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    Why does the URL say "talm-against-yourselves" eh Mark? :P

      I'm going to say it's got something to do with the fact it's Monday morning.

        Your probably right there. I would have preferred the typo be something more like "talk-amongst-your-elves" though...

      He's busy alright, leave the man alone! :P

      Subtle hint? Talk-calmly amongst yourselves?

        I wonder if this place will become another secret cave once he fixes the url?

        thanks for teh morning lulz Strange

      Because it's the very first Talm Amongst Ourselves, so it doesn't need a number!

    good morning all!

    So Guild Wars 2.....

      *quivers excitedly*

        I know fo a few people that got invites already. So bloody jealous...

    I never thought I'd say this, but thank god it's monday.
    What a shitty-ass weekend.

    So yeah, Journey is awesome, impressed that it lived up to the hype.

      I agree. Shit weekend was shit. Though I'm not glad it's Monday. Unless I was in a coma Monday to Friday (a literal one, not the coma-inducing work days).

        Yeah I got that, luckily I have headphones so I can just go into a work trance until 5:30 comes around.

      Hey Puppylicks man, hope everything's gotten at least a bit better. Stay positive yeah?

        Thanks Harli, I appreciate the kind words :)
        Yeah things will get better, hell things aren't even that bad, just sometimes you get knocked around by drama and bollocks and you need a bit of a vent.

          You'll find that TAY is the best place to vent :) sometimes its good to step back and gain a bit of perspective, which sounds like something you've already done.

            Yeah I try not to carry on too much about my problems, mostly because once everything's settled down I look back at what I said and how I acted and feel like a right cock :P

              hey there's nothing wrong with a little righteous venting! everybody's real forgiving and stuff anyways. all good.

      But least the Grand Prix was good.
      Personally i had a pretty good weekend. Sad to hear your's was shit.

        Y'know I didn't even watch it. Probably should have.
        I did see the fighter jet flying around from out my loungeroom window through.

    Anyone tempted by the special edition of Darksiders 2?
    That life sized Death mask is so damn tempting.

      I must have missed that story... *checks*

        Hmm... It does look cool, but I've been stung before by "life-size"

        *glares at Dead Space 2 CE*

          Agreed. *glares at Dead Space 2 CE too*

    Morning all. Home from our weekend in Sydney. Had a good time and was a mic distraction for a while. The How To Train Your Dragon Arena show was pretty badass, powerhouse museum was a massive letdown. Half the exhibits were broken and had to book in advance for the Harry Potter stuff. Which wasn't mentioned anywhere until we got there. Grabbed some cool stuff From the markets at Market City. Watched the fireworks on the Harbour.

    Enough about me. How about you guys?

    I swear there's some sort of wizardry that makes coffee not work on Monday morningszzzzzzz

    Well this weekend was almost productive.

    Didn't save the galaxy but I did sort my laundry, tidy my bedroom a little and count the coins in the jar next to my bed (there's about $500 worth in there). Galactic readiness is high and Shepard is almost ready. Tonight, I think I shall save the galaxy from the Reapers.

    Or fail miserably. Can't rule that option out.

    Good new-week morning, TAY! \o/
    I have an assignment due tonight! /o\

    Anyway, Journey is pretty cool, huh? I finished it off last night. Thoughts:
    V ernyyl yvxrq gur ynfg yriry (gur fabj bar). Rfcrpvnyyl fvapr V sbhaq nabgure njrfbzr pbzcnavba gb tb jvgu. Jr urycrq rnpu bgure bhg, rgp. Gur orfg zbzrag jnf jura V tbg fjbbcrq ol bar bs gubfr zbafgre guvatf naq ur/fur pnzr bire gb frr vs V jnf BX! V jnf yvxr "Annnnjjj". kQ

    V qrsvavgryl guvax gur haxabja pbzcnavba vf gur orfg ovg nobhg guvf tnzr. Whfg orvat noyr gb pnyy bhg gb rnpu bgure naq univat gurz erghea gur pnyy vf n pbby srryvat. Rfcrpvnyyl evtug ng gur raq jura lbh'er fybjyl pyvzovat gb gur crnx, jr jbhyq pnyy gb rnpu bgure nyy gur jnl hc. Gura gurl pbyyncfrq orsber zr naq V jnf yvxr ;_;

    Gur erfg jnf tbbq, ohg gur srryvat gung lbh'er abg nybar ba lbhe wbhearl jnf gur orfg ovg sbe zr.

