Teenage Girl Beaten To Death For Not Practicing A Video Game

This week in Osaka, 23 year-old Eriko Tashiro and her boyfriend Daigorou Umezaki, 31, were sentenced to prison for 13 and 14 years respectively. In September 2010, both savagely beat Eriko's younger sister, Yuriko, to death.

The two regularly bullied and abused Yuriko. Both Eriko and Tashiro were on welfare; but, Yuriko had to get a part-time job to cover entertainment expenses, like getting a game console (news reports don't specify which).

On the day 17 year-old Yuriko was murdered at their home, her older sister and Tashiro became incensed after Yuriko didn't practice playing video games — she skipped her practice session, apparently. Other things that made them mad was that she didn't take out the rubbish. They beat Yuriko with brass knuckles, their fists and a chair until she died.

A jury of their peers — a relatively new addition to the Japanese legal system, judged the two. The jury system was reintroduced (it existed before World War II) in hopes of making rulings fairer.

17歳少女暴行死、姉に懲役13年 [YouTube]

「テレビゲームの練習さぼった!」 鬼畜姉とその彼氏が、メリケンサックや椅子で17歳妹の心臓を傷つけを死なせた理由 [ばるろく!]


    Nice diting... the girls name is Eriko Tashiro and the boy's Daigorou Umezaki, yet you refered to them as eriko and tashiro....

      Nice editing.....

      You also have four full stops in your ellipsis Luke C, which is obviously incorrect.

      This is why it's so much easier to just read the articles and understand that mistakes like that happen. Because while accidentally getting a foreign name wrong can happen, there's no way you hitting full stop an extra time is simply a mechanical error.

        You missed out a comma after ellipsis, Alex, which is obviously incorrect.

        As much as I agree with you…

    Sure do love all the video games in here.
    Fuck off, Bashcraft.

      Eat a bowl of dicks

      Have you tried clicking on the buttons that are on the top of the page? I guarantee the ones that are console related will only have video game content in them. There's also a News button you can click on, too.

      The more you know.

    "A jury of their peers — a relatively new addition to the Japanese legal system, judged the two. The jury system was reintroduced (it existed before World War II) in hopes of making rulings fairer."

    Just, magic stuff... Please tell me more Asscraft. You have me enthralled.

    Man, there's a lot of hate for Ashcraft on this site.

    Oh shit, here comes Fox News.

    No, there is simply a lot of hate on this site.

    Because we all know that venting anger about your own emotional inconsistencies at an undeserving target is the way to solve all your pent-up psychological angst.

    Being unwilling to admit your problems exists and therefore never examining them is the true path to happiness.

      Or you could eat a bowl of dicks, or shut your god-damned face. All viable options really.

        Ahahaha, oh man we need a +1 button.

    You know what I like about Kotaku? The regulars here who like to be involved in topical discussion relating to the article.

    You know what I don't like? Morons who jump on any article written by Luke Plunkett or Brian Ashcraft, scan the article for errors or relevance to video games, then write a snide comment that adds absolutely nothing to the discussion in terms of topicality or originality.

    The funny thing is is that by doing this you are a) actually encouraging more articles like the ones you supposedly hate, by adding to the number of page hits, and b) creating and endless source of irony, because with your comments you devalue Kotaku as a site far more than any two-sentence article from both authors combined.

      Except that they don't get paid for the page hits on Kotaku AU.

        Even if that's true, my points still stand.

          But they don't. One point was that they encourage more articles because of the hits, which isn't true for Kotaku AU, because unlike Kotaku US, they don't get paid for the hits here.

          We complain about crap like this because it shouldn't be on this damn site in the first place. Kotaku is about games and otaku-related posts. It should not be games, otaku-related posts, and sensationalist crap with only extremely flimsy relation to games.
          You may recall that a few months ago Bashcraft posted an article on Kotaku about a boy who played some video games and then some girls tortured him. The backlash on that article was so strong that it was eventually deleted from Kotaku AU (though it's still around on Kotaku US).
          The point of our bitching about Bashcraft's irrelevant crap and Plunkett's one-line "articles" is to try and get the message across that this shit is not acceptable and not what we want out of Kotaku.

            Except it won't make a lick of difference when Ashcraft isn't an employee of Kotaku AU. His articles will always be here and he won't be fired just because pedantic people like you fired off a few cheap insults , when you could just as easily avoided the article all together.

            But nooo, you're doing this out of principle right? Here... a gold star (that means you're special)

    Anyway, on topic:
    That's really terrible news.. I take solace in the fact that the Japanese jail system is one of the harshest in the world.

    Actually Apollo justice: Ace Attorney explains how the jury system was introduced to Japan... all thanks to Phoenix Wright!!

    Turns out the console was a DreamCast, so FML to them....

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