Tell Us Dammit: Midnight Launch Edition

Midnight launches; I used to be a sucker for them — The atmosphere, the queuing, the getting of the supremely hyped game. But then I noticed something: I would always go home and go straight to sleep. Not once did I stay up into the wee hours of the morning playing the game I queued for, which got me to thinking: why did I go to the midnight launch in the first place?

Last night I was this close to going to the Mass Effect 3 midnight launch at Parramatta Westfield, but I went to bed like a Granddad instead.

Anyway, my question: do you guys still go to midnight launches? What's the appeal? Why do you go? And ff not, why not?


    Midnight launches? HA! I'm to busy having sex with supermodels and doing drugs with famous people to go to some dinky little store full of nerds. And I've already played and finished MassEffect 3 months ago. I'm mates with the executives at Bioware.



        You're that Ocean Stratagy gentleman, aren't you..

      R u srs?

    I went to a midnight screening once (Serenity). That was kind of awesome.

    Never been to a product midnight-launch, though they look like fun. An event to celebrate rather than an opportunity to consume product earlier.

    Only midnight launches i attended were the Wii and PSP

    Since then i just can't be bothered

    Oh yeah, midnight screenings. I think I've been to a couple of those, but can't for the life of me think what it would have been. Otherwise, I don't think they've really come up at all. I know I was there as soon as the shops opened the day the Wii came out, but Myer wasn't doing a midnight thing then. I guess I would have gone to it if they had one, just to get in on it as soon as possible. I'm generally not that excited for things any more though.

    I went to the midnight screening of Episode 3, and the midnight launch of the Wii. Episode 3 was good. The Wii launch I only dropped in on because I happened to be passing by and a few friends were there. They aren't worth it.

    Midnight launches generally started becoming a thing once I started working full time. Sure I could have gone and got the game early but I would have got home and gone straight to bed. Just as easy to grab it on the way home the next day.

    But what Shane said, midnight movie screenings are boss.

    Went to the midnight launch of the Wii.

    Got home, set it up and played Zelda for about twenty minutes before passing out.

    I'm sure some people like them, but for me the interest is in the product itself and not the hype machine that midnight launches feed off of. I just want my damned game and if I'm not going to be playing it until after I sleep, I might as well just avoid the crowds and get it after I sleep.

    I went to a Halo 2 midnight launch. It was lame. I have never been back to any since.

    I've been to one midnight launch, AC2, had some friends with me so decided to travel an hour to the nearest EB which was doing an event.
    Bit of a let down as it was a regional store and they couldn't do much.
    On the topic of midnight screenings, almost went to midnight SW Episode 1 (remember the hype about that before the disappointment?) but I was in high school at the time and the friend who I was going with pulled out and I wasn't allowed to go alone.
    Also school the next day.

    I didn't even know Mass Effect 3 had a midnight launch here :\
    I haven't bothered to go to one, cause I probably wouldn't get a good playthrough of it until the next day anyway. I guess I could understand if it was for a multiplayer game and you organised it with friends.
    I went to the 6am launch of Mass Effect 2 in Brisbane as I worked right near there, that was all right.

    I've never been to one, and probably won't ever go to one.

    The closest I've come is taking a day off for the Wii Launch and rocking up to EB first thing in the morning waiting for them to open the doors at 9am.

    I went to the Jak and Daxter midnight launch last night. Some other game was also being released but I never heard of it

    I went to the GTA IV midnight launch.

    Cured me of ever wanting to go to one again.

    It wasn't bad or anything, it just felt unnecessary for me to be there.

    Hey, if you're gonna be up at midnight anyway... I work full-time and am still up at midnight most weeknights, if you're a student or part-timer or are on holidays or have flexi-hours...

    I've only been to the one midnight product launch though, it was fun, but I think it's more about impatience and hype and excitement than practicality.

    Picked up my PS3 at midnight with a few mates, we then went back to the closest house and played Marvel Alliance and others for a few hours, then went to work the next day. Also went to the GTA IV one also, which wasn't that bad.

    Not overly fussed with them, as I know I'm not going to miss out because I have whatever it is on preorder

    I feel like I'm a bit too old for midnight launches... it just seems a little embarassing and creepy for someone my age to turn up.

    I've been to many, many, MANY midnight launches, but that's because I work at EB.
    They really suck to have to work, and being a customer at our shop at one just looks boring as hell. A whole lot of standing around in a line, basically.
    From the working perspective it's more of that - just standing around, followed by twenty minutes of intense cash-register hopping, followed by another hour or so of standing around.
    Sales aren't particularly stellar either because you'd get the exact same amount of dollars the next day anyway; they're expensive because you have to pay the mall to stay open and put on extra security; and employees are more expensive because they're working after ten.
    The big stores can pull a crowd, and I remember when Halo ODST came out EB Parramatta had a full-sized replica warthog outside the shop, but for us (in a smallish country town) we resent them and don't look forward to them at all.
    The only good midnight launch I had was for the Wii - which I refused to work, as I was salivating to get my hands on my console. When I went into the shop at about 11, my boss just gave me mine early to get me out of the store. So I was officially the first in my town to own a Wii.
    Which isn't that impressive - but it reflects how little I think of midnight launches.

    I've only ever been to one midnight launch and that was for Halo 2. Was a complete waste of time except for the fact I chatted up some hot bird who was in the line infront of me. I dated her for a year.

    I think you kind of grow up and realise you can wait an extra 12 hours. That and you can chat to hot chicks all day online via the IRC.

    I went to the Halo 3 midnight launch, took my 360 to a mates in prep for co-op. Then everyone did drugs after we got the game so I packed up, went home and played the campaign in grumpy blissful silence. The actual launch event at the store was hard rubbish, but you gotta do it once.

    I went to the final Harry Potter movie at midnight, in my glorious gryffindor scarf and all - but I’ve never gone to a midnight game launch. I don't have anyone to go with me, so I don't go. I did go to pick up skyrim after work when it broke the street release date though, and the combination of sweaty nerd BO and the odd annoying “gamer girl” stereotype making sure everyone in the entire EB Games store could hear her talking about zombies was too much for me. I actually walked out and went back the next day to get it.

    Went to the Wii launch at JB in Melbourne CBD
    Got home, I set it up, fiddled with it for a bit then fell asleep
    It was the only one

    Im 30 and midnight launches make me feel like a kid again. Like that moment before Christmas when you actually believed in Santa. I mostly attend these for new consoles, not so much games. If Killzone did a luanch, i would probably attend something like that - but otherwise its just consoles.I just think it brings back some child hoodish feelings and I like to remember being a kid.

    I went to a midnight launch for Halo 3, and I think I was the only lsoer there buying a standard edition instead of a special edition. I then preordered the Legendary edition of Halo: Reach, but at the JB in the city, over an hour by train away from home - and I had to work the next day. In any case, I din't think JB did a midnight launch for it.

    Wound up going into the city to pick it up then calling in sick anyway.

    I'm always paranoid some evil person will just turn up to shout the ending or spoil the story.

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