      Yep, I don't know how the hell they did it, but ThatGameCompany have made something wonderful.

      Fnzr guvat unccraq gb zr va gur fabj yriry.
      Tbq qnza gung tnzr vf tbbq, ng gur cneg jurer lbh pbyyncfr V gubhtug gung jnf gur raq bs gur tnzr sbe zl cnegare naq V, naq gura jr'er erivirq naq jr'er nobir gur pybhqf sylvat nobhg va gur fhayvtug naq gur tbetrbhf ivfgn va sebag bs hf.

      V gryy ln ng gung cbvag, gb pbzr guebhtu nyy gung naq gb frr gung zl cnegare unq gbb, V jnf znfuvat gur pvepyr ohggba pbafgnagyl va tyrr, naq gur orfg cneg; zl cnegare jnf qbvat gur fnzr.

      Okay TAY is not letting me reply my ROT13 response, so I'll just say I agree 100%.
      The same thing you described happened to me and it was brilliant.

        Yeah I agree as well :)

        Bar bs gubfr sylvat guvatf ubarq va ba zr qhevat gur fabj nern naq zl ohqql jnf uvqvat haqre fbzr ehooyr. V gevrq gb eha gurer sbe pbire ohg gur sylvat guvat nggnpxrq hf obgu :(

        V sryg fb onq naq nsgre gung jr cerggl zhpu ybfg bhe fpneirf :'(

    Morning TAY. Hope you had a great weekend. What are your plans this week?

    My goal this week is to save more money on games. So today's money saving tip is:

    1. PS3 owners open a US and UK account if you haven't done so and buy vouchers from to save money on digital downloads. Games are mostly cheaper on the US store so it's good to have both so you can capitalise on sales in both regions. Even when you consider the $2 activation fee PC game supply charges when you buy a voucher the games are still the US store. e.g

    ICO/SOTC collection and flower are cheaper on the Aussie PSN store at the moment. The games cost $30 and $6 respectively.

    On the other hand games like Journey and Burnout Paradise super edition(game +all DLC) are cheaper on the US store . $15 and $30 respectively.

    So good luck on any gaming purchases TAY. Any advice for other users would be appreciated as well.

      I almost bought Ico/SOTC on the weekend. If The Last Story hasn't arrived by my son's nap time today I may cave even though I can't really afford it.

        I almost took the plunge as well but I have the games on PS2 so I'm waiting for the HD collection to drop to at least $20 before I consider a purchase.

        Also if your short on cash, you can buy the games separately- SOTC HD is $18 and ICO HD is $18 as well.

          I have them both on PS2 but I never got an opportunity to finish Shadow of the Colossus. I thought about buying it separately but I know if I do that I'll never end up grabbing Ico and I really do want it in HD too.
          If I do lose my willpower today I bet I'll buy them, spend the whole day downloading them, only for The Last Story to arrive tomorrow in which case I wouldn't play them for months. :P

            Oh the dilemma :-)

              Life is hard, I know. :P
              Oh, and I still want to know what happened to the other 2931 Mashas.

                Well it's a STRANGE tale (see what I did there).

                Crap, all my clever story telling abilities have now disappeared after that awesome pun so I'll just tell you the truth. Masha represents the first five letters of my surname and 2932 was the first pin I ever used for a mobile phone( I don't use it anymore of course) so it's kind of a special username for me and as a result I use it everywhere Kotaku, PSN etc.

