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You know what I'm going to eat when I get home — pizza. And I'm so excited about it. I'm going to order awesome pizza, and I'm going to eat it. That's for the future, but for now? Let's talk about our favourite pizza.

I'm just going to put it out there, my favourite franchise pizza is Crust. And my favourite type of pizza from Crust is the good old fashioned meat lovers. Aw man. I'm so excited.

Anyway — pizza. What's your flava? Let us know in the comments below.


    I like videogame flavour and carbs.

    speaking of which, I had Pizza Hut last night..... so bland.... never again! .....the meatlovers looked like it was missing.... well... meat!

    Pizza Capers for me, that one with a truck load of meat. OH and the herb bread with sour cream and chives dip

      I hear a lot of good things about Pizza Capers, but they only have one in Sydney.... in the far south.

      I hear they are expanding to compete with the big boys now.

    I really like the fancy chicken pizza at Sahara (Sydney rd, Brunswick) or those mince meat pizzas at A1 bakery. I miss Melbourne sometimes :(

    Though I stopped eating pizza 6 months ago I used to love any with Feta and Sun dried tomatoes, + extras of course.

    Italian Sausage from Stones Pizza here in Perth. If regular old Dominos has to be a Godfather.

    Crust just opened up in my town! So far my fav would be a close call between their White Prosciutto pizza and the Mediterranean Lamb pizza... but then again, the Mexican is pretty good... hmmm can I just choose a whole menu instead of one?

    Otherwise, Dominos meat lovers with mustard swirl.

      I have to admit I do like Dominos' Mustard Beef & Bacon, very nice for what it is :)

    When you've had so much tequila that your sense of smell and taste is shot I've found only the intensity of a Dominos pizza with bb1 sauce can register.

    Admittedly when sober they taste like beef stock and sugar mixed into a fine paste spread on cardboard with chunks of miscellaneous animal by-product strewn on it.

    ie Delicious.

    My go to option is mushroom, ham, olives and pepperoni on a pan base from Eagle Boys.

    Doesn't compare to real pizza, with the fancy oven and whatnot, but it's a consistently decent option.

    And now I'm going to have to have pizza for dinner. Capricciosa without anchovies, but with hot salami. mmmmmmm's not often you find someone else who likes anchovies. I love that gear.

        OH wait...sorry...'without'...*sad face*

    You need to get woodfired pizza. That's the real stuff. Pizza Hut or any other place that uses those conveyer-belt ovens just don't cut it and seems really oily and flavourless in comparison. I used to work for a pizza place in my teenage years, thought it was great until I started eating woodfired. Though I don't mind Crust pizza, but my wife doesn't like it so we tend not to order it.

    Call me old fashioned by I usually prefer the good old Hawaiian or Supreme pizzas, though I don't mind the odd gourmet meat pizza.

    I used to buy pizza from a place called Mojos Weird Pizza, was in Port Melbourne (at least the one i went to)

    They did a rather nice banana and bacon pizza, and the meatlovers was the best i've had

      Oh god yes! Mojo's in Richmond was the one I went to - so many weird yet delicious combinations.

      The dogs breakfast - hp sauce, egg, bacon, baked beans, sausage, onion, hashbrowns

    I love THE PIZZ! It's more of a 'now-and-then' indulgence, but when I have it, I love THE PIZZ! There's a local I-talian eatery near me called Joe's and they do a wicked meat pizza call "All Meat". Another great THE PIZZ place is Garage in Manly. I might have pizza tonight too now....

    I have ordered a vegetarian pizza every so often, at least then the toppings you're eating are slightly better for you than meats.

    I mostly eat Hawaiian or BBQ Meat Lovers but I can't remember the last time I had pizza it's definitely been a long time.

    Your timing for this pizza discussion is awful. I am just recovering from a bout of food poisoning brought about by the pizza I ate on the weekend.

    Best pizza I've ever had though were either ones I've made myself(chili salami and buffalo mozzarella FT!) or ones I've eaten in America.

      Buffalo mozzarella is boss, i can't stress the awesomeness of it!

      Isn't this weekend's meat pizza related in some way? :p

      I actually found American pizza really disappointing. I had a couple of slices in New York and it was basically all cheese and very oily. Pizza in Australia is much better, I reckon.

        finding good pizza in the US is like finding good chinese food. you need more than a couple of visits.

          Yep. I only had good pizza on my second visit to America. It was in Santa Monica and it was divine. Best pepperoni pizza ever.

    Linguini's Pizza Cafe in Kings Langley makes an awesome pizza called the Beirut, normally comes with a Hummus base/sauce, which is decent, but with bbq sauce instead, it's that much better! :D

    Tusmore pizza bar on Greenhill Rd in Tusmore (Adelaide). Awesome. Pretty much anything from there. I tend to favour the lot but without seafood or olives because I do not like them.

    Crust is awesome. I find I have to avoid their peri peri chicken though, something about the sauce or other composition gives me stomach cramps every time. All their others are fine though. Quite like the Philly Steak.

    Cheers, Mark. I have a sandwich for lunch.

    I'll pop that shit in the fridge and head on out for Pizza now.


    There's a fantastic pizza place near us, but I don't know where it is or what it's called. Makes it an occasional treat that someone else has to agree to and order.

    Bacon, egg, cheese.
    Typically called an Aussie pizza, but I refer to it as Breakfast pizza.

      Some call this pizza junk. I call it breakfast


      I really have no idea why an bacon and egg pizza is called an aussie pizza. There's nothing inherently "aussie" about bacon and eggs.

    My cheat day is on Sunday so no pizza for me until then.

    When it comes to Pizza, I'm pretty much a traditional man. Nothing better than pepperoni, although I do enjoy getting Chorizo when it's available or Supreme.

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