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The above video is the best thing I've ever, ever seen in the last 24 hours. But it got me to thinking — of all the wins you've had while gaming, which one got you the most excited?

A couple of recent moments spring to mind for me: getting 190,000 on Doodle Jump. A little bit of wee came out. Finishing the last levels of Super Meat Boy was another — I really felt as though I'd leveled up as a human being after finishing that game.

But what about you guys? Any gaming moments that made you stand up and scream 'WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM"? Let us know in the comments below.


    Who do you think you are? I am.


      crazy bowler I am guy haha

    Finishing Halo Reach on Legendary. Never finished a Halo game on a higher difficulty than Normal before that... Hell, I'd never even finished a halo game on anything higher than Easy the first time I played it.

      Hey, wanna try the LASO challenge? It feels even better...

    Completing any Zelda title usually gets me feeling really satisfied, that sense of a huge undertaking accomplished. Plus they are a lot of fun.

    That is why I did it.

    There's a few of these moments that are indelibly etched in my mind. Apologies if I'm repeating myself, but he did ask :) :

    - Back in the day I absolutely smashed Sonic 2, getting all the chaos emeralds in the first level (or zone? I forget which is possible) and going on to beat the game without losing a life. And it was all on tape! The indisputable triumph of my earlier gaming days.

    - 100%ing Blast Corps on the N64. Getting platinum medals on some of those last levels took days.

    - My greatest triumphs in recent years were definitely beating the Kid's levels and getting the "I am a Golden God" 100% achievement in Super Meat Boy. I haven't felt that excited about a game in years, which is probably why I love it so damn much. I enjoyed it enough to force my overall times on the leaderboards into the top hundred or so, where the bulk of those above me were cheaters...

    - RedLynx time-trial-based games make you feel super-human sometimes. e.g. Beating FatShady's time, albeit temporarily, on a level in Trials HD. Or just getting a high enough rank on any level for them to save your replay. And getting the number one daily position in their iOS game "1000 Heroz" was pretty special too. I posted the best time, and had to wait nervously for a few hours to see if the competition would run me down. They did not!

      And what I didn't actually say there, that actually makes them all relevant, is that after each of there was definitely fist-pumping and chest beating. That immense satisfaction that knowing you have won the competition between man and developer/fellow man!

        A fellow Blast Corp fan. I salute you, good sir.

          Wow, that is amazing - true dedication.

          Long live Blast Corps

    Getting Pure Sharpstone in Demon's Souls.

    Anyone who went through the struggle knows what I mean.

      Wait, I meant Pure Bladestone. The one that's only available through farming in 4-2.

    It would have to be Mario Kart: Double Dash. The track was DK Mountain, I was in lead on the last lap coming up to the rickety bridge, my sister launched a blue shell, I was halfway across the bridge, I slipped on a banana peel unfortunately left previously by myself, as a result I fell off the bridge, but to my surprise the blue shell had reached me as I was falling, it exploded and launched me back up onto the bridge, astounded I went for the finish line, winning the race inches in front of my sister.

    Who do you think you are? I am.

      Fantastic! For all their frustration, MK blue karts do always have the potential to deliver that kind of emergent scenario. And when they do, wow!

    Defeating the Weapons in FFVII or obtaining Omnislash. Very fist-pump, chest-beat worthy.

    Ghostbusters c64- marshmellow man. aaargghhh.

    That video is basically the opposite of Marine King Prime's reaction to winning his first major SC2 tournament.

    As for my little moments of victory. There was getting the S ranks in Trauma Center: Under The Knife's X Missions (okay, I haven't done X1, X6 or X7, shut up it still counts :p).

    There are definitely a few times playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band where I just nailed a song on Expert and felt like a god, although I'm struggling to think of specifics.

    Also just winning in multiplayer games is rather happy times. Winning my first handful of placement matches in SC2 was far more satisfying than it should have been.

      Or beating those latter tier Guitar Hero 3 songs. A definite mixture of triumph and relief... watching that metre tick down, saving it with star power, then making it to the end with so little to spare that you would have failed if it lasted just a second longer... yeah. These are the moments you play GH/RB for, that the "learn to play a real guitar" people just don't understand :)

        The first time I made it through Raining Blood on Hard was probably more satisfying than beating most songs on Expert.

        Oh to be as bad as I used to be so I could relive those moments :p

    Completing Battletoads for the first time a couple of years back. Also the time I finally beat Lou in GHIII on Expert - without using the easy out offered at the start of the song, which I wasn't aware of til afterwards >_> Also finally beating TTFAF on Expert, which I've never been able to achieve since. Always crash out at the 83% mark.

    Probably got plenty of others, but those are the main ones that come to mind. Also rather proud of having beaten HotD Overkill and unlocked everything using only pistols (ie gotta shoot with accuracy) and never using the cursor :P

    Lol, glad you like the vid, Serrels...