                  If you see someone called StrangeAndAlone add you on PSN, it's just me., :)


    Good morning, TAY.

    Buses are evil. That is all.

      hey man! I was playing ME3 last night and thought of you. true story. Which platform you playing on btw?

        Xbox - finished the campaign so I might have time for MP if anyone from TAY wanted to try it out. We kinda got some games going in the beta.

          PS3 :(
          BUT OMG YOU'VE FINISHED THE GAME so let's talk about it!!! Rot13'd :)

          V ybir gung Furcneq vf fgnegvat gb fubj fbzr jrne naq grne sebz gur cerffher bs orvat gur fnivbhe bs gur tnynkl. Whfg svavfurq gur Gurffvn zvffvba naq B Z T V jnf ybivat rirel zbzrag. Rfcrpvnyyl gur yvggyr lryyvat zngpu Wbxre unq jvgu zl erartnqr Furcneq.

    All this action RPG news (Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn) made me finally go and grab Titan Quest. This has been an excellent decision so far. Love this genre.

      Titan Quest games are good fun. I might have to replay them now that you've mentioned them. Must get ALL the loot.

      Dude, I SMASHED Immortal Throne for about 50 hours in the first 5 days. Completed it and started a second playthrough, then abruptly stopped playing. Have had no interest to play it since. Amazing game though, it totally got the old Diablo 2 feeling going for me again.

        Interesting you should say that.

        I was partly encouraged by your substantial play time on Immortal Throne to get it.

      I had some mates over for a bit of a LAN and sunday sesh yesterday - After dominating them with attack bears in Red Alert 3, we played Diablo 2 for 5 hours. They get a bit repetitive after a while but throw in some mates all focusing on different classes and it becomes a new game.

      Grim dawn is looking great. Can't wait to see more of it.

        It looks awesome. The main reason I picked up TQ is Grim Dawn is on the same engine.

        Also, because I read an interview with Arthur Bruno on RPS and it was a great read. His head seems in the right place.

    Mornings suck and whatnot, but I just heard that Grubby is now top 4 in the Lone Star Clash!


    Okay. Really just wanted to post that gif but I'm still rather happy. Amazing how you can latch onto a player as a favourite and suddenly give a damn about their successes.

      What GIF?

      also yay for Grubby! Did you hear about the Destiny drama?

        More Destiny drama? What did he do this time?

          Not sure - I was hoping you'd be able to provide some background info. Something about being humiliated I think.

            Oh that. Saw the thread about it on Reddit.

            At the tournament going on right now, they're doing post-game analysis with the players.

            Destiny gg'd thinking that he had only 2 lings and that Grubby would wall-off, making it impossible for Destiny to do anything. Rotterdam (caster) told him he actually had 12 lings and that Grubby, being a good player, wouldn't have been floating enough minerals to wall off.

            Mountain, molehill. Storm, teacup.

              ah, thanks for the recap! It's not that much of a big deal.. they made it sound like players were acting rude etc.

      obligatory no gif make it ok great but not ok good just great ok bad

        i love that this has become the new meme.

    House sat for my mum for the whole weekend, which was rather boring. No internet either, but was blessed by the joys of smartphone tethering, and having a good laptop. Managed to play SWTOR and Minecraft multiplayer for two whole days as well. Good thing I have a 2GB data allowance per month. Levelled my Sith Assassin up to 30, and am still having a lot of fun - I think this game has a lot of potential, and sincerely hope people stick with it long enough for it to happen.

    First time I've played MC since it went final, and was actually quite impressed. It still remains a bit of time sinking fun on occasion, and not much more. Survival is always a blast, expecially with a friend - I'm not much for creative mode, it doesn't interest me.

    Armored Core V should be released this week, and I'm hoping PlayAsia is on the ball and gets me my PS3 preorder in time for the weekend. Bought a second copy of MGS3 Subsistence on PS2 which should be arriving this week too! (Incidentally, my first copy has no manual and a non original case, but the new one has everything.)

