photo with lots of people and then forever alone (with football) then we went to a bar.

        I was going to list all the TAYbies in attendance, but was paranoid I'd forget one and then feel bad.

        Did the Forever alone (with a football) photos get printed? I liked how they were before and after shots. Sad Batguy. Happy Batguy!

    Good morning. I am le tired.

    So here's how the Mass Effecting went in my house. Thursday I buy the game and take it home. 9pm that night, my wife begins playing. To avoid spoilers I go to bed early with my iPhone for company and doze off around 10pm.

    6am Friday morning I wake up, my wife is still playing. I get dressed and go to work. My wife texts me about 11am to advise me she's going to go to sleep. For those keeping score, she played for 14 straight hours. She then woke up at 3pm and continues playing until I get home at 6pm.

    After dinner I start playing at about 7pm Friday. I finally stop at around 10am Saturday, my wife wakes up at 10:30am. So at this point I have 15 hours clocked up, my wife around 17. We briefly discuss where we're up to in the story without spoiling each other, I pop out for lunch and groceries then proceed to crash out for 8 hours. Bear in mind since I'd gotten up for work at 6am Friday I had at thist point been awake for around 30 hours.

    When I arise at 8pm to make dinner, my wife is still playing. She's got her headphones on and the TV muted so I don't get spoiled by dialogue. She continues playing, with me waiting for her to get tired (too patient to kick her off, I assume I can wait her out).


    Finally around 4am Sunday I give up and go back to bed. My wife wakes me when she comes to bed at 10am, telling me she has finished the game, clocking about 37 hours in total after adding a 20 hour stretch to her previous 17. She tells me she planned to stop at 6, but once she got to whatever happened at 6 she was like "no way am I stopping now".

    So I played from about 11am to 6pm, when I was sadly unable to continue due to headaches. So, I'm getting near-ish to the end but I'm not there yet. Between us we've accumulated approximately 59 hours of Mass Effect in a 69 hour period.


      That's some impressive playtime. I'm surprised your console/computer of choice didn't explode during all that.

      I'm guessing you're going to race home this evening and finish it off?

        I'm hoping to, I probably won't get it finished tonight - I estimate I have about ten hours left, I certainly can't do that if I'm planning on coming to work tomorrow. Hmm...

    I decided to skip a lecture but I'm still grumpy and tired.

    Not-so-good morning TAY!

    Broken TAY. Page 1. New record?

      It is a sign. If you get the page-break done early in the week, the rest of the week will be peaceful.

    I think I broke TAY :/ Not sure how...


    I've decided I'm allergic to Sydney. I pretty much haven't stopped sneezing and my nose hasn't stopped running since I got here :(

      That's not uncommon. The high levels of smug in Sydney tend to kill visiting small animals.

      You know what it'll be? There was this guy at the meat with, like, a big curly afro thing. It's probably that guy.

        It's probably some sort of crap/pollution/sediment catcher. The wind passes through and it's a filter that traps everything.
        Probably try avoid that guy.

    The Legend of Zelda Lego Cuusoo project has reached over 3,500 supporters. Lego have commented on it saying that it would be perfect to be turned into official Lego sets. Help it reach its goal of 10,000 by quickly supporting it now:


    ...I have to go to uni at 1.30.... /o\

      It's a pubic holiday round these parts.

      -gestures to crotch-

    Morning babes.


    Trivia at Mana Bar Brisbane tomorrow night @ 8pm.

    We'll be meeting at 7:30ish so we can make sure we get a table. If you haven't piped up but are keen to come along, say so here or hit me up on Twitter (at)dkzeitgeist.



    Oh, wow.

    "You will live in my 200 story castle where unicorn servants will feed you doughnuts off their horns."

      A tuxedo made of bacon? This kid could be onto something big.

      I don't know whether to be amused or slightly scared by all that.

        Move over Shane W. Smith, this kid is my new favourite writer!

      I can't find Twisted Metal on the Game website. It keeps directing me to Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. Almost..

    Meat? MEAT!

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    Post #1: Aidan at 08:32 05/03

      And random "interesting" stat: "the" was the most common word, mentioned 5142 times, then "and" 2694 times and "you" 2373 times.

    Morning TAY.
    I am on here procrastinating instead of doing what I'm meant to.
    Like cleaning my room again =P

      You need a pet robot to help you, I wonder if Techy can recommend anyone?

        Well I've managed to lose a pattern and material ^^; I'm not pleased. I'm sure it was in my room somewhere

          Gremlins. It's the only explanation.

            Could possibly be the underpants gnomes. No-one ever suspects the underpants gnomes for non underpants-related theft.

              They hid them in a cool bag. You know the blue woolworths ones? No wonder I couldn't find it /o\

      I have 8 giant boxes from February that needs to unpack itself.

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