    As for biggest gaming win, I clearly remember a moment from PES 2008. I was playing a Co-Op World Cup tournament with my friend. We'd had a few beers and were getting quite rowdy as we progressed through the matches. We were playing as England, and made our way through to the semi final against France. At full time, it was 0-0, so on to extra time. Then boom! Two quick goals and France were in front. My friend was despondent, as had given up hope. I gave him a minor, half drunken speech about self belief and how we could overcome them or some nonsense. We cam out in the second half of extra time, and immediately got one back. This breathed fresh life into us, and we pushed on. With 2 mins left on the clock, we got the equaliser. 2-2. I was stunned, we ran around the house screaming "GOOOOOAAAALLL!!!" like Spanish commentators.

    Not content with going to penalties, I had a shot on goal from 30 odd metres out, and the keeper had no chance. It was easily my greatest gaming win, considering we were playing against the hardest difficulty opposition and i was quite tanked by that stage. The shirt came off, the madness ensued. It was awesome.

    We went on to win the cup, FYI. Good times.

    Dark Souls. I was stuck at the Gaping Dragon. At this point I had gotten through the game fairly quickly. But this dragon was just destroying me.

    I stopped, and starting studying the dragon and how it attacked. I realised it was slow and have long indications as to if it was turning or striking, My player was a tank fighter, slow moving, but heavily armed. So he was unable to avoid these strikes and his shield was weak to many of the strikes while not leaving enough stamina to get to the dragon afterwards for a strike. I went back to other parts of the game, but focuses on improving my black leather armor and improving my endurance to be able to run with more armor. Eventually I got back to the dragon and made him my bitch, by dodging and run striking with a huge two-handed sword with opportunities. Overall, it made my player stronger and allowed me to enjoy a more complex strategy to beat the game overall.

    Rayman Origins, the land of the livid dead stage. Freakin brutal!

      Have you played Super Meat Boy? I swear that the masochism and some of the art direction for those levels were ripped straight from it!

    Super Meat Boy, the final level and also unlocking The Kid. Awesome feeling besides your thumbs feeling numb lol


    The ending to Black Swan is very sad, that made me stand up and scream, "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM?"
    But, probably, yeah, but, hmm?
    I'm actually just thinking about an episode of Friends at the moment, so it's kind of difficult to concentrate on things like this.
    There was only one time, and one time only, when I said, "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM?" on the video games. Wait one minute, that's not true.
    There was only twice, and twice only, when I said, "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM?"
    The first of these times was the first time I realised I was the bad guy in Shadow of the Colossus, I felt really sad; the only way I could cheer myself up was to read some of my favourite Winston Churchill speeches in between thinking about Abraham Lincoln. Or sometimes I think of baby lambs and Harrison Ford.
    Have you seen that episode of Friends where Rachel drinks coffee at Central Perk?
    The second of these times was the second time, and the second time only, I heard pop song "Video Games" by Lana Del Ray. The only way I could stop myself from hitting rock bottom - this time - was to sing Video Games in my best Lana Del Ray voice: "Drunk and I am seeing stars, this is all I dream of, video games, da da da de do, da do da de de . . . video games." (I'm still learning most of the words to the lyrics and things.)
    Has anybody seen that episode of Friends where Phoebe visits Monica & Chandler's apartment?
    In the next Tell Us Dammit I just hope we can describe our favourite passages from Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood".
    Is anybody looking forward to the new Abraham Lincoln movie? Me! (and you).

    the best rapper alive,


    -Mile High Club cheev on CoD4 - one of my greatest moments, hands down.
    -Finishing Demon's Souls for the first time.
    -Beating my first Tigrex on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
    -Beating a Tigrex whilst sitting in Shinjuku Gyoen park in Tokyo.
    -First proper multiplayer win on Armored Core For Answer with my own AC design.

    Unlocking Invincibility in GoldenEye 64 (I may have actually leapt up, like Boris in the movie)
    Plenty of WoW moments (first time downing Bosses, etc.) standouts would be first in my guild to get the black drake from hardmode Sarth and then getting the blue drake from Malygos a week or two later.
    The very first time I became a Pokemon League Champion.

      Oh, also that time I got a strike in WiiSports.

      Oh God, that facility run was brutal - totally forgot, it's up there with Mile High for me. I'm pretty sure I jumped around and swore a lot when I pulled that off.

        I would have carried on the same way myself, except I was near delirious with chicken pox at the time. So I don't think I even realised I had done it till a couple of days later. Then I was pretty excited about it.

    Beating Dark Souls is probably the only 'feck yeah' moment I've had in a game for a while, felt like a total boss.

    Before i knew the cheat, beating the dragon at the end of the 'Pit of 100 trials' on Paper Mario TYD after taking so long to get there and having 1 hit point left had me on my feet screaming swear words and suck my ball's comments at the TV.

    Clocking ninja turtles on NES
    Clocking Section Z on NES

    The first time I finally nailed Donkey Kong Country 101% in under an hour. I was ecstatic at the time as my teenage self was trying for ages to get it. I've since improved that time by a few minutes, and was thinking about improving it further to submit to speed demos archive (as the record at the time was 50 minutes, and I reckoned I could beat that), until some bastard submitted a 44 minute run...

    Also, hitting the top 10 on the Dawn of War ladder was a pretty good achievement, if not an indication that I played that game way too much. Pity the sequel was so bad.

    Beating the Fire Demon in Demon Souls with a Sword type character... Where you would lose health by just standing next to it...

    So many deaths... One glorified victory...

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