    The Vita continues to impress, especially with Unit 13, Dynasty Warriors NEXT and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. I feel awful my 3DS with MGS3D sits largely neglected, but I'm getting there, I swear.

    I have barely touched my PS3 for a time as well, and have Disgaea 4 and FFXIII-2 sitting on my shelf unplayed. Dark Souls has around 20+ hours put in, and I need to get back on it, considering I completed Demon's Souls, I feel like a disappointment having not done it yet.

    In other news, I need to get paid full time to work through my list of games. If anyone is willing to pay me my current salary to sit on my petoot and play vidja gaems, you would earn my respect.

    It's a good offer.


      Oh man, that Dark Souls. I never played DeS so this was a new experience for me. So amazing. The old leather-bound histories of 2011 TAY document that at least 80% of my TAY posting was Dark Souls talk.

      I finished it 1.5 times. Took around 80 hours.

        I completed Demon's Souls, and the trophy for doing so is the highlight of my PS3 trophy list. I got about halfway through a second playthrough as well. Could probably have gone further, but I got distracted, and was happy enough with finishing it once.

        Dark Souls is amazing too - running a thief and existing off parrying/riposte with daggers - which once you nail the timing on is the most insanely satisfying thing I've encountered in a video game. Seriously.

        I'll get back to it, I swear.

          You'd better.

          Don't worry I'm kidding.*

          *Am actually not kidding.

        I want my new TV now so I can get back into Dark Souls. When I finally can play it again I'm gonna die even more than usual. I'm at the start of Sen's Fortress. Last time I played I was super-close to the next bonfire before I died but then my son woke up so I couldn't try again. And then my TV developed its stupid line which is right at the centre where your character is so it was way too distracting.
        So by the time we get our new TV which is mid-year at this stage, I'll have completely lost all my Dark souls skill and will be like a newborn going into Sen's Fortress for the first time. :(

          Sen's Fortress. I nearly RageQuit for good with that place. But once you conquer it you feel on top the world.

          And tv prices have never been as good as they are right now (which also bodes well for you later in the year). I saw a Sony Bravia 40" LED for $500 and I wasn't even looking. Compared with only a year ago that is amazing value.

            Yeah, TV prices are unbelievably low. We could get a replacement right now for not too much, but we figured it will be better to wait and save a bit so we can upgrade to at least 55" and 3D.

    fuck fuck fuck I was going to have a pre-typed thing about Brisbane and supernova 2 and then I forgot and got a coffee and here I am.

    So, this Brisbane thang. In the interests of making it more of a solid event I'm looking to get some confirmations from people. Here's a few bullet points because I sure as hell don't feel like typing a big post and I'm sure none of you feel like reading one on a Monday morning:

    1 - Tentative date for 30th Nov - 3rd Dec (for Sydneysiders driving down. This gives us the Friday to drive to Brisbane, and the Monday to drive back). This means that the 'main filling' of the meat would be the 1st and 2nd of December. How is everyone's availability around that time?
    2 - This is a big ask, but are any Brisbane TAYbies willing to put up some people for the Fri/Sat/Sun nights? If I can get an idea of how many people are happy to let some TAYbies board for that time I can figure out how much accommodation everyone else will need.
    3 - Can I get a list of names of people from both Sydney and other states who are interested in coming along? I'll especially need details for the Sydneysiders so we can organise cars for a big ass convoy.
    4 - I am going to try and keep costs down as much as possible so everyone can come. This being said I may need around 20-30 a head for the venue booking (though I will be footing the lion's share of the overall fee because I really want to see this happen) for the supernova set. A lot of these places seem to come with a bar tab though so it will probably include a bit of alcoholic compensation.

      It's a long drive to Brisbane if you head down :p

      Can't offer up a bed to anyone. I do have a rather amazing couch that could be on offer for one lucky person but I can't really commit to that so far out.

      Morning Pez!! When did you become the president of Penicl??

