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    Most of these are actually pretty good
    Sonic appears to go well with pop songs

    I made my husband start playing Journey.
    I'm gonna use Al-bhed instead of ROT13 because seeing too much ROT13 is making me accidentally learn it.
    E teth'd damm res oui bnaddo silr bmyo fedr y lusbyheuh palyica E druikrd ed fyc xieda luum frah E teclujanat dryd eh-kysa. Frah ra vencd cyf yhudran bancuh ra bedlrat y ved palyica ra fyhdat du tu ajanodrehk uh rec ufh. Ra cyet "Ev E't fyhdat du fydlr cusauha bmyo dra kysa, E fuimt ryja fydlrat oui". Ra gabd nykehk yd dra udran bancuh yht lymmehk dras y "tendo hivv-hivv dreav" yht ymm gehtc uv udran cdivv. E fyc nummehk ynuiht eh vedc uv myikrdan. dudymmo ihaqbaldat nayldeuh vnus res yht fyo suna ahdandyehehk dryh E't druikrd fydlrehk res fuimt pa.

      Not really spoilers, but I'll put it inside it anyway. :P

      E fyc dudym pitc fedr drec uha kio/kenm E sad eh-kysa. Fa fuimt fyed vun aylr udran yht hudevo dra udran uv creheac yht drehkc. Drah drana fyc yhudran kio dryd gabd cbyssehk dra lymm pidduh yht nyh uvv. :B E zicd haat du vehecr dra kysa huf!

        Oayr, E ryda simdebmyoan yht naymmo muja du ku ed ymuha, pid E vuiht dra lusbyheuhcreb ycbald uv ed Zuinhao bnaddo ysywehk. E't sucdmo zicd nih uvv yht tu so ufh drehk pid ed naymmo yttat du dra vaam uv dra kysa zicd ghufehk oui fanah'd ymuha.

        Haha same! Even sent them a message at the end saying thanks :D

      Pyryry, dryd'c aqyldmo ruf E nayldat frah E vencd sad cusauha. Drao gabd paydehk sa du dra majam upzaldejac yht E fyc mega 'HU CDUB ED E FYHD DU TU DRYD'. Pid drah drao tecybbaynat yht E syta haf vneahtc. Uha uv so lusbyheuhc fyc naymmo luum yht fa cdyoat dukadran vun sucd uv dra mycd dfu majamc fungehk lu-ubanydejamo. E muja dryd E fyc yhkno yd vencd yht dra vneahtmo yc desa fahd uh. Dra aqbaneahla lryhkat cu silr eh y naymmo luum fyo.

    Okay I won't be updating my blog this weekend. Ran into some troubles and couldn't decipher some of the instructions. >_<
    Hopefully sometime next week. I'll have a LOT of photos though

    Pizza for dinner. Oh, yeaaaaah. I can hear my thighs protesting and my stomach saying OM NOM NOM.

      If you're eating pizza I can only assume you're feeling better then?

    Mostly. I'm just a little head whooshy/generally feeling pretty bleh but at least I can eat again!

        Don't click on it Batgirl! It's a trap! D:

          Batman snuggie blanket? *throws wallet at screen*

            Haha, yep

          I like to call that website "Cool shit I will never buy!*"

          *except the Batman snuggie.

        Pac-Man Ukulele! If it wasn't $600 I wouldn't be able to resist it. WHY DO YOU SHOW ME THESE THINGS?!

          I wish it was my birthday soon!

        Dammit guys, now I want a vintage medical bag for no apparent reason other then it exists.
        Also this
        And the Zelda USB

    Dear Mass Effect 1 sniper rifle:

    I want to love you, but sometimes you make it so difficult. Why can't you be consistent? Are you mad at me? Get yourself sorted out before I go back to the trusty shotgun.


      It is, at least somewhat staying true to its RPG elements.

    iSketch again with me and lambo! :D

    English Easy UK 3. Or let me know your name and I'll invite you if it's full (this can bypass the room limit)

    New Atelier game \o/ On PS3, not a crappy social game like they hinted \o/

    Changing the artist though. Shame, I really liked the art in the previous three games. Mel Kishida's style is quite delicate and generally very nice. Hope whoever they're bringing in to replace him is as good.


    Need to let you know how impressed I am with your Draw Something skills.
    They should feature it in a best-of.

    Also - sucks you lost your colours again :(

      Why thank you! That was the first picture of mine I took a screenshot of. Kotaku had an article on it earlier today so I was all 'inspired' by the better drawn pictures :P. Most of them look like they're done on a tablet or with a stylus though :/

      omgpop (the developer) have a FB page and they sometimes tweet pictures they liked. I got bored and tweeted them the "SHOOT" pic and they responded saying they liked it :). Good enough for me!

        Just saw your comment on the article :)

          Oh and... feel free to skip my shittier pictures (aka when I don't have colours)

          No offence will be taken! :)

            Do you have any of the drawing apps? Colors or Brushes or anything similar?

              Nope :P

              Are they free?

                Full versions aren't, but here's something I painted on my old iphone 3G in the free version of Colors.
      [email protected]/4139246646/lightbox/

                Limitations of free version was no layers, fewer brushes, and cannot save. Hence the screenshot.

                  It's making me sign into Yahoo :/

                  Can you reupload to imgur?

    I honestly have no idea what I've been doing for the last hour.

    @ Green (because there's no reply button for your last comment.)

    Thanks mate.
    You have talent. You might enjoy playing with some of the drawing apps.
    If you ever do, I'd love to see what you come up with.
    I haven't drawn anything on the phone for a while, but I find it relaxing when I do. It's about the only reason I want an iPad.

      When it reaches the end just click the top and you can still reply. It's not really ideal though :P

      And thanks. I've always enjoyed art/drawing (when I do it) but I just never do it. I'm getting a good fix with Draw Something at the moment because it tells me what to draw instead of leaving it completely open for me to do (which sometimes I find harder). iPad/tablet drawing would be amazing!

    @Greenius, love my Simpsons :-D

    And yes, it's Andrew B. Loving Draw Something right about now.

    Finished ME3 properly, for myself.


      Well that's probably for the best.. wouldn't have been much fun for the other person if you did it for someone else! :0

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