      To cover your questions:

      1 - This date may be bit of a problem - I'm not allowed to takes days off in December at my workplace because it's the busiest time of the year for us. But I'll try and see what can be done! Wouldn't miss this for the world. That being said, isn't the world supposed to end around that time of year?

      2 - I'm happy to stay wherever, fork out money for accommodation etc.

      3 - Add Zorine to the list!

      4 - $30 ticket for an awesome show with even more awesome people?! BARGAIN

        He forgot how to spell Princess of Penicl.

      Haha, sounds good to me, I'm in.

      I've got my full licence, so I'm keen to drive too if it helps at all.

      I'm not sure if I'll be able to have many people stay. I've already told Gentleman What? he can stay if he needs to but I won't know about anyone else until closer to the date. So maybe one or two others. Depending on if the kids will be there. So yeah, I'm not much help. :P

      Mr President. *salutes, penicl style*

      I'm pretty keen to get up there, so I'm going to start getting some savings happening. I'm already saving for a trip to Hawaii mid next year, so I'm going to have to stop buying so many frivolous things. Wait, Guild Wars 2 collector's? Craaaaaaap...

      Ah, who am I kidding? Put me down for a definite yes!

      President of Penicl, eh?

      1 - 2nd of December would be my Sister's birthday, so no can do. Earlier would be better.
      2 - ?????
      3 - Very interested, just can't really do that date.
      4 - PROFIT!

      1 - I am also not supposed to take leave in December but I'm hoping to quit working here long before then so we'll see.
      2 - Giff me place to sleep!
      3 - Me! Steve/f4ction. From Melbourne so I imagine I'd fly up if things fall into place ;)
      4 - I'm a cheap bastard but not THAT cheap, sounds good!

      1.Radically Available

      2. Maybe (I sleep nude, but, and like to spoon)

      3. I'll be in this big ass convoy, shit.

      4. What am I? A millionaire? According to this Nigerian Prince, yes. Also I can grow my 'length & girth' in three weeks. But I digress, I'll pay. But I only pay in bullion.

      Interest registered.
      I should be fine for accomodation - assuming I turn up, I should be able to stay with my aunt & uncle.

      Enough booze and I'll sleep curled up in a gutter anyway.
      I'd fly down from Melbourne the Friday and fly back the Sunday. I would want to go out Friday night so someone man up and take me on an all night bender!

      Thanks for the feedback everyone.

      I'm hearing that December may not be the best time for everyone due to work commitments. What if I did it a week earlier on 23-26th of November? My only concern is the TAYbies with uni studies on may have conflicts.

        As long as I have enough notice, I'm good with whenever.

      I'm in, depending on how I'm feeling, and availability, I might go up to Sydney, then scab a lift in the massive convoy. Seems like it would be the most fun that way.

        I'm actually thinking this may be the best option for us, and make it cheaper for everyone (shared petrol costs, etc.). Might be worth the Canbarbarians looking into a train or some such, cause I'm pretty sure it was only like $30 to get to Sydney. Also depends on how many cars and drivers are available.

      1. Any date around that time would work for me. Early Nov has my wife's birthday and I am not sure how well a trip to visit TAYbies will go down as a gift.
      2. If we come up we will be looking for room for two. Can booking into hotel or whatever if it can't be arranged. Another option to explore could be hostels, if you have enough people coming up booking a 10 bed private room just for TAYbies could work
      3. Tigs and Mrs Tigs together in tentative tutus.
      4. The lower the better but $30 isn't outrageous based on the cost to get there.

      I could potentially get a week off. SCORE.


    Morning TAY rolls out of bed into a pile of coffee


    I want my weekend back ;o;

    I ate lots of pizza and spicy thai food this weekend - I have enough pizza for the next two days urgh. I feel like playing some Dynasty Warriors (Do not pursue Lu Bu!) but I also want to play Skyrim since I haven't bought a game for a long while...

      Dynasty Warriors NEXT on Vita is my first proper play of a DW game. Do not pursue Lu Bu? I spent 5 minutes running away from him! The guy's insane. I'm hoping I get strong enough to go and smash him at some stage, it was kind of humiliating.

      One man army destroys 3000 soldiers in a single battle, decimates all opponents, then - OMGLUBUFARRRRRK *runs away like a little pansy*

      I want my pride back!

        I love Dynasty Warriors! Haven't played one since 5 but I'm still waiting for a current-gen one with online (unless one already exists). Gan Ning and Ma Chao (spelling?) ftw!

        Lu Bu is hard to kill :'(

          It's not just me, good. I'm gathering Lu Bu being a monster is an ongoing thing for the series then?
          The first time I encountered him, I ignored him and ran straight for the guy I had to kill, and he retreated once I did.

          Is he killable? Like with better gear, etc.

            He is killable when you become a super tank but he will still be a dick most times.

            Also the do not pursue Lubu was a line in like 2 or 3 with horrible low budget voice acting where they even pronounce Cao Cao as KowKow.

              Don't ... Persue .... Lu .... Bu.

              It was from whichever game had co-op in it (I think it was 2?)
              Me and my friend racked up so many hours on that game and we could only JUST kill Lubu. We then tried on Nightmare mode. Needless to say, Lubu is a meanie.

                It ranks as one of my favourite lines next to Castlevania's "What is a man!? A miserable pile of secrets!".

                Yeah 2 was a ball buster game. I was so shocked in the later versions how my thumbs were less sore.

        He's such a giant trollface. I have never won against him even in any of the DW games. I want to buy 7 for the ps3 since it has been out for ages and will be slightly cheaper (yeaaaaahhhhh).

        Also I am a giant DW and SW loser. It's such a great stress release game.

          ^ this.

          I played one of the dynasty warriors game and I proceeded to die on the first level (I think it was called "Mousou *something*" and didn't play any of those games since then. However I got Dynasty Warriors Next on the Vita and man, it's so fun. It's gone back to the roots of "I kill 1000 people on a map, I'm a big man" play style, which is a great stress relief. :P

        Bahaha, I know what level you are talking about. I saw Lubu running towards me and thought to myself "he can't be that hard". I unleashed a full combo on him and his health bar only moved a slither. He then preceded to hand my rear end to me.

    Mornin' TAY!

    Epic games of ME3 multi were had last night. Cheers to Blaghs, Gorz, f4ction and Pyrean for some great matches!

    I'll unlock you yet, Asari Adept! *shakes fist*

    'sup TAY?
    happy monday morning to all (is that even a possible thing?)
    Hope your weekends were grand, & I hope this week surpasses the dismal excuse for a week that just passed.

    Funerals were attended (the catering was excellent). I'm tempted to buy another guitar, and I'm trying to be good & save monies, but its really difficult...
    Bands were watched in dodgy record stores, seedyness was had on sunday morning, followed by bacon rolls.
    Mass Effect 3 was played for the remainder of the weekend. I'm putting off finishing the single player in favor of raising the readiness thing in MP. But damn, trying to solo the multiplayer is hard. Wave 6 is my best run, so if any other PC players wanna get at some ME3 multiplayer, let me know.

    So I played some ME1 at the weekend and it's starting to draw me in.

    I also spent a few hours playing borderlands with SarcasmFairy. Awesomeness is awesome! Can't imagine that game is anywhere near as fun playing alone as it is with a friend.

      I also finally got round to playing through Journey! LOVED it!

      Yeah, borderlands is one of those games where the fun exponentially (oh yeah thats a big word, I is smart) increases with the more people playing. I remember playing through it on release with 3 of my mates. That was a blast!

        I hate sharing loot though.

          Thats half the fun, my friends and me would just run up and steal all the loot :P

          (Unless it was something REALLY good then we would share it)

          Diablo 2 was the worst for that.
          Especially since in Australia our latency is horrible. You would never be able to get any loot.

    Morning TAY!

    I am ready to TALM!!!

    ... wait

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